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  • Love Essay: Love Is Love

    Love is Love Love: noun: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person (“Love”). Love seems to be one of the main goal that we all strive for in our lifetimes. There are many different types of love: friendship, intimate, conceptual, and many more, but in the end love is love. Love knows no race, age, class, or sex. Love has no labels. One hundred years ago different colored people couldn 't marry each other, or a Jew couldn 't marry a Christian, 100 years later look how many people are happily married. Marriage is based on Love, between 2 people that truly love each other, regardless of sex & gender. Although our country has legalized gay marriage, we still have a long way to go before gays and lesbians are accepted and treated equally. To make this happen congress needs to pass laws that protect the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) population. Everyone including homosexuals and bisexuals should be free to show their feelings and affection to whomever they choose. The only way the LGBT population will be accepted is if the rest of the world can see that they are just trying to find love like the rest of us. Today’s World that is full of evil, greed, destruction. The only way to conquer evil is to love. Sadly, there are a percentage of people in this world that can’t, or feel uncomfortable sharing their love with the World. There are still many battles to be won to achieve some median of equality for the entire LGBT community, all of which…

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  • Love Is Love

    This paper will prove that love is continually sought among humans. Love, a term lightly used in the common world today is not simply a descriptive word to use for something we like. There is a deeper meaning and a more direct use of the word, and the idea. Nothing is more important than love, and no subject than it is so often misused. In its deeper sense love is often looked upon as a Christian or moral viewpoint and not something that can or should be applied outside of that to the common…

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  • Bleeding Love: Love And Loss Of Love

    fills the emptiness of your heart with love and happiness because you found someone that understand you and accept you for who you are. All those memories share together, to realize that you found the one who you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with. Is that special person that can make your face light up, your palms sweat, and experience a flutter of electricity racing through your body. You’re in love. Until he or she decides that relationship is not the same and break your heart by…

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  • Love: Questions And Answers On Love And Love

    Love is how you like that awful music but I still listen to it in the car just to hear you sing or sitting through that movie you’ve seen 1,000 times but watching it because I love seeing you mouth every line Love is listening to your terrible jokes but doing it anyway because I love to hear you laugh and see that smile you always wear after you tell one Love is doing things you don’t want to because it’s makes the other person happy Love is sitting up till 3 in the morning listening to your…

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  • Love And Love In Toni Morrison's Love

    Toni Morrison 's novel, Love provides insight from the characters and the costumers that surround the death of the late Bill Cosey throughout his life. They are all affected by this charismatic hotel owner who caters only to African Americans. Morrison 's non- linear style goes back and forth dividing the plots among different time periods throughout this story. Inside the famous Cosey Hotel and Resort, history and cultural heritage of African Americans are analyzed from the “characters…

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  • Love Expression: Love Is Love Or Attachment?

    It is no secret that Love conquers all, but what seems to spark a big controversy these days is whether love is really “love” or just a mutual attachment. To analyze the similarities and differences, one must first understand what each of them is. The website defines love as a strong or constant affection for someone or something and attachment as an affectionate feeling for someone or something. There is only a slight difference between these two definitions and that is…

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  • Defining Love: Love Or Definition Of Love?

    Throughout many generations people have tried to come up with their own explanation of love or definition of love. According to Merriam-Webster online, love is defined as: “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person, attraction that includes sexual desire, the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship, a person you love in a romantic way.” Love cannot be measured; love is a feeling, an emotion which you can only feel. Love is caring, love is forgiving, love…

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  • Love, Love And Love: A Child Of Divorce

    Parents stand behind their children offering guidance and protection, until divorce sets in, now welcome to the animal jungle. A child of divorce feels like they have been stranded all alone, left to the wild to figure life out. What would you do if you woke up one morning and everything you once knew was gone? Like a nightmare that won’t go away, you seek those you love the most, to find out they are no longer there. There are many unexpected truths that are capable of destroying your life…

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  • The Greatest Love: The Power Of Love

    Anyone is capable of falling in love, but truly loving someone or something requires an intentional effort in order to actually love. Status viatoris describes how individuals are driven by his/her hopes and loves. Although, this drive does not always lead one to love things that are good. Moreover, the way that one loves and the things that one loves determine whether love fails or love sustains. When an individual’s virtues are not directed toward an end longing of God and the Truth, love…

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  • The Importance Of Love Attitudes On Love

    The Love Attitude Scale has reaffirmed my beliefs and attitudes on love and attaining a suitable partner. According to the Love Attitude Scoring results, my feelings fit the category of a Pragma best. The Pragma is described as someone who does not seek romance or affairs but love out of friendship and would make a suitable partner to build a life with (King 310). I found myself agreeing with many of the Pragma characteristics on choosing a partner who would fit into future expectations in…

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