My First Day Of High School

Growing up, I had trouble coming to a realization that one day I was going to have to contribute to the advancement of human society. I always believed that I could continue to live a life where I was dependent of every basic need from my parents and not have to worry about the problems they dealt with. However, the first day of high school changed all of this for me. The moment I walked into the high school on the first day of my freshman year the atmosphere that surrounded me was far different than the ones I had previously experienced. As usual, some students showed zero effort and had no ambitions academically but there were also students who were striving to make something of themselves and were becoming prepared for the next stage in life. This had a major impact on me because I realized that I could not stay under my parents protection forever and that I was going to make something out of myself. The most important day of my life was when I realized I needed to start …show more content…
To no longer be under the complete protection from the real world by teachers and parents is something that is alarming to me. The first day of high school impacted me in many ways. It taught me that actually learning was far more important than just memorizing something in order to gain the teacher 's approval and that the real world was going to begin in a very short amount of time. The first day of high school also made me realize how inefficient junior high school was for me. As I look back on junior high school, I feel like years of my education were wasted on unimportant material that have no value. Most importantly, the first day of highschool taught me that real life is right around the corner. I have come to the realization that the days of my parents providing for my every need are almost over and that it 's almost time that I become a successful

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