Hispanic Culture Essay

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Comparing Hispanic celebrations to how it we celebrate in America Hispanic Americans have roots in Europe, Africa, South and Central America. This means that there is a wide population of Hispanics. Today, the Hispanic or Latino population in the United States is estimated 54 million people (cdcc.gov, 2013). The Hispanics have different ways to celebrate than we (Americans) do differently.
American and Hispanic cultures have different ways to celebrate. Both the Hispanic culture and the Americans have their independence day. Independence Day is a day that celebrates the anniversary of a country’s national independence. Panamas Independence Day is November 28th. It is celebrated with the schools, the police and others. The firemen are accompanied
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In America, Christmas is an annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth, but some people look at this time to give gifts and greeting cards to family and friends. Puerto Rico celebrates Christmas by having Christmas caroling, and when they carol, they play some sort of instrument, either guitars or tambourines. They also gather together inside for refreshments and music. Panama celebrates Christmas by having festive parades and festive floats that are brightly decorated and the woman wear dresses call polleras and the men wear monunos (pictures located on last page). Also in Panama Christmas trees are traditional and fireworks are also used to announce Christmas Day. Mexico celebrates Christmas by they eat a special cake called “Rosca De Reyes” (Thee Kings Cake) and midnight of Christmas Eve many people go to a Midnight Mass Service also known as “Misa De Gallo” (Mass of the Rooster). Also there were a lot of fireworks on Christmas. In the Dominican Republic they celebrate Christmas by they will have a family gathering and dinner, and they will have fireworks. In America Christmas is celebrated by Christmas trees are a main source of Christmas decoration and gifts are exchanged with family and friends. Also there is a belief that there is a Santa Claus who is a man that nobody knows if …show more content…
Both cultures celebrate New Year’s but in totally different ways. New Years is celebrated on January 1st. The country Panama celebrates New Years by having gatherings and with festivities such as dancing, singing, and music. The country Dominican celebrates New Years by having gatherings and having dinner together. Also they believed the color of your dress signifies your wish for the whole year. For example let’s say that you had on green clothing on New Year’s you wish to improve your finical problems. The country Ecuador celebrates New Years by they dressed in old clothes and a mask that represents their past year. Puerto Rico celebrates New Years by they will have family and friends gathering and fireworks that they love to set off. In America we celebrate New Years by we have performances by celebrities, we have a ball drop (picture at the end of packet); we have gatherings and fireworks that brighten the

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