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  • Hatshepsut's Family Background

    What was Hatshepsut’s family background? (5 Marks) (10 Lines) Hatshepsut’s family background consisted of her descendance from the pharaoh Thutmose I and his royal consort, Ahmose. She was the only child born to Thutmose I and his royal consort. After Thutmose I death Hatshepsut at the time twelve. She married her half brother, Thutmose II, whose mother was a lesser wife. During the reign of Thutmose II, Hatshepsut took the traditional role of queen and main wife. Hatshepsut gained the role of ‘God’s Wife of Amun,’ participating in the cult. After Thutmose II death, Hatshepsut’s children consisted of only a daughter, Neferure. The male heir, Thutmose III, was still an infant and born to a concubine named Isis. He was too young to ascend the throne unaided so Hatshepsut served as his regent. Initially, she followed through as regent however, for unknown reasons she claimed the role of pharaoh. What does evidence show about Hatshepsut’s claims to the throne? (5 Marks) Evidence that Hatshepsut uses to…

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  • My Family Cultural Background

    My family cultural background is Hispanic. I will give a brief history on my parent’s childhood and how they strived to make my life a better experience than they had. I am saddened by the memories that have been shared with me, but if gave me a better understanding of why my parents did what they did during my childhood. Now as an adult I understand why my parents strived to give me experiences they never had that were both positive and nurtuing. Both my parents and I were born in the…

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  • Jb Family Background Essay

    Family Background: J.B. is a 42-year-old female, and her husband D.B. is a 41-year-old male, live together in Apache Junction, Arizona with their three children. Her oldest son N.B. is a 13-year-old in the 7th grade, middle daughter T.B. is an 11-year-old in the 5th grade, youngest son L.B. is a 9-year-old in 3rd grade. All children attend basis charter school. J.B. family is Christian but not attached to their religion. J.B., born in South America and lived in New Jersey till she was married…

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  • My Family Background Analysis

    and unmarried; hence, I was given her maiden name. My mother’s biological father’s name is Frederick Dahn. Frederick’s ancestors are said to have traveled from Germany in the 1930s. Her mother, Teresa Mellein, is of German descent. My Grandma Teresa’s side of the family also had ancestors come from Germany. They immigrated with the hopes of bettering themselves economically. The family was run by struggling farmers looking for better opportunities. Sadly, I do not have any more information when…

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  • Family History: Mexican Background Of My Family

    Family History My family comes from a mexican background. My grandma’s name from my mom’s side is named Victoria. She was born in San Andres Timilpan, Mexico . She was a housewife who took care of her five daughters and three sons. My mom lost contact with every single one of them and has never heard from any of her family since then. My grandpa who is from my mom’s side as well also came from San Andres Timilpan, Mexico. He worked as a pyrotechnician , which is someone who makes fireworks. He…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Family Background

    Family Background When I asked Monica who all was in her family, she gave me a list. Both of Monica’s parents are not living as of today but both were influential in her life. Her dad just passed away this summer in August and her mother passed away when she was four years old. She has a sister that is three years older and a brother that is four years younger than her. When it comes to the extended family, she has 13 aunts and uncles and has 100 plus cousins. One last member that she mentioned…

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  • Cultural Autobiography Of My Family: My Family And Ethnic Background

    Cultural Autobiography Trevor Endre Dr. Gannon Watts Diversity Argosy University April 12, 2017 Today I am going to talk about my family and our cultural and ethnic background. My mother is Irish, Sicilian, and Austrian. She was born in Chicago. My grandmother has the same ethnic background as my mother, and was also born in Chicago. My Grandfather is not my mother’s biological father; thus, his ethnic and cultural background are different from my mother’s. He is Swedish, Polish,…

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  • Family: A Cultural Background Of My Family

    My family is originally from Afghanistan but I was born in Pakistan and raised in the United States. Growing up, I have always had trouble identifying myself to one particular ethnic group or race. The closest term in the lexicon of our racial language in the U.S. that I would be able to relate to is “Arab”—on the basis of having the same religion but not the same culture. Afghanistan is neither considered an Arab country nor can it be considered Asian. Being a third cultured kid, I have always…

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  • Key Factors Affecting Students Family Backgrounds

    The “My School” website is available on the internet for public viewing and contains information pertaining to a specific school by name or postcode. The data (2017) informs stakeholders of school facts, school staff, student backgrounds, enrolments, English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) percentages and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) percentages. All of which are consulted when planning and teaching effectively for individuals or a whole class experience. Information…

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  • Michael Jackson Metaphors

    repertoire contains feats that no other artists have accomplished. While he was beloved by many, his career was filled with controversies. He was under constant scrutiny from the media and his eccentric behavior only further alienated him from mainstream society. Two songs that he released for his 1997 remix album, Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix, are different versions of one another – Is it Scary and Ghosts. Is It Scary, originally composed in 1993 to be a part of the movie Adam’s…

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