Multiculturalism And Multilingualism

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1. Introduction:
Nowadays several contemporary countries are described by multiculturalism (cultural varieties), multilingualism, and different ethnic and confessional views. Regarding the fact that the population has multi religious, multiethnic, and multicultural views, many efforts have been made to manage the mutual diversities and the differences linked with the identity of public and political unity. It denotes to the cultural diversities that originate from the presence of two or more groups in a society where people’s opinions and practices create a characteristic wisdom of a collective identity. Multiculturalism can be described by both as descriptive and normative terms. As a descriptive term multiculturalism is unsurprisingly kept back for multiplicity of a community which is based on ethnical, racial and linguistic discrepancies. As a normative term, multiculturalism states to people’s support of a local multiplicity built either on the Rights of Respect for different cultural groups and their recognition or on majority’s moral and cultural assertions, visions and views in a society where cultural multiplicity is existing. In this framework, multiculturalism acknowledges and recognizes the significance of beliefs, principles, values and the different ways of life. It stimulates self-understanding and boosts the sense of someone’s belonging somewhere as an
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Diversity in a country or society is considered as a good cause in order to learn different cultures, ethnic and diversified environment in the society. Diversified education provides different ways of learning a task and in fact gives us the idea of what is being practiced in different countries. As there is a head and tail in a coin, there is a mixture of good and bad in multicultural society which may cause the problems of racism, revolts, discriminations,

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