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  • Evolution Of Writing Pens

    made, allowing us the privilege of the pens we take for granted each and every day. Between 1800 and 1950, the greatest developments were made in pens, with three main pens being invented, and improved. Therefore, these will be investigated further to fully understand the changes they underwent to become the pens we know today. These three pens were the Steel Pen, The Fountain Pen, and the Ballpoint Pen. These are the most familiar pens to people these days, while also…

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  • Analysis Of Yu Hua's China In Ten Words

    You would be able to write whatever you wanted privately, but if anyone found out what you were writing about, you would either be labeled a red pen or a black pen. Red pens were in support of the revolution and black pens were considered to be counterrevolutionaries. One trend that seems to be popular amongst the young was criticizing one’s teachers. The most famous of these students was a girl by the name of Liang Xiao. She was not fond of how her teacher acted in the classroom and wrote in…

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  • My Writing And Reminisce About Events In My Life

    Sometimes I do not mind and other times I would rather watch paint dry. But the main reason I write is to have an escape. I write when I am upset, when I am joyous, and when I am indifferent to the world around me. Like most teenagers in their last year of high school, I disagreed with my parents weekly. They would yell, I would yell louder. They would not back down but I would eventually get so angry about the entire situation that I would storm off to my room. I would grumble under my…

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  • The Importance Of Writing As An Art

    are one if you do good research. Prior to this class I used to think that I had to write and rewrite multiple drafts of a paper in order to get it right. I would take the ideas in my outline format and sit down and pen my first draft. Next, I used to write the whole draft, get it critiqued, write another one, and ad infinitum until I got feedback that the writing was ideal or as good as it was going to get. After taking this class I now realize that the draft process is kind of antiquated. The…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Written Communication

    Do you remember the excitement as a child to receive something in the mail? Every day you would run to the mailbox with hopes of getting mail. Children in today’s society don’t know the excitement that comes with the mail. Today’s children will grow up to expect emails, texts, and other forms of technology. What is the true importance of written communication? Some may say that there is none while others wish we could go back in time to when that was the only communication we had. The true…

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  • Reflection: Improving My Writing As A Writer

    I was able to learn from their examples and class readings, incorporating different strategies into my own writing. I would not consider myself to be an awful writer, but I do would consider myself as a writer in the process. What do I mean by this? Well, as a writer, I have amazing ideas, but I seem to struggle putting my ideas and thoughts down on paper. Being that English is my second language I could come to struggle with sentence structure and grammar. During this class we did a lot of in…

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  • Termite Experiment Essay

    We used several inked pens which were blue, green and red. Also, a paper, a ruler, a small brush and of course a tube containing the termites. The experiment started by the teacher giving us the required materials. A student in the group drawn different lines with different colors. Another student put a termite on each different lines. At this point, we can formulate a hypothesis, which is that termites follow any line. To test our hypothesis, we placed a single termite at the beginning of a…

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  • Erika Case Study

    influential agreement. Secondly, she can approach Mr. Feng by mail and let him know that she will be in Taipei in coming days and her company DGG is interested in collaborating with Global Services to make good business in eastern countries. This approach in general will not have such negative consequences and will help company and Erika in a positive manner by opening their fountain pen industry once again east. It will be only possible if Erika will be able to handle the situation with a grace…

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  • The Importance Of Tea And Biscuits

    Summer draws to a close and thoughts in our household turn to the preparation needed to manage a successful return to school. Grocery shopping begins to include the stationery aisle.( My wife is an avid pen collector so our shopping trips always did include a scan of the stationery aisle, but now we stop to look at pens and paper with more serious intent!) We begin collecting new pens and pencils, we buy new back packs and new shoes, we consider what the future might hold and how we want our…

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  • Art Is A Passion Essay

    music and video. Working on projects helps me express my creativity and I also find it relaxing working on things that I enjoy. Out of all the different forms of art I do, drawing is what I work on the most. Drawing is the basis for most art and can be as simple as making marks on a surface. It is one of the most common forms of art and has been around long before civilization when early humans would draw marks on cave walls. Whether it is making paintings, working with digital media, or…

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