Personal Narrative-Back In The Gang

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Back in the gang
I was fourteen years old when I saw the perfect image and decided to back out. I was about to break into the Jamesons house. Back in the rich neighborhood, back in the gang, back before everything changed.

We rode up to Fall Creek, the neighborhood. After driving through the big, confusing, dark neighborhood at night we found a house with a black plaque that said, ‘Welcome to the Jameson’s’ Jacob, Tyler, Ra’shawn, Andrew, and I walked to the back of the gray house. We were putting our black mask on with our black sweatpants and black jacket already on. We were about to walk from one side of the back to the other side when we spotted an innocent family of four sitting at a table happily eating dinner. My gang and I stopped so fast we almost collided. We army crawled through the dry September grass to the other side without getting caught. Andrew, the smallest, jumped through the
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You sure, positive you aren’t coming?” “Yeah, positive.”

I walked a few houses down and sat on the sidewalk waiting for them to finish for an hour drive back home to our wimpy little trailer park. It was about ten minutes later I heard a scream and jumped up as they ran out of the house. They didn’t even get halfway down the road before they all got cornered by four cop cars. They all got arrested and shoved into a white car that said Iowa police department. As Tyler was getting cornered I saw him drop something, small but noticeable. After the cops left with my ex-gang I walked over to see what had been dropped. A key chain with one black Chevy Honda key. I picked it up relieved they still helped me even though I bailed on them.

I drove home and starting from the next day on I changed, got a job, helped my family get a house, and re-entered school. I finally got to be apart of my perfect image I had wanted for so

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