Personal Narrative: My Year Of High School

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I always thought school was dumb. That was until I found out that I wanted to do something with my life. I learn that school is important in everyone's future.

My first year of high school as a freshman, I didn’t care about my academic future, I was living like a kid still. That year I got pretty good grades ranging from b’s to c’s I passed all my classes. That summer I hanged out with bad influences around me and my sophomore year I did horrible. I only passed four classes. This made me realize that I needed to make a change in my school lifestyle. My parents were disappointed in me this was one of the things that helped me change.

My summer after my sophomore year something happened that changed my mindset. I decided I want to do something with life after high school but, I didn’t know what but all I knew that I needed to graduate. By graduating I can ensure that if I ever want to go to college I can. My junior year I put my mind to get better grades and pass. it was my hardest year. My most difficult class that I had was English. That class had me paying a lot of attention because the projects we had to do were hard. I got good grades I only failed one semester of class, but besides that I felt proud that I passed my junior
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I want to make my senior year the best year that I have done in school. To make me feel like I accomplished something during my high school years. This is why I realized that school is important and that if anyone wants to be something in life you got to study first. Albert Einstein said,”we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them” this quote relates to me when I did bad my sophomore year but trying to solve the problem by doing better the rest of my year. This is why I acknowledge school is an important in life, it can help you earn a better education and a better job in anybody's

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