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  • Essay Multiculturalism in Canada

    in multicultural countries could have more sense of freedom so that people can maintain their cultural value with more acceptance. In addition, multiculturalism has a noticeable result on Canadian economic growth. Firstly, increasing the number of tourists ,as result of diverse cultures, helps the economic growth. Naidu (1995) states that multiculturalism is the main reason of having tourist business in Canada producing a great tourism revenue. Secondly, foreigners from different origins have a significant

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  • Essay about Multiculturalism

    may conclude that enforcing a single ideology unto different cultural groups will for in the least part, have no true bearing. An article in the news editorial ‘Toronto Sun’ published on May 23, 2013 by Ezra Levant, profoundly highlighted that multiculturalism won’t work because you cannot have two competing cultures in the same country. The article discussed a gruesome occurrence in London where a British civilian was walking down the street wearing a ‘Help for Heroes’ t-shirt, a charity that supports

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  • Essay on Targeting Islam and the Reality of Multiculturalism

    down version of accepting everyone's culture. Rather than saying what is right or wrong you accept that people do something a certain way, because of their individual upbringing. This itself is not a successful strategy to see multiculturalism thrive. Promoting multiculturalism in writing is an easy concept to suggest to citizens but ensuring that is followed in everyday life is where the real challenges begin to manifest themselves. So if it is suggested that the Islamic religion is one of the three

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  • Commentary on “Canadian Multiculturalism: Global Anxieties and Local Debates by Keith Banting and Will Kymlicka

    this complex field of multiculturalism policies operate” (51), and yet it plays a major role in all levels of society. It speaks to the larger issue of voter apathy and the disinterestedness that Canadian politics and policy often receive unless it interferes with a specific individual directly. Immigration and citizenship seem almost like social afterthoughts, or non-thoughts, among the general public. Despite the fact that the deconstruction of Canadian multiculturalism, from that of the European

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  • History and Museum – Instilling National Identity and Multiculturalism by display of History in Museum

    total. Han is the biggest ethnic group in China. There are still numbers of ethnic minorities like Tibetan who has conflicts with Chinese government and other minorities. Multicultural education plays an important role in this circumstance. “Multiculturalism relates to communities containing multiple cultures. It refers to ideologies or policies that promote this diversity or its institutionalization …

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  • Essay on Multiculturalism

    The purpose of the essay to disclose such things as national prejudices, ethnic stereotyping, stereotyping and multiculturalism. Describe their properties, structure, value, and the patterns of distribution in the world community. 1. The concept and properties of ethnic stereotypes. The concept of "stereotype" was introduced into science the American psychologist Walter Lippmann. In 1922 the book "Public Opinion", he used the term social stereotype, defining it as an orderly, schematic, deterministic

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  • Multiculturalism Essay

    Peer pressure and culture also plays such a major part in whether people take up smoking and I don’t think we should be punishing people for circumstances beyond their control. Growing up in an environment where the parents smoke makes the child statistically way more likely to smoke. Furthermore, the poor are much more likely to be smokers than the rich. So by denying smokers treatment we would overall be benefiting the rich and disadvantaging the poor. Lastly I just don’t think its good to let

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  • Multiculturalism in Canada Essay

    Also, various aspects of life are heightened with the exposure of different cultures’ through the event of Multiculturalism Day. It is an event held on June 27th and “is an opportunity to celebrate our diversity and our commitment to democracy, equality and mutual respect and to appreciate the contributions of the various multicultural groups and communities to Canadian society.” (Stats Can) The equal acceptance of all races brings Canadians together as a whole, giving them a unique culture to embrace

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  • Multiculturalism and Diversity in the Workplace Essay

    The general audience of Anglo-Saxons, I feel, may reject my point, because of my ethnicity. History of immigration to the USA The subject of multiculturalism and Diversity in conjunction is a controversial issue that any of us rather not to talk about it, and we prefer to leave the topic in the limbo. One quick answer is that it is a controversial point because it enhances difference. The question is, as Americans are we doing what is correct, what is right and ethical when we hear about this subject

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  • Women's Issues and Multiculturalism Essay

    essays David Hume distinguished three historical forms of male dominance-barbarism in Asia, small-mindedness in the Antiquity, and courtship in the Modern Age in order to dominate through complaisance. In modern societies, a new version of multiculturalism has evolved, which results from a break predominantly through immigration in a largely homogeneous society. In the first phase of the process, the immigrants mainly seek to be assimilated; in the second, they generally do not wish to be absorbed

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  • Essay on Multiculturalism and Diversity Management

    Certain inflection in a person’s voice can change the entire meaning of the sentence, and when doing business it is important that everyone walks away with a thorough understanding of what was discussed. It may be of value to hire an interpreter, one who has a concrete knowledge of this country and its language, to further guide in all research and participate in trainings. (Moore, 2012) Corruption and bribery has increasingly become the most major issue when dealing with international business

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  • Expository Essay on Multiculturalism

    Not only are there various cultured businesses, most companies in Vancouver have a very strong and diverse workforce. When people of different background are put together to work, the richness in ideas better improve the company and make it easier for them to enter the international market. Companies such as “Microsoft establishes themselves [in Vancouver] due to the diverse and talented work force.” Vancouver has “a huge advantage with [their] multilingual work force” and is welcome to businesses

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  • Essay about Multiculturalism in the 21st Century

    issues, religious diversity, political diversity, and diversity of thoughts and ideologies. INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine created an award to honor colleges and universities who have not only embraced, but have captured the true standard of multiculturalism. The Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) award is prestigious, honoring those institutions with exceptional programs and strategic plans to prove diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their campus. “These involve, but are not

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  • Essay on Multiculturalism in Canada

    Construction of Canadian Pacific Railroad is considered by this research to be the main triggering event for Chinese Immigration. Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) construction started in 1881, building the first extension from Ontario to the west of Canada (Berton, 2001). However, the construction was going at a slow pace and failing to fit into the estimates. In order to deal with this problem, a new railway executive named William Cornelius Van Home was hired to accelerate the construction process

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  • Diversity in Multi-Cultural Teams Creates Potential Advantages

    The idea of multiculturalism searches for ways in which such cultures could go along with understanding one another. Multiculturalism, according to Cambridge University (2013), is "the belief that different cultures within a society should all be given importance". Focusing on the main point, two significant enquiries which are relevant to the topic of this essay: "Why are multicultural teams important for businesses?" and "How does it advantage/disadvantage businesses?" should be answered.

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  • Essay on Minority Groups in Liberal Democracies

    property” (Ball and Dagger 39). Moreover, some goals of liberal democracies include, “equality of opportunity, solidarity, trust, and deliberative democracy” (Kymlicka 347). It is clear then that there is a link between multiculturalism and liberal democracy. Multiculturalism, the rejection of exclusion, marginalization, silencing, or assimilation for minority groups, supports the rights, liberties and most importantly for this argument, the equality offered in a liberal democracy. Thus, to justify

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  • Essay about Resistance to Oppression

    resistance. Both multiculturalism and antiracism are built upon group membership, but the concepts behind them promote two different but complimenting ideas. Multiculturalism serves to promote the often neglected and discarded contributions of minority groups to society, while antiracism works to clear the path so that minority groups may make meaningful contributions (Blum 576). Antiracism helps protect the similarities between different people, while multiculturalism highlights differences

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  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau Essay

    and more in the charter which has made Canada a better place for everyone. All these rights and freedoms allow Canadians to be themselves and live a peaceful life, without the government being involved. Another brilliant idea by Trudeau was Multiculturalism, which also drastically changed Canada. As stated by Pierre Trudeau, “The government will support and encourage the various cultures and ethnic groups that give structure and vitality to our society. They will be encouraged to share their cultural

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  • Essay about Coco Fusco Cultural Commentary

    continue the already rampant cycle of discrimination. After a particular performance one young woman came back to share her discontent, claiming that Gomez-Pena was “ungrateful for all the benefits he had received thanks to multiculturalism… Gomez-Pena responded that multiculturalism was not a gift from the white but a result of decades of struggle by people of color”[5]. In this discourse Gomez-Pena reinforces the idea of this “culture

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  • Multicultural Pedagogy in Higher Education Essays

    student teachers in primary and secondary education, these concerns can be applied across the board and into higher education as well. Therefore, the first step in incorporating multiculturalism into the classroom is recognizing the need for instructor-coaching to remedy the lack of knowledge surrounding multiculturalism and diversity. The next responsibility that educators need to possess is becoming educated about their students. In a study conducted by Allen (2000), one participant stated

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  • The Power of Language in American Culture Essay

    better if they were treated like less of an American. Thomas J. Bray is the author of article Memorial Day and Multiculturalism. This article is in contrast to Mother Tongue in that he thinks that people should work harder to adapt to "standard" English. He is in favor of banning bilingual education in schools in the Silicon Valley area of California. He believes that multiculturalism does nothing to benefit a country, instead it ultimately weakens it: "A country that has no standards to assimilate

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  • ANTH 1120 Midterm Exam Review Essay

    anthropological fieldwork. Nation-State: A political community that has clearly defined territorial borders and centralized authority. Nationalism: Pride in one’s nation; the collection of people who share a common language, world view, and ancestry. Multiculturalism: A Canadian policy in which all hyphenated cultures, such as African-Canadians and French-Canadians, are described and celebrated as part of a “cultural mosaic.” Contrasted with the “cultural melting pot” image that is used in the United States

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  • Belonging Essay example

    own valuing of “karacter” often places him at odds with the Australian society. This is emphasised through the term “New Australian” which uses capitalisation to highlight “the delighted double-mindedness with which some Australians discovered multiculturalism”. Romulus’ social

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  • Essay on Bra Boys:blood is thicker then water

    unsafe environments. Towards the end of the documentary ‘bra boys’, the film displays the boy’s involvement in the Cronulla riots on the 11th December 2005. At this point of the film the documentary emphasizes the boys enthusiasm towards multiculturalism within the community. The bra boys are viewed calling for peace between the surf communities and the Lebanese, creating some confusion as they are ‘often criticized for their antisocial behavior and running back with authorities.’ This was ‘a

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  • The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghost Essay

    saving her community. The stories of Brave Orchid illustrate how legends and talk-stories give voices for the silenced and voiceless woman. Inequalities of Women The role of women in society varies from family to family as America is noted for multiculturalism. In Maxine Hong Kingston’s “The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts,” through her mother’s talk-stories, Maxine finds out behaviors that are created by men in her family and the existing inequality for girls in Chinese society.

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  • Essay on Why Europeans and Muslims Cannot Coexist

    Moreover, in light of Europe’s weaknesses and radical Islam’s strengths, it may well be that Europe will soon be Islamized; more to the point, the gradual polarization of the two parallel societies, caused by Europe’s immigration policy and multiculturalism on the one hand, and by radical Islam’s dedication to its goals on the other, make it impossible for these two cultures to coexist. To begin with Europe’s weaknesses that make coexistence in Europe impossible, the cultural identity loss in Europe

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  • Organizational Behavior Analysis Essay

    that are not American. This was great for the company because it gave us an edge up on our competitors by having what others needed, to feel as if they were still in their previous country or culture. I would say that you could look at it as multiculturalism, which is different from pluralism, which is the idea that diversity can exist in a set location. My company has become more like the United States a cross-cultural mixture, with people maintaining the traditions and characteristics on one culture

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  • Essay on Jury Nullification

    rules of ethics for any lawmaker would be the difference between what is right and wrong. As a result, the Ethical guidelines for lawmakers will be changed to reflect what is acceptable gift taking and what is not. According to McNamara, Burns  Multiculturalism in the Criminal Justice System  (2009), “Because of the harm of African Americans have suffered by the criminal justice system, jury

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  • Cultural Diversity in Health Care Essay

    Let us now discuss some of the prominent problems that arise due to cultural diversity and see how they affect the healthcare industry through examples. Cultural Destructiveness In certain societies, where the dominant groups do not support multiculturalism, the minorities have to suffer from a lot of subjugation and suppression. When in social groups, they are forced to intermingle and assimilate and embrace the norms and rules of the dominant cultures and are obligated to mind the rights of the

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  • Essay on Importance of Selection of Sales People

    The article makes particular reference to the fact that as a response to growing diversity, increasing multiculturalism, and a need to understand minority consumers means that minority professionals in the recruitment sections of workplace is of exceeding importance (Perkins, Thomas, and Taylor 2000). By the introduction of minority professionals, it means that there can be a focus particularly on directing sales at minority consumers as the professionals are specifically selected for their experience

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  • Law and Latino Sonia Sotomayor Essay

    Criminology and Criminal Justice Collective of Northern Arizona University. (2009). Investigating difference: Human and cultural relations in criminal justice (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. MacNamara, R. H., & Burns, R. (2009). Multiculturalism

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  • Thailand Culture, Etiquettes and Weather Essay

    Thailand is a distinctive place. The regular and most sought after destinations are Phuket, Samui, Pattaya and Bangkok. Thailand pays respect to all the people of all traces. This multiculturalism makes this country a delightful tourist place for the worldwide traveler. One may also visit nearly cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Butter worth, Kuala Lumpur and other chief South East Asian cities. Thailand is rich in culture. The sea is mediator and less sickness is there. You can see really

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  • Assess the View That Ethnic Minority Pupil's Underachievement in Education Is the Result of Teacher Labelling and Racism

    leave then with very little enthusiasm to learn. This can result in underachievement in students of ethnic minorities. Many schools today claim to be ‘multicultural’ but this can again really affect a pupils chances of success in education. Multiculturalism is a culture which is welcoming of, and made up of multiple cultural groups, this in itself is not problematic but racism

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  • Melting Pot in School Essay examples

    of their own cultural ancestry but also become sensitive to other cultures, knowledgeable about viewpoints other than their own, and prepared to live in an increasingly pluralistic society. School psychology practices that emphasize multiculturalism can similarly focus on the importance of children’s culture heritage and the

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  • The Formation of Black English and Its Influences on American Culture

    community, it is called a Creole. However, at this time the language spoken by Black English was still not treated as one independent language. It was still considered to be one inferior communication tool. 2.3 Modern Black English In 1920s the multiculturalism emerged as one social trend and one philosophy. Immigrants coming from all over the world brought in multiple cultures, which changed the traditional American Creed. Different habits, ideas, religion beliefs and arts made American culture to

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  • What is Enlightenment? by Emmanuel Kant Essay

    “If there were only one religion in England, there would be danger of despotism; if there were two, they would cut each other’s throats; but there are thirty, and they live in peace and happiness”. This was Voltaire’s criticism of the lack of multiculturalism within the political and religious systems set up in France. By having an authority of unchecked power, anarchy would eventually take over. With two opposing forces vying for control, the powers would be relegated inefficient in their role, as

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  • Other Essay

    has there on the set of traditions that they live by this is critical to understanding the culturally constructed nature of a person’s development and awareness of the effects of our ethnical sense of self. Political theory always debates about multiculturalism largely taken for granted not knowing which race to be recognized and accommodated. When it comes to language and religion and racial justice, I want to see more races connected to the pursuit of equality because social constructions have created

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  • When Does an Immigrant Become an Australian Essay

    They have to understand the word multiculturalism,no racism and respect other country. A migrant becomes an Australian when they accept the Australian way of life. When they put behind all of the suffering and injustices of where they came from and embrace the culture and customs of Australia. By law they are free to live the way they please and follow what religion they want, but an Australian is someone who takes pride of their flag, pride of their country and pride in what being Australian means

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  • Organizational Leadership Walden University Mspm6110-1 Essay

    contrast as a leader my goal is to project a vision based on those predefined goals by influencing a group of people (clients, stakeholders, and project team members) towards the achievement of that vision and set of predefined goals. Diversity, multiculturalism, and high stressors within organizations necessitate the need for PMs/Leaders to possess a sophisticated skill set of

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  • Organizational Behavior Essay

    different cultures in a location without the domineering of one particular culture. The human differences that exist are accepted by the majority and hence it eliminates discrimination in the form of racialism or sexism. It can also be refereed to as multiculturalism (Henry, 2011).” Within the three departments that I participate and work in, there are 5 different nationalities of workers who coincide within the organization, and they include African American, Mexican,

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  • Cultural Competence in Counseling Essay

    the AMCD Professional Standards Committee published and expanded version of the sue et al. (1992) multicultural counseling competencies. The most significant revisions was in the clarification of key terms, such as diversity and multicultural. Multiculturalism puts the focus on ethnicity, race and culture. Diversity refers

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  • Liberal Education Essay

    my graduate courses at UVM, as well as works of those in the academia concerned with the same matter. I will look at how corporate culture of the university and research-driven education dictate the curricula in colleges and universities; how multiculturalism and political correctness that saturated higher education these days can influence the way humanities are presented, and explore the influence of humanities in our students’ making meaning of their lives. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to

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  • The Importance of College Writing in a Digital Age Essay

    (182). Hairston is suggesting the underlying point of multiculturalism. That is to understand the people around us, express our own views, and eventually come to a particular set of beliefs. These beliefs are only derived from exposure to and interaction with a diverse society. Over and over again, people have opposed the argument of multiculturalism. In Thomas J. Bray‘s editorial for The Detroit News, “Memorial Day and Multiculturalism,” bilingual education is a major focus. Basically

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  • Travelling Essay

    K-W area caught our attention and my mother knew this was the place to live. Now at age five I had some knowledge in my brain and Kitchener had reminded me of the sandy beaches of California lo-o-ove, the buzzing and beeping of new York, the multiculturalism in the poor place of Dubai, the classy, fancy and spiffy feeling of Italy and the very spine chilling feeling of the Russian snow. in Kitchener we settled in snugly feeling at home in our first house in northern Kitchener. I went to school at

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  • World War II Essay

    educational reform of the baby boom. The latter years of the generation were quite formidable, heralding a social movement more laudable than those of the the first two decades: in 1960s Canada, Trudeau's government achieved a more 'just' society where multiculturalism was encouraged, along with the institution of bilingualism and the decriminalization of homosexuality (Bibby 6-7). This marked a turning point in the nation's history, as Canada was beginning to move forward with ethical and non-discriminatory

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  • The Growing Tension and Debate over Bill 94 in Quebec, Canada

    The Quiet Revolution introduced the active preservation of Francophone identity and culture (Conway, 2010, p.198). Unlike other provinces in Canada who have undertaken the values of multiculturalism; Quebec has instituted interculturalism (Conway, 2012, p.199). Interculturalism “works to encourage the integration of immigrants in a manner that is respectful to their cultural origins, all the while promoting the preservation of Francophone Quebec society” (Conway, 199). It is within the values of

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  • Multicultural citizenship Will Kymlicka Essay

    So, how would we like to be recognized? According to Charles Taylor in his book multiculturalism there are links between identity and recognition. And these are related to whether the rest of population recognizes us or not, This may inflict positively or negatively on our identities so it is very important to keep in mind how we view others and how we treat them. Nonetheless, keeping in mind and understanding that their view of us also affects how we are. He also mentions that importance of

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  • Finding God on the Web Essay

    as an existence much greater than their own. These beliefs that God evolves along with man is known as process theology- a theory that most people who study religion would most likely disagree with. Charlise Lyless Cyberfaith focuses more on multiculturalism being a spiritual matter on the Internet. The site Cyberfaith International ( links people of all classes, sexes and races, whom may not have connected with each other in person to discuss such controversial topics otherwise

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