Speech On English Language

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Language is one of the oldest ways of communication that has brought humans together. Dating back to Tamil, a language 5000 years ago, to what most of the world uses today: English. Now suggesting that all of you understand and speak English because that 's what I’m using for this presentation, I want to assume our nation of the United States of America is an English speaking country, which technically we are. So in my opinion everyone who lives here should be able to understand the English language right? Asking the first question, is it the truth? Is English widely spoken around our country, yes, but are there other languages commonly spoken in the USA, yes. I am very patriotic towards our great nation, I bleed red, white and blue. But I also just bleed red which makes me human. So I am capable of learning another language, which I already know a lot of Spanish. Even though our nation isn 't a full Spanish speaking country like …show more content…
Does every human speak a language? Yes, and is a human capable of learning another one? Yes, and does language define one 's race or ethnicity? No it doesn 't, so if you 're able to live in a country where we confidently praise our flag and sing our pledge of allegiance to America in English before a simple event as this, then yes it 's fair to all concerned. You can argue and say the U.S is a mixing pot with many nationalities and languages which makes us unique, which is true. But it 's also our weakness, we have had many terrorist attacks on us because of miscommunications and our sight of betterness in other people. But even then to protect our country and be in our great top ranked military you have to know how to write, speak, and read English fluently. A better military makes a better country which keeps our nation able to have many people from around the world. If we, the U.S, were to become involved in another great war, wouldn 't you want to feel safer that everyone in our country knew

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