First Day of School Essay

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  • First Day Of School

    thought there was no way that Summer could’ve ended so fast. Yet it was here, the first day of school, and my fourth grade self was dreading to get up.The morning started with me getting woken up by my mom who made breakfast followed by waiting for my brother to get out of the shower. After my turn in we load up into Mom’s car, the feeling of butterflies growing ever more apparent in my stomach, and took off for school. When I got to school Mom walked me in and lead me to the cafeteria where most of the other kids went in the morning. After seeing that I found my friends, Mom gave me a hug and left for work. Soon the bell rang and everyone shuffled into their brand new classrooms.…

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  • The First Day Of High School

    crop up. The first day of school is upon every student before they know it. New and familiar faces accompanied by awkward greetings and reminiscent small talk. One by one the weeks pass by and “BAM” the hectic preparations for testing has everyone to their knees. Teachers are cramming every ounce of knowledge possible before the big day while students juggled their studies and their own personal lives. The test finally passes and the stress blows over, like a firm weight being lifted off…

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  • First Day Of Middle School

    frying, school buses honking, and my Mom screaming “ Iseroni get down here you have school today.” Then I said to myself, “ Oh god first day of school at a new school this is going to be rough”. I called up my friend checkers to relieve the pain and stress going threw my body. He wasn't answering so then I heard a loud thud it was my dad stompin to my door yelling at me to get up. Instead of getting up I rolled off my bed and the day has started what wonders could happen throughout the day. So…

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  • First Days Of School Summary

    The First Days of School To begin, the book The First Days of School discussed the aspects of an effective teacher. The authors stated the characteristics of an effective teacher, discussed the importance of communication with families, and the importance of the way the classroom is organized and ran. The authors gave tips of how to set up procedures and routines beginning on the first day of school, and they also provided real life examples of teachers and their recommendations for new…

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  • My First Day Of High School

    to a realization that one day I was going to have to contribute to the advancement of human society. I always believed that I could continue to live a life where I was dependent of every basic need from my parents and not have to worry about the problems they dealt with. However, the first day of high school changed all of this for me. The moment I walked into the high school on the first day of my freshman year the atmosphere that surrounded me was far different than the ones I had previously…

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  • Personal Narrative: The First Day Of School

    Wake up; it’s the first day of school. I woke up to my aunt and mom standing at the end of my bed. I thought to myself, wow already in fifth grade, it has come so fast then I opened my eyes when I realized my aunt was talking to me. Why would my aunt be here just for the first day of school? She would never be at my house this early in the morning, especially just to wake me to say happy first day if school. There was something else, but they weren’t telling me what. Then, my mom said Allison…

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  • Essay On My First Day In School

    year was my first year associating with the sport field, I had move from California to Oklahoma. This was an enormous diversification, the countryside was peculiar to what North Hollywood California was. All in all it was more greener, smaller and I perceived that Durant Oklahoma was monumental on the cattle occupation. My first day of school was intimidating because I didn’t know anyone. I went to the office with my parents and I met Mr. Lowry, he helped me choose my classes, by explaining what…

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  • First Day Of School Short Story

    Ring! Ring! The buzzing sound from the alarm went off to wake me up to go to school. OHOOOO wait I have school today, that’s why the alarm went off. I did not wake up right away. Instead I hid under my big warm blue blanket until Dad came, and knocked on the door to make sure I am awake for school. When I finally got out of my bed I went to the bathroom started brushing my teeth and washing my face. As I was walking out of my bathroom door to the hall way, my dad started slowing dancing along…

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  • Personal Narrative-First Day Of School

    "Catherine! Wake up! You overslept. Don 't want to be late on the first day of school, you have 30 minutes!" My over excited mum squeaked. I was 17 and yet she acts like I am a 10 year old on their birthday. So far, I have been to literally 12 different schools in the last 3 years, so it is hard being excited for another one. After about another 5 long minutes, I decided to finally get out of bed. "Honey, you have 5 minutes before we have to leave!" My mum yelled at the top of her lungs. "You…

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  • Personal Narrative: First Day Of School

    Hayden Baron Tuesday, March 13 I had a great day today. It was the first day of school after Thanksgiving break, but I like almost all of my classes and have friends in all of them. Also, the track coach keeps telling me how much he wants me on the team! My dad encourages my running of multiple miles every day and loves watching me run. As I said earlier, I like MOST of my classes but not all of them. I have English with Miss Narwin, an old fashioned teacher that is way too serious when she…

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