Corporal Punishment Method

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The hypotheses of this research will be to determine if parents should use corporal punishment and can corporal punishment be an acceptable discipline tool in the rearing of children. The method will include questionnaires, demographic data, surveys, and incentive pay. Past research revealed that over 90% of parents physically punished their children (Straus, 1983; Straus, Gelles & Steinmetz, 1980; Wauchope & Straus, 1990). Sampling of college students indicated similar data with a 90% over, reporting some form of corporal punishment was imposed (Bryan & Freed, 1982; Graziano & Namaste, 1990).
The sampling method that will be used for this research is clustered, stratified and random sampling of single parents, married couples
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The information received on citizens’ within the regional areas will be entered into a computer database Randomizer (Geoffrey C. Urbaniak, 1997), it will generate numbers, in this case it will produce addresses for the selection of participants. Once citizens have been randomly identified, they will be contacted by phone and ask to participate in a questionnaire containing 30 questions and will only require 20 minutes of their time. Amongst the 30 questions it will ask, “should parents use corporal punishment?” and this question will determine if the citizen will be included in the next portion of the survey. A “no” response to the hypothesis question automatically disqualifies the participate. Once a qualifying random sample of 75, 25 and 25 is collected, the citizen will be contacted for the phase of the …show more content…
If the participant agrees to take part in the study, they will be informed that the survey will comprise of survey questions and the interview will take up to approximately 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 hours to complete and this will be a longitudinal panel study, in which the participant will be asked to continue the study every two years for a total of ten years. This will be to evaluate if they have changed their views, continued/discontinued the disciplined practice and to compare data from the previous years to the present. An initial study incentive of $50 be assessed, thereafter, participants will be paid $40 per year. They will be expected to sign an honest conduct form and in the event it is discovered during any portion of the interview the participant has given dishonest data, the interview will be terminated. The data will be included as exclusion data and will remain the property of the company requesting the survey. The participant will not be aware at this time, they will receive a monetary incentive for their participation to lessen the collection of false information. The payment amount will be as mention; which will be paid upon the completion of the survey and a receipt for cash will be signed by the

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