Zentangle Research Paper

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Zentangle, a Fun and Easy Meditation Method…. When was the last time you drew something without worrying what it would look like? Do you have trouble just drawing a stick figure? Or perhaps you say “I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler”. Try Zentangle drawing, their slogan is “Anything is possible…one stroke at a time”, and it’s true. I first came across the striking black and white patterns of Zentangle art on Pinterest. I wondered how they had been made, but it was confusing to figure that out looking at websites. Was it drawing?...was it doodling?...The more I looked, the more confused I got, and what was that Zen stuff about? I wanted to know more. I decided to go to the original source, the founders of the Zentangle, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. I signed up for a four day seminar in Providence, Rhode Island with students …show more content…
That’s because their face and their name are stored in separate areas of your left brain. It’s the job of the right side of your brain to recall those images and labels and put them together for you. That’s just one of the benefits of Zentangle drawing over just coloring in an outline on a page. Zentangle exercises those neural connections when you draw the tangles. Creating Zentangle art is really easy and fast. You traditionally work on a small 3 ½”x3 ½” quality paper tile that you can finish in less than an hour. You draw with a black Micron pen and a pencil, both inexpensive materials. Like life, if you have a mistake or “oops” you don’t erase it, you make the best of it and don’t stress about it. You might even discover you’ve created a new tangle! You can also work in any size or color, or choice of media. I’ve seen large, colorful, Zentangle paintings, walls, tee shirts, jewelry, cards, scrapbooks, quilting, wood burned designs and even cars covered with tangle patterns. If it stands still it just might get tangles drawn on

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