The Pros And Cons Of The First Amendment

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The quote by Howard Zinn claiming that the 1st Amendment is whatever the cop reporting the situation says is a very horrifying statement. The 1st Amendment is the rights that every man and woman have to speak their mind and act lawfully. Law enforcement officers job is to protect their community and make sure that the laws are being obeyed. The job of law enforcement is not too dress up in full military gear and tear gas masks and act like a military force. The events that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri need to be closely examined because the actions of those police officers cannot and will not ever be allowed in society. The approach to a crowd should never be to anger them and give them a reason to turn hostile and begin rioting. There …show more content…
The riots had erupted after a white police officer had not been charged with the murder of Michael Brown a black teen. Even though the facts had shown that Brown charged the officer and tried to steal his gun the black community took it as the black community against the police. Once the rioting began and looting became very serious that is when the militarized police force took action. The worst thing to do when there is a large crowd of unpleased citizens is to make them even unhappier. This is what happened when citizens saw that police officers were in full military gear ready to whatever necessary. This is what causes riots because everyone gathers around their hate for law enforcement and works together against them. When something like this happens police have no other option but to use enough force to keep themselves safe and other members of the community safe also. This is when officers deal with crossing the 1st amendment line and taking away rights that are given to you by the Constitution. The taking away of liberties is something that should never be taken lightly and I completely understand why people were outraged by the acts of law enforcement in

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