Corporal Punishment Essay

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  • Corporal Punishment And Punishment

    “The word "punishment" comes from the same root (Z.. poena) as do the words "penalty" and "pain"”(Maurer, 614). It is hard to say exactly what punishment entails because it can be defined differently all throughout the United States and the world. It is not uncommon for scientist to come up with new words and change the meanings of old ones. Times change and words change all the time. For this paper I think it is important to understand “The synonyms "chastise," "discipline," and "correct" are differentiated by noting that while punishment indicates some retribution inflicted after a disobedience, chastise is likely to suggest the infliction of pain in the hope of effecting a reformation; discipline may involve punishment but always suggests…

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  • Corporal Punishment: Corporal Chaastisement

    Corporal punishment has become a topic of debate in recent years, and can be a polarizing subject to converse about. Corporal punishment or what others refer to as spanking, is the physical chastisement used when a child is disobedient or practices bad behavior. Corporal punishment has been banned at schools in 31 states; 19 states still support it. Additionally, many parents continue to argue that physical correction is a necessity for children. On the other hand, there are many who refuse to…

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  • Essay On Corporal Punishment

    Mulvaney, M. K., & Mebert, C. J. (2007). Parental corporal punishment predicts behavior problems in early childhood. Journal Of Family Psychology, 21(3), 389-397. doi:10.1037/0893-3200.21.3.389 Introduction Corporal punishment is the action of inflicting pain to the body and used as a “disciplinary” technique to correct a child’s behavior. For many decades, psychologists and parents have been battling about physical discipline and its detrimental effects on children specially kids between the…

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  • Corporal Punishment Method

    The hypotheses of this research will be to determine if parents should use corporal punishment and can corporal punishment be an acceptable discipline tool in the rearing of children. The method will include questionnaires, demographic data, surveys, and incentive pay. Past research revealed that over 90% of parents physically punished their children (Straus, 1983; Straus, Gelles & Steinmetz, 1980; Wauchope & Straus, 1990). Sampling of college students indicated similar data with a 90%…

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  • Benefits Of Corporal Punishment

    that the best way to punish their children is corporal punishment (physical punishment). However, others believe that corporal punishment is harmful physically and mentally for their children. There are better ways to discipline children, whether it be time outs or taking away privileges. Also, in school lunch detention or In-School Suspension are great ways to punish to bring behavior change to that child. “The results of a representative German sample using multivariate analyses show that…

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  • Effectiveness Of Corporal Punishment

    Corporal punishment of children is a highly debated issue. With both supporters and opponents throughout history, it has been studied and discussed in academia, the media, and even in the judicial system. With statistical information and valid arguments presented from both sides, one can delve into the complicated discussion of it’s effectiveness thoroughly. In order to discuss the effectiveness of corporal punishment one must first understand what the definition of corporal punishment is.…

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  • Corporal Punishment

    Every child, every parent, and every situation is different, the punishment that follows than should also be different. One way is Corporal punishment, but it is not a fix all, therefore should not be used for everything and all the time, but it is a good tool to use once in a while. Corporal punishment is as viable as any other form of punishment, all form of punishment can become abusive, not just corporal. Taking away the rights of a parent to use every tool they have from theses situation…

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  • Corporal Punishment Sociology

    Corporal punishment as explained by Frechette, Zoratti, and Romano (2015) is a form of discipline often defined as the “use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain, but not injury, for the purposes of correction or control of the child’s behavior.” (p.135) Corporal punishment techniques (spanking) have existed for many years and has been a permanent form of discipline when dealing with children. There are various ways that parents familiarize their child with…

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  • Spanking Vs Corporal Punishment

    reasons for which spanking or corporal punishment is considered to be detrimental to the development of children. It is with much attention to research studies that I cannot deny the fact that spanking results in undesirable outcomes in children’s negative behavior and cognitive abilities throughout development. The following studies discussed will aim to show that spanking not only resulted in behavior and aggression problems, but also correlated to later…

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  • Corporal Punishment In Young Adults

    Reduced prefrontal cortical gray matter value in young adults exposed to corporal punishment is a study done by Akemi Tomoda, Hanako Suzuki, Karen Rabi, Yi-Shin She, Ann Polcari, and Martin H. Teicher. This study was published in March 2009 and had the objective to see how harsh corporal punishment during a persons childhood changes the brain structure and specifically the amount of gray matter volume. They clearly drew guidelines on the differences between harsh corporal punishment (HCP) and…

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