Compare And Contrast Hispanic And American Culture

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All around the world, countries choose to admire the culture they grow up in; therefore, making every person unique in their own way. Several times, cultures differ so much that people tend to see cultural habits as unnatural. Two cultures that differ in several ways include Hispanic and American cultures. Some of these ways include food, language, reputation and stereotyping, and nationalism. All these factors differ within the cultures themselves and the people. When examining and comparing the difference between theses two cultures, it becomes evident that the Hispanic culture is superior than the American culture. To begin with, often food’s just seen as what keeps the human body alive and running, but the role of food, if gone …show more content…
These two cultures, Hispanic and American, contain two incredibly different languages that have no similarities, making each one of them not only distinct, but unique in their own form. American language, also know as English, is one of the few that’s known world wide. The English language that was mainly developed for better communication within people, but has not been said to have a real meaning behind it. On the other hand, Spanish is know to be a language that’s been passed down from generations, which is a way for Hispanics to “pass down their heritage and culture” (“Latino/Hispanic Culture in the U.S”). Spanish with years of memories and tradition continues to bring the history into the future becoming more beneficial for everyone. The meaning of each language is not the only factor that distinguishes cultures within each other. The other potion that helps distinguish is the rate in which each language is increasing. As said before the English language is already known by several other cultures around the world, which decreases the chance of its rate to increase. On the contrary, in Hispanic culture it 's said that all around the world “there were roughly 11 million Spanish speakers in the U.S.” (“Latino/Hispanic Culture in the U.S”). These facts are huge because it shows the public how the Spanish language is increasing worldwide; therefore, revealing how the number of Hispanics is increasing in the U.S as well. Overall, leading to how having a greatly important message and increasing numbers in Spanish language puts Hispanic culture on top of the

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