The Importance Of Freedom Of Expression In Islam

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According to Islamic perspective, freedom of expression is allowed and permissible to everyone in this world regardless of their status, gender and belief as there is no Quranic verses that prohibit it. In Islam, freedom of expression can be in terms of criticism,thought,consultation speech and others. However there is some point where Islam restricted the freedom of expression when it refrain any truth from being revealed or the speech might be offensive in a way that caused hurtful. This is because, Islam encourages the douceur, tranquility, honesty and carefully when one expressing their opinion.
The manners and ways in expressing ones opinion is been illustrated by the concept of Hisbah and Naseehah which means the need to spread good and oppose the evil and the requirement for the hisbah to be practiced respectively. There are several quranic verses that providing the guideline about freedom of expression. It is mention in the Quran in Surah Al-Ahzab verse 70 which is ‘O you who believe! Be careful of (your duty to) Allah and
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For example, "Allah's Apostle never killed anyone except in one of the following three situations: (1) A person who killed somebody unjustly, was killed (in Qisas,) (2) a married person who committed illegal sexual intercourse and (3) a man who fought against Allah and His Apostle and deserted Islam and became an apostate." as mentioned in Sahih Bukhari(83:37). This kind of punishment has been practiced in several countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan and some others countries. There are a few stated that practicing the whipping and imprisonment punishment for apostate.
Thus, this case study and discussion on the punishment of apostasy according to Islam never meet the end After all, Islam does not mentioned a lot about the freedom of religion or the right of apostasy as Islam does not have this kind of

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