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  • Speech On English Language

    Language is one of the oldest ways of communication that has brought humans together. Dating back to Tamil, a language 5000 years ago, to what most of the world uses today: English. Now suggesting that all of you understand and speak English because that 's what I’m using for this presentation, I want to assume our nation of the United States of America is an English speaking country, which technically we are. So in my opinion everyone who lives here should be able to understand the English language right? Asking the first question, is it the truth? Is English widely spoken around our country, yes, but are there other languages commonly spoken in the USA, yes. I am very patriotic towards our great nation, I bleed red, white and blue. But I also just bleed red which makes me human. So I am capable of learning another language, which I already know a lot of Spanish. Even though our nation isn 't a full Spanish speaking country like…

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  • Speech And Speech: The Differences Between Speaking And Writing English

    There are many differences between speaking and writing English. There is not only the difference of properties but also a different skill set used for both (Crystal, 2005). Crystal (2005) outlines that some of the main differences between speech and writing are; Speech usually involves contributors that are present at the time of the exchange and it is momentary and active whereas writing is done when the writer and the reader are separate and may not know each other, it is fixed and long…

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  • English Assignment Speech

    English Assignment - Speech Why do humans today like to study old historical types of texts, in the english classroom? Well the reason for this is because all individuals like to investigate, explore, follow, pursue and understand what our world was like back then. The importance of these texts helps gather the world 's stories and experiences of the past. In recent years there has been a big deal of controversy surrounding the types of texts studied in Australia 's english classroom. This…

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  • Orlando Shooting English Speech

    English speech Good morning Miss Lightfoot and fellow students. I'm here to present and discuss about the Orlando shootings and the impact on America and the lgbtq + community. the Orlando shootings at the pulse night club was known as the biggest massacre in American history. on the 12th of June 2016 50 people died and 53 were injured during this Massacre according to Wikipedia that the other team was a security guard at the pulse nightclub until he opens fire against the innocent he was…

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  • Importance Of Secondary Speech And English Education

    I chose to study Secondary Speech and English Education because it allowed me to use some of the skills I learned in my acting classes as I developed my speaking skills further. I loved everything about my speech classes!! I was able to learn more about how to speak effectively to any audience about any topic which helped me gain a deeper understanding of the content in my educational theory and English courses. I was alive with learning, and during the next two years I soaked up everything I…

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  • The Use Of Language In Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech

    His use of rhetoric is enough to persuade his followers, incorporating both figures of speech and compositional techniques. By repeating “I Have a Dream” and other thematic phrases, he increases the rhetorical effect and emphasizes patterns. Figurative language highlights two important, yet distinct concepts. For example, he uses “lonely island of poverty” to describe racism and “vast ocean of material prosperity” to describe racial justice. Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of proper language…

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  • Malcolm X Reaction Paper

    He during prison was able to accomplish what many people take years to learn while they are in normal schooling. “Many who today hear me somewhere in person, or on television, or those who have read something I 've said, will think I went to school far beyond the eighth grade. This impression is due entirely to my prison studies,” states Malcolm X. This step of grabbing a dictionary and expanding your vocabulary should not only be follow by people that want to learn a new language it should be…

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  • How Does Bilingualism Affect Children

    of many children throughout the world. Especially, here in America, because this country is a country made up of immigrants and English is not the only language spoken, there are much more. Many researchers are interested in studying bilingualism in kids because they want to know, whether or not, they have difficulties developing in literature or society. Many researchers believe it can hold a child back from developing and others believe it will be beneficial for the child to be bilingual. Does…

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  • The Importance Of Language In 'Decolonizing The Mind'

    language, Gikuyu, and how storytellers told stories that were mostly about animals or humans. He considers Gikuyu as the language of his community, culture, and work. Later, due to the English colonization in Africa, he went to a “colonial school” where he was forced to learn English. In Kenya, English became the dominant language and if anyone was caught speaking their native language; they would be punished. The author discusses three aspects of language communication. These are language of…

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  • Reflection: What I Learned In My Writing Course

    I am very thankful for taking this course as I feel I have vastly improved in multiple areas of my communication. I had never taken a course that involved writing a paper and then presenting a speech on it to the class. It was either one or the other, not both. That is what intrigued me to take this course before the semester started. For myself great strides were made in my ability to convince readers through the toulmin model, learned in this course. Help was received along the way…

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