What Makes Creon Tragic Hero

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The Tragic Hero of Antigone: Creon
How far would a person go for what he/she thought was right? Would it be the right decision? How will it affect his/her loved ones? In Sophocles’ tragic drama Antigone, King Creon is forced to answer these questions. He is a very stubborn man and did not take anyone’s opinion into consideration, even when it affected his family and also his country that he is expected to make smart and also correct decisions for.. Even though Creon loves and adores his family, the power that comes along with being a king goes to his head and blurs his judgement even if he was wrong. The fact that Creon has to make difficult moral choices makes this Greek drama a tragedy. A tragedy is “a tale of a central character who [is] admirable but not flawless, who [is] confronted by hostile forces, who [has] to make difficult moral choices, and whose struggle always ends in defeat or death” (Willocks). Every tragedy has a central character that meets the requirements of a tragic hero. In this tragedy Creon shows many qualities of a tragic hero because he makes an error in judgement, he experiences a reversal of fortune, he discovers that his fate is brought about by his own actions, he expresses extreme pride, and his final fate is greater than deserved. In the Greek drama, Antigone, Creon makes an error in judgement that
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Creon plays a major role in the Greek drama, Antigone, because he is the start to the downfall of their entire family. Creon was given too much power and it all went to his head. He should have learned earlier on that he is not always right just because he is the king. In today’s society we will have the same outcome if we allow our leaders to gain too much

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