The Importance Of Tea And Biscuits

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Tea & Biscuits: School Bells Soon To Ring Again by Lee O 'Donovan
Summer draws to a close and thoughts in our household turn to the preparation needed to manage a successful return to school. Grocery shopping begins to include the stationery aisle.( My wife is an avid pen collector so our shopping trips always did include a scan of the stationery aisle, but now we stop to look at pens and paper with more serious intent!) We begin collecting new pens and pencils, we buy new back packs and new shoes, we consider what the future might hold and how we want our future to look as we place our new highlighter pens in rows in front of us. As a newly crowned father I am privileged to watch my child grow into a wonderfully complicated and beautiful adult.
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(Probably particular to Britain.)
4. Getting all your pre-term stationery needs from Woolworths, a store that is no longer trading in the UK. I remember being amazed that I could get 'anything ' in Woolworths!
5. Carefully covering all of your exercise books in 80s wallpaper. My mother would hand me a huge roll of leftover wallpaper which was, inevitably, a hideous floral pattern.

6. Wondering why other kids cover their new hard-backed ring binders with pop music stickers.
7. Having one of those fat biro pens that you had to click to change the ink colour – and irritating your teacher by constantly clicking it throughout the lesson.
8. Having to go clothes shopping with your Mum, and trying not to be seen by any of your school friends.

9. Getting your school jacket from a discount store that is almost exactly the same as the branded version, but getting annoyed at the discount jacket anyway.
10. Getting a shiny new geometry set at the start of every school year, and never ever using any of it except the compass which you never used to carve your initials in the
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Being devastated at hearing three bells before break(recess) meaning only one thing: WET PLAY.
19. Those hazy summer days when the cool substitute teacher from Australia would ‘take the lesson outside’ – and into the playing field.
20. Your mind being blown when you first saw the school’s state-of-the-art BBC Micro computer.
21. The feeling of importance when the teacher asked you to go to the class next door to get something/collect the register/go inside the staffroom. Such responsibility on such young shoulders.
22. The sadness when the (sponge, hole-ridden) soccer ball got kicked over the fence.
23. Peeling PVA glue off your hands and pretending it was your skin. Creepy.
24. When a new kid arrived in class. And being chosen to look after them.
25. When the design on the outside of your plastic lunchbox was much more important than what was inside. It had to be My Little Pony, He-Man or nothing.
26. Unless of course you had a Wagon Wheel, Club bar, Blue Riband or 54321 bar which were all awesome lunchtime candy. And being cross if your mum had put some discount store rubbish in the lunch box which made you look like a loser.

27. The deadly accuracy of your hand-folded paper fortune teller, that little piece of folded paper new

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