Immigration And Multiculturalism

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Immigration has significantly added to Canadian identity and what it means to be Canadian because of the stages carved towards multiculturalism and a greater Canada. In fact one could argue that Canada was a multicultural place from the start. For instance the first people to live on the land were the Aboriginals from Asia, then the European Settlers, to Africans, and even Latin Americans. The Chinese Immigration act in 1923, the celebration of the two millionth immigrant since confederation in 1972, and the Immigration Act are important events because they all represent and show how multiculturalism has developed to become a part of Canada’s proud identity.

Canada’s current identity cannot be separated with history, for instance, when the
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We can look at this event using Ethical Dimensions, and the question “How does this event impose upon our responsibilities today?” Ethical judgments of people are usually held back however if the story is consequential, then there is an ethical judgment involved. We use ethical judgment to learn from the past, helping us to face current ethical issues. Ethical dimension is key when examining the Chinese Immigration Act because we are able to point out what was wrong and how we overcame them while building our identity. For instance Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a speech, on June 22 2006, in the House of Commons giving a formal apology for the exclusion of Chinese immigrants to Canada. My media piece is a photo essay. This photo essay clearly illustrates the relations with Canadian Identity while giving a sense of what and how the event was viewed. The first photo shows doors slightly opened conveying prohibit of the Chinese into Canada, however the slight opening signifies how the act was later removed. The second photo displays hands trying to go through bars, representing the feelings of the Chinese and Humiliation Day. Lastly the third photo is a poster that says “Twenty Thousand dollars to the surviving 35 head tax payers” with a grey scale filter to …show more content…
Most importantly the minister was responsible for reporting and making announcements regarding the number of immigrants during a specific time period and the number of special permits handed out. It’s significance is represented not only by the broadening of the policy however the media and citizen approval received. It helps build the idea of a multicultural Canada because it demonstrations our recognition and attention put towards humanizing immigration instead of disregarding the topic. Cause and consequence is an appropriate HTC to approach with this event because we can study tragedies, accomplishments, motivations, beliefs, how and why. The cause and consequence of this event is the act itself and the effect, rather than consequence, being the progressive responses that continued to strengthen our Canadian identity. Another effect was the further revised act, the Multiculturalism Act, making Canada the first country to pass such law. In the photo for this topic there are each different lettered hands holding onto each other signifying a united Canada, hence the Canadian flag in the center and the word being unite. The next photo is of the act itself on a table surrounded by people showing the acceptance and recognition of the policy. In my last photo there are two pairs of shoes where one pair

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