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  • Background Information : Sally Sue

    Background information: Sally Sue is a Caucasian female in her mid-twenties residing in Paragould with her daughter. Pt’s hobbies consist of singing and sleeping. Pt had her first session with a therapist and decided to send her to the emergency room. Pt was admitted voluntarily to SBBH for needing help. Sally Sue reported that her symptoms kept progressing over the past week. The patient reports she has an ongoing struggle with depression and anxiety for a couple of years. Sally Sue reported having

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  • The Background Of The Gospel

    The background to Exodus is the presence of God as the people of Israel journey toward the promise land. There are many signs to the people of God’s presence. The setting is at Mt. Sinai, as the Lord meets with Moses to reveal the covenantal law for the Israelites (Harrelson, 2013, p. 85). Thunder, lightning, darkness, and fire are signs to the Israelites that God is close. God would save Israel from Egypt to bring them into a new relationship with himself (Varughese, 2006, p. 83). The Gospel Matthew

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  • Historical Background Of Public History

    Denise D. Meringolo, the author of “Museums, Monuments, and National Parks: Towards a New Genealogy of Public History” purpose of her book is to expand on the field of public history and to educate the historical background of public history. Meringolo’s purpose is to add a layer of importance to the National Park Service, the importance of higher education, and the maintenance of Mesa Verde. She focuses on the nineteenth century when the government decided to take the steps to collect and preserve

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  • My Environmental Background On The Classroom

    My environmental background has helped me be in engaged conversations in the classroom. Environment is one my passions and I love when I find people who share that passion. I believe that treating our earth justly is important. Through this class, I have made that connection with humanity as well. I have learned humanity and the earth are two entities which are intimately related. However, before this class I did not see this connection. Therefore, many of my hours spent were focused solely

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  • Coming From An Indian Background

    I’ll admit that coming from an Indian background, I did feel that there were expectations for me to choose a career in the science field. I applied for college as a mathematics major because I knew I was good at it, but thought it would be too boring for me so I switched to business. Halfway through the summer before freshman year, I decided I wanted to become a journalism major because business seemed too rigid too. The moment I signed off on the major declaration form, anxiety swept over me and

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  • Ethnic Background Of My Family

    My immediate family consists my Mother, Father, younger Brother, and of myself. We appear to be Caucasian, the ethnicity of my family has never been one of great importance. There have been few conversations about the ethnic background of our family. The value of this knowledge would appear to be minute. If I was asked what my ethnicity is I would give a wishy washy answer and perhaps some German, Swedish, and Dutch. But, it is never talked about in my family. Yet, in other families they take great

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  • Historical Background Of Family Nurse Practitioners

    Family Nurse Practitioner or generally Nurse Practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who serve as primary and specialty health care providers usually under a physician. Much like the family doctors, Family Nurse Practitioners works with patients throughout their lives, diagnosing illness, conducting exams, and prescribing medication. In some instances, these nurses can likewise serve as their patients’ sole health care provider and run their own private practices. This paper is going

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  • History And Background Of Minimum Wage

    History and Background of Minimum Wage Do you ever wonder what minimum wage is or how it even started? Well, according to the definition of minimum wage states: the lowest wage payable to employees in general or to designated employees as fixed by law or by union agreement. Minimum wage has evolved over the centuries and the United States is continuing to update and address the issue. The earliest forms of minimum wage started way back in 1349 in Medieval England. King Edward III

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  • Interview : Interview / Background

    Interview/Background Stacy was recently interviewed and reported she is currently stressed with school and work. As a full time college student, she has two part-time jobs and finds it difficult to balance going to school and working. She often feels overwhelmed and feels like she needs a break from everything. She reported that she does not get enough sleep and stays up most nights finishing school assignments. On average, she gets about five and a half hours of sleep at night. Stacy is also stressed

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  • History Of Migration : A Family 's Traditions, Culture And Overall Background

    Migration is a big part of a family’s traditions, culture and overall background, but so many people have no idea where their past ancestors have originated from. I have done some reasearch on my migration story and have gotten the opportunity to learn some interesting things I did not know about my family. All of my great grandparents from my mother’s side of the family have originated from Germany. My grandma’s father’s name was Otto Nawrocki and he was a hard working military man who served in

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  • The Family Assessment Tool For Multiple Cultural Backgrounds That A Social Worker

    Introduction The family assessment is developed to assist the social worker in cultivating a therapeutic relationship approach to care. The use of the assessment tool provides an informative approach of care for multiple cultural backgrounds that a social worker may come into contact with while providing services. Clark, 2002 states, “A succinct knowledge of trans-cultural or multicultural setting within the healthcare realms is helpful in bolstering efforts towards attaining the primary care role

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  • Psychological And Background History : Ms. Tyler 's Background

    Psychological/Background History Only limited information is available regarding Ms. Tyler 's background. She is a lifetime resident of the state. Her mother died of cancer at the age of seventy-nine years. Her father, L. Defendant, is eighty-four years old and is a retired farmer. Ms. Tyler has five living sisters, four living brothers, and two deceased siblings. Three of her sisters have received inpatient psychiatric treatment. One sister lives in Close Town, one in Europe with her husband who

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  • Background Summary : Field Experience

    Background Summary of Field Experience For my Summative Project, I completed my observation hours at Heritage High School in freshmen English classes. I chose this site because it is close to my residence and the contact information was provided by Regis University. When I reached out to the person of contact, she was slow to respond. Taking maters into my own hands, I went to the Heritage High School website and researched the English teachers on my own. While looking around online, I was amazed

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  • My Family 's Military Background

    of the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change." This quote is inspiring to me because all my life I have dealt with constant change, and it has structured the person I am today. As a result of my family’s military background, I have learned the importance of adapting to different environments, financial stability, and trust. I have always lived the military life, my parents were enlisted in the Air Force for 23 years. During that time we were stationed at

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  • My Personal Background Of God

    I have no issue with any of these religions existing; it is their choice to believe in their religions and deities. Even though it is rational to not believe in God, it is likewise rational to believe in God. First, I should explain my personal background. I was raised in a Catholic household, like many people who were born in the United States. My parents are not the most religious people in the world; my grandmother, who is an extremely religious person, always urged my parents to go to church

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  • Application And Background Of Facebook

    I. Introduction and Background Social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have taken over the world and have created a window for people from all over to get a peek, if you let them, into your life. With the 2010 release of Instagram, most of social media consisted of posting pictures and videos of you and your personal thoughts and interest for the public and one’s followers to see and like. With Instagram doing so well, there was little room for any other outlet, until the 2011

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  • Crimes And Misdemeanors : The Ethical Background

    Akilah Ervin Dr. Nassif Intro to Ethics 11 November 2016 Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Ethical Background In the film, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Professor Levy states, “It is only we, with our capacity to love, that give meaning to an indifferent universe. And yet, most human beings seem to have the ability to keep trying and find joy from simple things – from their family, their work, and from the hope that future generations might understand more.” Levy is saying that it is love that essentially

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  • Religious Background : My Family

    When it comes to my religious background, I am Catholic. I grew up in an Irish-catholic family. I have family members that are priests, sisters, and nuns. I love being Catholic because it has made me closer to my family. I belong to a church that is called Resurrection of Our Lord in the Northeast area of Philadelphia. I would say that my family was very religious when I was younger, but now that I am older not we are not so much. When I was younger, my family and I would go to church every Sunday

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  • Historical Background Of Child Rearing

    Up to this point, we have learned about theoretical and historical background of child rearing and various types of parenting patterns and how it varies among cultures. When I learn about the history of child rearing I started to understand how people, especially Americans, were influenced by the experts and theorists such as Freud and Erikson and how their beliefs and behaviors of child rearing altered by the influence of the experts. It is also really interesting to see how people’s beliefs about

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  • My Family 's Identity And Their Cultural Background

    Societies, families and friends can share the same themes but they can also vary based on personal thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Within this paper I will be taking a look at my life by discussing my family’s origin and their cultural background, the dominant themes found in my family, how these values and themes were made known to me, if there a societal influences that compliment or contradict the values of my family, the dominant themes in my personal narrative, how my families dominant themes

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  • Background Checks For The Nursing Field

    Nurse’s should be required to have background checks. Nurses are entrusted with a tremendous amount of responsibility. This responsibility is not something that should be taken lightly. It is imperative that schools, employers, and coworkers understand that nursing is life and death. Background checks on all students trying to become nurses would help prevent bad individuals from even being able to get the education in order to become a nurse. Routine background checks would help guarantee the

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  • Cultural Differences Among Families From Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

    I used to think that everyone in the building understood the disadvantages that families from diverse cultural backgrounds face when interacting with the school now I know that is not true. When I spoke to someone in our administration office on how we handle linguistic and cultural differences among families. The response I received told me we don’t really address this issue effectively. I think based on some of the articles I have read that this is an issue in many schools. However, I think

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  • My Background Of My Literary Background

    Experiences throughout life are what shape us into the people we are currently. Similarly to this concept is the evolution of my literary background. There has been the highs at which I accomplish a goal I’ve been working for, but also the lows at which I am struggling to grasp onto a new concept that is being introduced to me. Comparing my literary background to this idea of an evolution seems to be fitting since all those stages and those experiences have molded together to create the literate

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  • The Cultural Background Of Japan

    conclude that the cultural background of Japan provides a tolerant or in some cases, even encouraging environment for suicides, as long as people die for so-called “good deeds”. The social expectation is also one of the key factors that had pushed some Japanese people to killing themselves. In many reported cases of Karo-Jisatsu and Karoshi, many victims overly blamed themselves for failing to live up to other people’s expectations and therefore this phenomenon can be interpreted as a way of “face-saving”

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  • Family Background Of A Rural Family

    Family Background Abdullah is a rural family who has lived in the South of Saudi Arabia. It is considered an extended family, which means there is more than two generations have lived together in same place. “Under this tenure arrangement, independent households belonging to an extended family live together in a traditional compound house, bequeathed from one generation to the other without paying rent” (Acheampong, 2016). In addition, the whole family members of this family descended from authentic

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  • Cultural Background Of American Culture

    what cultural background they come from without knowing, in most cases, they are either slightly off or on the opposite end of the spectrum. Most everyone has been guilty by their assumptions of race or ethnicity at some point. When interviewing John Killingbeck, a twenty-year-old student at SIUe, I learned that he has background that surprised and interested me immediately. I recently met John and was aware that he was Latino, but I did not know enough of his unique cultural background. He was born

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  • Historical Background Of Social History

    Social History John grew up in a predominantly African-American, working-class neighborhood in a metropolitan city. Some extended family members from his maternal side also lived in the city. His paternal grandparents were from Mississippi and maternal grandparents from Missouri and eventually migrated to Milwaukee, WI. Despite their close proximity, John did not have a significant relationship with either of his maternal grandparents. His paternal grandparents died when John was at a young age.

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  • The Family Of A Family

    Family In Sociology, we organize our groups into families. The term “family” is different in other areas and cultures across the world. For instance, here in America most families believe in having one partner, a husband and a wife. In other cultures across the globe, it is more common for men to have more than one wife. This is referred to as polygyny, or women who have more than one husband, which is called polyandry. Here in America it is also more common for a woman to be married before she

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  • Case Study : ' Background & Venture '

    Background & venture I got to Interview one young entrepreneur also a family friend by the name Wendy Robinson. A little bit about Wendy, is that she was born and raised in Kenya, she is the only girl in their family and is the eldest of two children. Upon graduating high school in November 2006, she spent most of her time searching for a job to occupy her time as she awaited to join college the following year. Most of the job offers she got were not well paying and she became frustrated job after

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  • Personal Background Of Czech Republic

    Age: 17 years old Sex: Male Ethical Background: Czech Republic Immigration Status: Permeant resident of Canada but, Czech citizen Background Information of male offender: Growing up he lived in Czech Republic till he was 4. There he lived with his whole family grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Everyone in the town he lived in was either family friend or his actual family, everyone knew him. He moved to Canada, and it was hard transitioning without his grandparents. He lived with both parents

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  • Gender Background Of Presidential Election

    Background of Candidate: Hilary Clinton- Hilary is an American politician and delegated nominee for the Democratic Party running for the presidential elect in the 2016 presidential election, she has served as important role as the united state secretary of states and has been representing New York since 2001 to 2009, Hilary Clinton was born in Chicago, in a town called park ridge, Illinois, she attended college in a university called Wellesley college, she graduated in 1969 and earned a J.D

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  • Educating Students With Diverse Backgrounds

    As beginning teachers enter the educational environments there is a belief that all students with diverse backgrounds and exceptionalities should be in a universal educational setting. Teachers come with the belief that everyone has the right to learn and learning has no limits. A number of ways teachers can embrace students from diverse backgrounds would be to help students feel comfortable with their cultural identity and assist them in their learning by using a multicultural teaching approach

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  • Background And Importance Of Health And Wellbeing

    enhancing the health, wellbeing, and sense of belonging in every student, including students from diverse backgrounds, rural and remote areas, and, low socioeconomic status. Students from low socioeconomic background, particularly Indigenous Australian students, undergo various disadvantages which affect their sense of belonging, health, and sense of wellbeing. This essay discusses the background and importance of health and wellbeing in disadvantaged Indigenous students, and how particular programs

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  • Historical Background / Purpose Of Speech

    Historical Background/Purpose of Speech Frederick Douglass was a man of great passion and a true activist for slavery and the slaves involved. From the time he was born to the age of 7, Douglass was a slave himself, being whipped and malnurtured by his slave owners (“Frederick Douglass - Father of America’s Civil Rights”). He spent most of the early years of his childhood with his grandparents, and never saw his mother but a few times before she died and never knew his father which was a white man

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  • The Background Of The Company

    The background of the company is as follows: Owned and operated for the past 20 years by an entrepreneurial owner, the company has gone through major financial struggles in the past two years. There has been a successful downsizing and restructuring, following the company being purchased by a PE investor. The mandate from the investor is to increase the value of the company and set it up for a sale within five years. This requires a strategy, a plan of action and assessment of present day. Performance

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  • A Little Background Is Always Good

    Before we get into the main topic I feel a little background is always good. In the American colonies Virginia was the first colony to have slaves in 1619. They were first treated as indentured servants still able to get their freedom after their work, some even once freed had their own indentured servants such as Anthony Johnson. The black population increased over the years; in 1625 they only had 23 slaves, in 1649 they only had 300, and in 1690 they had 950 slaves in Virginia. New England was

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  • Background On Nationalism And Gender

    Background on Nationalism & Gender in Republican China The purpose of this section is to provide a basic understanding of nationalism and gender in Republican China (1911-1949). There will be a brief analysis of how and why Chinese nationalism developed, followed by another brief analysis of how gender expectations in society may have changed. The understanding of nationalism and gender in Republican China is important to this essay because it provides a background to the essay’s argument. In order

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  • My Family Cultural Background Is Hispanic

    My family cultural background is Hispanic. I will give a brief history on my parent’s childhood and how they strived to make my life a better experience than they had. I am saddened by the memories that have been shared with me, but if gave me a better understanding of why my parents did what they did during my childhood. Now as an adult I understand why my parents strived to give me experiences they never had that were both positive and nurtuing. Both my parents and I were born in

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  • Gender, Racial, And Linguistic Backgrounds

    different cultural, racial, and linguistic backgrounds. Within the continuously increasing diversity in schools, educators and school administrators can’t ignore the significance of having educators who are culturally aware and competent, especially when implementing behavioral practices with students and families from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds. Research suggests that students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds historically present at disproportionately

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  • My Cultural Background And Heritage

    Introduction When I think of how to best describe my culture, I think about my upbringing, my beliefs, values, traits, religious background, and my ethnicity. My cultural background and heritage, play a big role in my identity. My culture makes me who I am and defines my traits and individualism within that culture. My descendants on both of my parent’s sides were German and Irish. I am half German and half Irish. I was raised as a roman catholic and I am a firm believer in my faith. My grandparents

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  • The Ethnic Backgrounds Of Elizabeth

    Sullo, Elizabeth IEI. I Autobiographical Paper The Many Ethnic Backgrounds of Elizabeth As a child I was fortunate to grow up in a home with my paternal grandparents and uncle as well as my family. At the time I wasn’t impressed, but as an adult I can see how lucky I was. There was always talk of my mother’s family and the history of them coming to America on the Mayflower, but no one spoke of my father’s heritage. My paternal grandfather Michael Dziadik was born August 31, 1907, in Naugatuck

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  • The History & Background of Advertising Essay

    The History & Background of Advertising 02/16/2012 1700’s-1900 Advertising has gone through several periods to be developed to the extent that it is today. Beginning in the 1700’s, the concept of the newspaper began to take hold of the early American Colonies. It wasn’t until 1736 that the concept of advertising became an aspect of newspapers due to its popularization on the count of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin began to use advertisements to sell items such as wine and mathematical instruments

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  • Background Of My Church History

    Background of my church history I grew up in a church that was predominantly African American. I attended Caldwell Chapel A.M.E Zion Church in Kankakee, Illinois. When my family moved from Kankakee I attended a Baptist church in high school and also in college which was predominantly African American. In my adult years I was able to attend a Church of the Living God, which was primarily African American. I also attended a non-denominational church, which was my first church of diversity. I enjoyed

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  • My Family Background On Family

    Family Tree While I know a lot about my family background on my mother’s side, I know a lot less about my family background on my father’s side. My father does not have an extensive knowledge of his family history and can be less than candid about his family background. I do know that my relatives on both sides of family were white middle-class Americans. My great-grandmother Ruth Moore was born on October 14, 1900 in Manes, Missouri. Her mother died at the age of thirty-five giving birth to her

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  • Ken : For The Background

    Ken: For the background, it might be helpful if I restate this for the record. Steve: Yes, please. Ken: Um, is, and this is somewhat related to the redo of our marketing materials, but not completely, necessarily. But, I do think that there is going to be a lot of overlap. Um, the idea that I have had for a long time is, um, as I’ve, um, kind of collected thoughts and brainstormed and documented, more basically in a journaling format, you know, open questions that I have about what we do and why

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  • Madison : A Very Strange Background

    Madison has a very strange background; He came from a very wealthy family whom of which owned plantations. Although he was well of, he had very poor health and would become ill very easily. James Madison excelled in school and seemed to have a brain that was way beyond his peers. Not only did he study at multiple schools but he had personal teachers at home, so it was no wonder that he was at the top of all of his academics. He eventually attended a college, Princeton, in New Jersey. He had no trouble

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  • Family Background And Values And Morals

    Growing up with a prominent family background you tend to have certain values and morals. These morals and values are taught to you as a child so that you can become a better self than what your parents became. As a young child you are told to be, do and strive for better than your parents and grandparents had. Those values come with certain obstacles that you have to face as a person if you want to succeed in life. Therefore you shouldn’t let your family define you as a person. In most cases people

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  • The Cultural Background Of The American Culture

    needed and travel on uneven dirt paths or mountains that are dangerous. In many aspects of the world there are different cultures that progressed over time. In the Creation stories from around the world the myths are from religious views and cultural background. They all have a way of telling individuals how the earth was created and how we came to be in the world. Animals showed the humans how to work together to form a better community, give us survival skills and companionship. The theme of teamwork

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  • Cultural Background : My Family

    Cultural Background As a young child, I was always curious about my family. I wanted to know everything. I remember asking countless questions to anyone that would listen. Growing up my friends and I were often oblivious to the uniqueness that existed among us. As children we most often notice the characteristics we have in common, and forget to question the rest. Being an individual of mixed ethnicities, I often am questioned as to where my family “comes from.” At first, this took me a few minutes

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  • Family Background Of The Family

    Family Background When I asked Monica who all was in her family, she gave me a list. Both of Monica’s parents are not living as of today but both were influential in her life. Her dad just passed away this summer in August and her mother passed away when she was four years old. She has a sister that is three years older and a brother that is four years younger than her. When it comes to the extended family, she has 13 aunts and uncles and has 100 plus cousins. One last member that she mentioned

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