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  • Freedom Of Expression

    Freedom of Expression or Freedom of Invasion? From hieroglyphics, the printing press, to the computer, the concept of communication has been an integral part of society in order to express and spread ideas. With the vast advancements in technology and social media tools, communication has evolved into a far more immediate, efficient method for greater involvement in activities locally and globally. Clay Shirky, in “The Political Power of Social Media: Technology, the Public Sphere, and Political Change,” outlines how to use these relatively new modes of interaction as a political force. He introduces the instrumental approach, where anti-censorship and “western” websites are the primary forces that are encouraged, and the environmental, where…

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  • Freedom Of Expression: Dautrich And Bare

    Freedom of expression is one of the laws the forefathers of America made to empower its citizens and also enables them to live in peace thinks about the freedom of speech and also recommended some ways to support freedom of speech. The study was done almost to the time of a national election and, during the period of American history when the Country was in a war with the intention of spreading freedom of democracy. Dautrich and Bare utilizes the outcome of the research to appeal to the public…

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  • The Importance Of Freedom Of Expression In Islam

    According to Islamic perspective, freedom of expression is allowed and permissible to everyone in this world regardless of their status, gender and belief as there is no Quranic verses that prohibit it. In Islam, freedom of expression can be in terms of criticism,thought,consultation speech and others. However there is some point where Islam restricted the freedom of expression when it refrain any truth from being revealed or the speech might be offensive in a way that caused hurtful. This is…

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  • Freedom Of Expression In Huck Finn

    Freedom of expression is a uniquely American tradition, at least to the extent we have here. Amy Witherbee, a researcher who studies how democracy and censorship go hand and hand said “At the core of censorship is always a parallel belief in the ability of an idea to alter lives and change nations. The challenge is to let those ideas wreak their havoc, and trust in our capacity as the citizens of a democracy to make of the damage something better than what was there before. If, on the other…

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  • A Safe Space For Freedom Of Expression Analysis

    This is a popular source because the article came from the Washington Post and on the website, there are ads, pictures, videos, etc. and these attract a general audience. Also, the article does not use any specialized language and scholarly sources usually contained specialized language targeted at a certain group of people. Another reason this is a popular source is because there are no citations or references listed. Paxson raises different main points in order to support her argument. One of…

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  • John Stuart Mill On Freedom Of Expression

    Freedom of expression is defined as 'The power or right to express one's opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.' (oxforddictionaries). And the question is, should this be restricted? Should some peoples ideas or opinions be constrained, suppressed or limited? According to John Stuart Mill the answer is no.' He argues that Freedom is conducive to the greatest happiness.That freedom of thought and expression is a mean to social progress' (Garner, R,.Fredinard,…

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  • Freedom Of Thought, Speech, And Expression In John Stuart Mill's On Liberty

    over falsehood, good to triumph over evil, or intelligence to overcome ignorance, then how does one know that they up hold a morally righteous position in society? John Stuart Mill, the author of “On Liberty” argues that freedom of thought, speech, and expression should be absolute no matter how immoral one’s opinion may seem. Mill states “If all of mankind minus one were of one opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be…

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  • What Is Freedom Of Expression?

    the Republic of South Africa and its legislation around freedom of speech and hate speech. It aims to define the term “freedom of speech and expression” in a democracy, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19. Furthermore it will explore the principles of free speech based on international law and standards and the importance of free speech. We look at the meaning and the legislation around hate speech, and explore the impact of hate speech on freedom of expression.…

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  • The Importance Of Freedom Of Expression In Iraq

    The liberty came to my country Iraq lately. The Iraqi people did not know the freedom until 2003 When the American forces liberated Iraq from the dictator government headed by Sadam Hussein. After that, the Iraqi people began enjoy the freedom which were previously denied by the previous government. The situation in Iraq is very dangerous. The situation tied the Iraqi people for enjoying their freedom that the constitution guaranteed. There are many freedoms that the Iraqi constitution included,…

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  • Banning Horror Books In Schools

    Have you ever been woken up at night to hear a child scared or even crying because of a scary story? The school board has recently put a ban on horror books in the middle school setting. This ban has been effective in many situations at home and at school. Some people argue this ban is unreasonable and should be revoked. This is a mistake for many reasons.One example of this is a quote taken from Common Sense Media. “These horror stories are deliciously spooky without being too terrifying.”…

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