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  • Commencement Speech In English

    On the 11th of May in 2013, George Saunders, an English professor, delivered a commencement speech that challenged human thinking. Saunders was the author of the New York Times best seller "Tenth of December", and a professor at Syracuse University in New York. He delivered a commencement speech to the graduating class of 2013, as well as their families, friends, and the board of directors at Syracuse. The ten-minute speech addressed his biggest regret; "failure of kindness". Saunders first acknowledged his audience by saying the students were “energetic young people, with all of their best years ahead of them”. He then identified himself as “some old fart, with his best years behind him”. As the students as Syracuse University begin their next journey and move into society as adults, Saunders sparked an idea in their minds involving kindness and how humans can spread it more contagiously. In hope for the graduating class to embody the speech that he was delivering, Saunders began with a brief anecdote revolving a regret he had in middle school. The short story, which is a very effective way to get the audience’s attention, was about his lack of kindness to the shy girl in his class. She was constantly being teased for her size, glasses, and her nervous habit of putting her hair in her mouth. Saunders went on to admit his regret to respond to the bullying right in front of him. He then questioned the audience by asking “Who, in your own life do you remember most fondly”.…

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  • Speech And Speech: The Differences Between Speaking And Writing English

    There are many differences between speaking and writing English. There is not only the difference of properties but also a different skill set used for both (Crystal, 2005). Crystal (2005) outlines that some of the main differences between speech and writing are; Speech usually involves contributors that are present at the time of the exchange and it is momentary and active whereas writing is done when the writer and the reader are separate and may not know each other, it is fixed and long…

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  • Importance Of Secondary Speech And English Education

    not guarantee employment in the adult world. I began thinking—considering the lessons my mother instilled—what job would be fun every day? What job would always change? What job would allow me to be curious? What job would encourage my creativity? Despite my vow to never teach… teaching was the ONLY career that answered every question my heart was asking. Teaching was the ONLY thing I felt born to do. So I changed my major!! I began taking education classes in 2002, and as I sat in class I…

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  • Speech About My English Class

    This school year I enjoyed this English class because it was not very difficult, but it was not easy at all. This year we did so many assignments and some of them were analyzing poems, emulating poems, writing a theme of a poem, presenting a speech in class and then working as a group to create a chapter. I believe that I have grown throughout this school year. I have grown as a listener because back then I was not used to listening to poems without having a paper right in front of me. Now I am…

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  • Analysis Of English Speech By William Wordsworth

    English speech Setting: Valerie and Alyssa are sitting in a café shop after school waiting for their coffee to arrive and drown their tiredness and sorrow of having so many assignments due. Starting V: I am so tired, and I have so many assignments due. A: Tell me about it our English is due tomorrow and I haven’t even done it. V: (looking around) now that you mention it doesn’t that picture over there look like the poem were doing by Williams Wordsworth, what’s it called again? A: The…

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  • Speech On English Language

    communication that has brought humans together. Dating back to Tamil, a language 5000 years ago, to what most of the world uses today: English. Now suggesting that all of you understand and speak English because that 's what I’m using for this presentation, I want to assume our nation of the United States of America is an English speaking country, which technically we are. So in my opinion everyone who lives here should be able to understand the English language right? Asking the first…

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  • English Speech For Independence

    It has been far too long that we have dealt with England and despite our attempts to come to a reasonable compromise, it is time to seek independence. We must form together and create our own nation, breaking free from the iron grip of tyranny. We have suffered oppression and have been taken advantage of. If we do not act now, our chance of success will only grow smaller. If you are undecided or even skeptical about this issue I can assure you that freedom is the answer. To break away from the…

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  • Reflective Speech About The English Language

    speaking? It is a possibility that it may be from family, but it is both statistically and logically a much higher possibility that it is from one’s peers and surroundings. For most of people, it is normal to have a grasp on the English language and to be able to hold very basic conversations before they enter school. However, even though people learn how to form words with their families, it is in school amongst their peers that they learn how to truly speak and expand both their knowledge of…

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  • English Constitutional Speech: The Second Constitutional Convention

    The Second Constitutional Convention My week has been very eventful and even somewhat stressful, but to make matters worse I think I’m going insane, because either I had a very vivid dream in my government class, or I just traveled back in time to the Second Constitutional Convention. Now from what I know they had gathered because the Article of Confederation weren’t working out so well. Then they told me I was going to help them fix the problems and help them create the new constitution. When…

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  • Native American Experiences In Native Americans: Contact And Conflict

    and feelings towards the white immigrants. At the beginning Indians welcomed the English with hospitality. In “Speech at Detroit,” Pontiac describes the objects the man who is going to travel packs. The man carries a gun, a powder horn, a kettle, and ammunition. The objects were purposely mentioned in the story. Indians accepted new things the English introduced to them and adapted them into everyday life. Pontiac’s speech was exhorting the Indians. The reader can sense that Pontiac was trying…

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