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  • Legalizing Marijuana

    Legalizing Marijuana Legalized Marijuana can be helpful in all types of ways. Legalizing will further prevent teens from smoking marijuana and will protect people from smoking laced cannabis without their knowledge. However, those against it rely heavily on the fact that there is a possibility that marijuana can cause brain damage, but on the other hand, it can also cure types of pain and aid those with certain diseases. Selling marijuana to teens is a popular trend throughout the Unites States. By legalizing we are keeping teens safe, keeping them from stunting their growth, and preventing addiction. Many drug dealers will sell marijuana to teens, legalizing marijuana will keep teens safe. Teens are more prone to getting synthetic marijuana…

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  • Marijuana Dispensaries

    Transformation from Coffee Shops to Marijuana Dispensaries Cannabis dispensaries have been present in the United States for quite a while. In the 1960s, these shops were called as the 'coffee shops'. The first ever shop based on this structure was in Amsterdam. These shops were the hub of people looking to sell and purchase both medical and recreational Marijuana. As the years have passed, these coffee shops have popularized as 'cannabis dispensaries'. The popularization of Marijuana Lifestyle…

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  • Pro Marijuana

    repeats itself. In the 1960’s marijuana became the most used drug among middle class americans. Marijuana comes from a leaf and has THC in it. The THC is the substance to get you high. Although in most states it is illegal, it is still very commonly used. The societal uses, changes, and impacts of marijuana from the 1900’s until present day in the United States have changed severely. Marijuana is cannabis which has short and long term effects to the human brain. The short term effects include…

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  • Effects Of Marijuana

    Marijuana and the Effects Marijuana is a commonly used drug in America (Downes 1). Its use has been around for a long time now. Recent results from research on the use of marijuana indicate that its use by young people increases by almost ten percent per year (Philip 1). These results coincide with the positive attitude by youths towards the effects and risks of consuming marijuana (Lane 2). The marijuana tree grows in many parts of the world. The Cannabis Sativa is the plant, which produces…

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  • The Unavailability Of Marijuana

    A major factor contributing to the unavailability of legal marijuana is old laws that were informed by faulty information. When marijuana became a Schedule I drug in the 1970’s the studies that led to that classification were inaccurate. “Since the 1970s, advocates of an aggressive drug war have maintained that any liberalization of drug laws would "send the wrong message" to kids and increase adolescent drug use”. At the time scientists believed that alcohol was less dangerous than marijuana…

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  • Marijuana Benefits

    believe that marijuana should be legal because of its good effects ,but does it really have those good effects that they claim? The way people talk about the good benefits this drug can have they make it seem like some cure all medicine. People talk it up like it can treat any disease and cure any ailments and it can do no wrong. I want to figure out what actually can this “Wonder Drug” do? Although there are several studies and claims of the benefits of marijuana there are also potentially…

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  • The Legalization Of Marijuana

    Marijuana is a controversial drug that is the most commonly used within the population of that nature. Human beings are constantly going through struggles in life so some tend to use marijuana as a form of relief and as well as a form of medication. The drug has effects that is different for every individual and which is why in most states it is illegal. The limited legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado is having a positive effect in those states and one of them is due to the…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

    alcohol has many of the same side effects of marijuana. Alcohol buffers the central nervous system and is known to kill brain cells. A joint of marijuana is known to produce more tar than a cigarette, but on the average marijuana users do not consume enough marijuana to surpass the tar build up of a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. June Crown and W.D.M. Paton state that "Further, one should realize that different cannabis smokers select different levels of intoxication". In…

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  • Marijuana Legalization In Canada

    restrict access to marijuana” by spring 2017 (“Marijuana”, 2016), it is crucial to examine the impact on the health, social, and economic aspects of society (“Toward”, 2016). As prevalence and accessibility of the drug to the population continues to increase, a negative health impact is being made through lack of regulation (Rotermann & Langlois, 2015). The Canadian government’s plan to legalize recreational marijuana consumption will regulate the consumption of the drug thereby helping decrease…

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  • Banning Marijuana

    TFD is an abbreviation for The Fucking Day. It is a logical extension of an age old saying with tge following format: The day x happens is the day y happens. Highly applicable to countless scenarios, TFD can be used in abbreviated or elongated form. In the presence of a learned audience, it can be used as a standalone term or in the followingKelvin Amegatcher English 102 Camille, Banks Arguable claims Banning marijuana across all states should happen because it creates a dangerous…

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