Globalization And Multiculturalism: A Complex Reality

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Multiculturalism: A Complex Reality
Multiculturalism, defined by the Merriam-Webster as the inclusion of many cultures in a society were all cultures identities are reflected is a term that has become widely known nowadays. This term centers on the thought of how a society should respond to cultural and religious differences. It’s important to clarify that the definition multiculturalism does not include complete assimilation and integration, which causes various problems within groups in society. Many citizens from society debate over whether if multiculturalism is the proper way to deal with diversity, especially nowadays, with the expansion of globalization, multiculturalism is being challenge.
Globalization, a term defined as the development of an integrated global economy marked by free trade and cheap foreign labor. Globalization alone, creates a mindset of us vs. them, makes a specific group the dominant one and makes society more egotistical. Many citizens believe that while globalization has provided the world with many benefits, at the same it has brought negative influences on cultures. Group identities and individualism are at risk of being lost, because globalization has only promoted the consumer culture which only focuses on the big companies. Nevertheless, when globalization and multiculturalism are found in the same place,
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However, other countries that had receive immigrants from other places have created policies necessary for people to assimilate. Policies extend from social integrations, cultural assimilation and racial segregation with varied from country to country. Canada was the first country to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy and has become a fundamental part of their country where acceptance gives Canadians a sense of self-confidence and security. The Government of Canada stated

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