Freedom Of Expression: Dautrich And Bare

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Freedom of expression is one of the laws the forefathers of America made to empower its citizens and also enables them to live in peace thinks about the freedom of speech and also recommended some ways to support freedom of speech. The study was done almost to the time of a national election and, during the period of American history when the Country was in a war with the intention of spreading freedom of democracy. Dautrich and Bare utilizes the outcome of the research to appeal to the public to uphold freedom of speech because almost half of the people interviewed agreed that the government should review newspapers before they are published. “ Only 51 percent of 9th and 12th graders agree that newspapers should be allowed to publish freely …show more content…
Rather, it lies in the people’s willingness to appreciate and support those rights” (359). Dautrich and Bare argue that if the citizens of the country are more willing to give up their freedom of expression for their security then the government would take action to stop freedom of expression in the name of national security.
Dautrich and John appealed to pathos by recommending that the youth should be encouraged to appreciate and enforce the freedom of speech. Dautrich and Bare their article argue that, a lot of teaching on freedom of speech should be done in schools because student of journalism background support the First Amendment so if all student have knowledge of the freedom of speech and the youth is given the opportunity to their freedom they will have appreciate and protect.
The authors made another appeal to pathos by writing that school principal should also bereminded from time to time the importance of allowing the free speech to be part of daily teaching in schools. Duatrich and Bare argue that because during their research it came to light that a majority of principals in school support freedom expression for the newspapers, but, a small group of the principal supports freedom of expressions in school newspapers by
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The authors use indirect persuation to appeal to the public by writing that leaders of America have declared their commitment to freedom and liberty throughout the world, and gave example of a speech made by President Bush, the then president of United State on his second inaugural address. When the president said the Iraqi and Afghani military operations is a vehicle to spread freedom throughout the

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