Philosophy of Education Essay

  • My Education Philosophy: My Educational Philosophy Of Education

    My Educational Philosophy Education is one of the key ingredients to life. Teachers play a vital role in every individual’s education. Out of the four philosophies of education I’m closely related to essentialism. To be an essentialist teacher is simply teaching based on structured lessons while intertwining the experience and information adolescents will need to become successful in their future. My philosophy is based on my educational experience. Teachers are the determining factor of the atmosphere in the classroom. The most enjoyable classes for me consisted of well driven teachers who had engaging activities that accompanied their lessons. I didn’t necessarily like the teachers who did all the sharing and didn’t give the class the opportunity to provide their input. The connection with the teacher is gained through a balanced classroom engagement. The strong connection I shared with my favorite teachers ultimately helped me build my view on the way I’d like to operate my classroom. My role as a teacher is not only to get my students prepared to transition to the next grade, but to prepare them for their future endeavors. As a teacher, I would also like to appear to my students as one of the individuals in their support system and serve as a role model for those in need of a positive figure in their life. In the classroom, I don’t want to give students free reign of the wheel, but serve as my student’s guiding tool throughout their learning experience. I would like…

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  • Education: The Purpose Of Philosophy Of Education

    Philosophy of Education Philosophy of education is focused on the key items to better instruct the student. These items include, the purpose of education, nature of learners, curriculum, instruction methods, classroom management, Assessment practices, and professional relationship with family and community (Code of Ethics for Educators. (n.d.). Retrieved July 18, 2016 ). These beliefs work hand in hand, scaffolding to create a teaching method that will educate and prepare students for success…

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  • My Philosophies Of Education: My Philosophy Of Special Education

    Philosophy of Special Education I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow. We need to inspire creativity and realize that children are unique in their ability to learn, as well as the talents they hold. Every child is entitled to appropriate education. As future teachers, we need to be able to include all students in our classroom, in order to foster an inclusive environment where every child’s unique abilities are…

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  • My Personal Philosophy For Education: My Philosophy Of Education

    my philosophy for education is based upon my college work, field experiences, practicum, readings about educational philosophers and work experience. My personal philosophy is that education should be based upon a well rounded and comprehensive curriculum which meets the needs of individual students. As I complete this course and reflect upon my personal philosophy, my philosophy has strengthened and expanded from the knowledge and insight gained through course readings, discussions and…

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  • My Personal Philosophy Of Education: My Philosophy Of Education

    Philosophy of education is really important. It’s basically the schools and teachers beliefs that reflect how the students are taught. It should reflect their purpose, the teachers role, and their methods of teaching. One of the most important things to me is the teacher being the role model for the students. A favorite quote of mine is “One good teacher in a lifetime may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen,” said Philip Wylie. This touches close to home for me. I’ve had a teacher…

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  • The Philosophies Of My Personal Philosophy Of Education

    What is the purpose of education? Is it to retain knowledge or to prepare for an occupation? Is it to discover who you are or to improve society? Since I plan to become an educator, I have struggled through these questions in order to form my personal philosophy of education. After examining the philosophies of Existentialism, Essentialism, Constructivism, Perennialism, and Progressivism, I chose to adopt Progressivism as my primary position for my personal viewpoint. As a music teacher, my goal…

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  • The Philosophies Of Teaching: My Philosophy Of Education

    There are many different philosophies, opinions, and views of the teaching profession. Many people argue with each other which idea is better in the teaching world. With so many different types of views on this topic, combining all sorts of clever ideas helps many teachers all around the world brainstorm on how to help their students grow intellectually throughout their adolescent years and develop into the bright people who form the future world. One purpose of education is to help students…

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  • Educational Philosophy: My Philosophy Of Art Education Philosophy

    Intro: Art Education Philosophy Ideas of Art Education, being the fantastic teacher and creating the perfect classroom are centered around one thing; the student. I believe art education is an essential for every child’s wholesome development because it encompasses tangibility, expression, interpretation, inquiry, diversity, and connections. In my classroom every student will be motivated, challenged, and think critically while feeling free to ask questions and make mistakes. Influenced by…

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  • My Philosophy To Education: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

    Philosophy to Education Education is important for everyone. People should pursue their dreams and goals. When I was a kid, my life-long dream is to become a teacher. I have been inspired by the strategies in the teaching skills from the teachers I had in my past school years. The day that I have been inspired was when I was in elementary school. People should have some sort of inspiration that make them want to pursue their dreams and goals. Every day is a learning process, if people fail, it…

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  • My Philosophy Of The Four Philosophies Of Education

    ABSTRACT After I read the book Those who can teach by Ryan and Cooper, I rethink my philosophy of education. The four philosophies of education: perennialism, essentialism, romanticism and progressivism, they make me update my thoughts. In this paper, I will talk about my beliefs of education. Addition, I will explain how I understand the four philosophies of education. Furthermore, make connection with my own classroom. I did the self-inventory test. My result shows that I am perennialism and…

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