Pros And Cons Of Fahrenheit 451

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Society should have the freedom to do things they wanted
People should be allowed to think for themselves. People should not feel so overwhelmed over censorship. In the book, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, demonstrates what happens when censorship takes over society. For example, they do not let people listen to what they want to hear. In order for the world to run smoothly, Citizens do not need to be under censorship. Censorship hinders learning, encourages revolts, and strips people of their freedoms.
Censorship hinders learning for many people who are learning important things. In this article entitled, “Reading, Writing and Censorship: When Good Books Can Get Schools in Trouble”, Barbara states, “If the parent still objects, they are in
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In the article entitled, “Censorship in the Schools,” the author states, “Censorship is harmful because it results in the opposite of true education and learning.” The writer informs us that censorship cause harm in student’s learning. The author goes on to say censorship can cause harm to students who wants to learn things in their education. Parents also, objects books that their kids want to learn. Despite the fact, censorship will strip people of their freedom. Many people believe censorship is helpful. In the article, “Pros and Cons of Censorship,” Prabhakar states, “It protects the privacy of people.” To explain, Censorship helps protect anything important from people. It is understandable why the opposition believes censorship helps protect the privacy of many people because people do not want their personal belongings use against them. Though they make a good point, censorship stills harms people’s capability of learning the real truth about stuff their interest …show more content…
The author tells us how censorship effect citizens in today’s society. Beatty states, “All of those chemical balances and percentages on all of us here in the house are recorded in the master file downstairs.” The author states how people deal with censorship. This book shows readers, how censorship can be bad and good in many people’s lives.
People in this society should not be under censorship. Censorship takes away learning for many people who are trying to learn stuff. It also, makes people revolt about certain stuff they feel that are right. This strip people of their freedom to do things they like. At the end, censorship should not cause problems in the future.
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