Moral Obligation In Sophocles Antigone

Every person has a moral obligation between separating what the state says and what they believe. The battle between the state and the individual can cause some controversy such as the topic of censorship. Some wonder if it is right that the government or a big company can obstruct books, news, movies,etc. An abundance of power should not be given to one person, but instead to the people with a voice. The opinions and beliefs of an individual should not be obstructed or it can be detrimental to the society.

One voice should not represent an entire state because that leads to negative society. For a society to prosper, there must be a balance between powers. In Antigone by Sophocles, Haimon states,”It is no city if it takes order from one voice,”
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The public heard of this and became uneasy with the idea, but Creon decided to do it anyways and disregarded what everyone was saying around him. This similar theme occurs in The Declaration of Independance also. The king of Britain let his power and pride get the best of him similar to Creon in Antigone which also resulted in an unhappy society. The people had no say over his “Tyranny over the States,” which cause the people to become angry and separate from Britain. Having too much power and unfairness usually comes from having one person speak for everyone. The first example of this would be Creon. He always thought what he says goes and refuses to listens to others because it made him appear weak. Creon let his pride get in the way and thought he was doing what’s best for the public, but not only did he do the opposite, he had to live with that guilt for the rest of life. Similar to this was king George of Britain who completely ignored the people and hurt them economically, mentally, and physically. This unfairness led to a war with much bloodshed just because the King disregarded the citizens even though they tried many times …show more content…
When someone limits freedom speech, it creates fear among people. In line 399-404 of Antigone, she mentions how “ all these men here would praise me were their lips not frozen shut with fear of you,” and how “they keep their tongues on leash.” She recognizes how the people there agree with her except they are so afraid of Creon that they don’t say anything. Antigone on the other hand speaks her mind, willing to accept the punishments that come along with it. Another example of this fear would be Ismene, Antigone’s sister. Antigone proposes the idea of burying their brother, but Ismene refuses out of fear even though it would be the right thing to do. Tim O’Brien in the story Rainy River also shows the fear of speaking up for himself. Going to war seemed scary to him, but being a coward scared him even more. Tim ended up going to war, but he felt like a coward because he wanted to speak up and say something, but he didn’t. Restricting the freedom of speech also makes people uneducated and unaware of the world. An example of this today would be China where they are heavily censored. Authoritative governments like China suppress viewpoints by managing distribution of information, state licensed journalist, and withholding government advertising. Some governments even prevent citizens from receiving news from outside sources (Opposing Viewpoints). All these restrictions cause

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