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  • A Foreign Policy Problem For Nepal

    a new government in Nepal. He faces daunting challenges -- both old and new -- in the days ahead. Let us start with the old challenges. National interest drives the foreign policy of each country. Both India and China prefer a seamlessly friendly government in Nepal, which is not possible given the strategic contest and territorial conflict between its neighbors. This creates an irreconcilable foreign policy problem for Nepal. This problem is as old as the unified Nepal. King Prithivi Narayan

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  • The Relationship Of Earthquakes And Volcanoes

    Key Question The key question for this research project is: what is the relationship of earthquakes and volcanoes along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge compared to Iceland? Introduction Iceland is located over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate, and is an example of a mid ocean ridge seen on land. Iceland has divergent and transform plate boundaries, which are also seen along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The North American plate, with respect to the Eurasian Plate

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  • Essay on Earthquake in Haiti: Now who is next?

    of people and earthquake experts; who is the next? Now, after Haiti, Geophysics’ are more concerned about Nepal and its future possible earthquake strike because of its geographical make up. Nepal lies just above the border between two huge plates that have moved together over millions of years to form the Himalayas. Nepal lies in just above the seismic zone and tectonic plate which is one of those countries where the earthquakes are frequent and sometimes very devastating. Nepal has already experienced

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  • Earthquakes : Earthquakes And Its Effects

    What are earthquakes, how do they function or why do they occur, many of us would like to know if they are able to be predicted, and if they aren’t most of us know how to be prepared for an earthquake. To better understand an earthquake we must know what faults are. Seismic waves are important to determine an earthquake and the energy that is released and where does the energy to create an earthquake come from. There has been many catastrophic earthquakes that have taken many lives, and it’s possible

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  • Earthquake Of Tsunami Of Indonesia

    December 26, 2004, at approximately eight in the morning, there was a huge earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean. The magnitude of this earthquake was a 9.3 on the Richter scale. According to this scale, anything over a 9 results in “near-total destruction, waves moving through the earth visible with naked eye. The epicenter was off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. According to the California Institute of Technology, this earthquake ruptured the greatest fault length of 1500 kilometers. This rupture lasted

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  • Earthquake 's Impact On The Earthquake Of California And The Second Case

    Earthquake predictions effect many a people around the world and have different outcomes. Two specific cases of earthquake predictions will be discussed and compared to each other to see how the public was affected over all. One case is the Parkfield Earthquake in California and the second case is the L’Aquila Earthquake in Italy. There will be several pieces of the earthquakes that will be discussed: geology around the area, what information was gathered before the earthquake, information that was

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  • Real Time Earthquakes Essay

    Real Time Earthquakes Luis Perez Kaplan University July 31, 2012 The patterns that I observed I’ve noticed that the majority of earthquakes occur along the shorelines of California all the way to the coast of Washington. There are some small amounts of seismic activity in the central part of the United States and also on the eastern shore of the United States. Most of their earthquakes range up 6 to 8 on the scale. These earthquakes occur along the Pacific coast and continue southward along

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  • The Caste System Of Nepal

    system. In Nepal, the caste system appeared in the ancient era. Sanskrit creed describes that the caste system has been in practice through ‘Second millennium BC’ (Gellner, D. N. 2007) that divides the social groups based on Hinduism and feudalism. Caste system was active until 1950 but Government of Nepal officially announced that caste system was illegal in Nepal in 1962. Because of the Hindu subjugated law until 1990 it was vigorous in the society but after a decade-long civil war in Nepal its influence

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  • My Trip From The City Of Nepal

    to get the enormous warmth of my mum’s love and care as I was living the modern life alone to make my career. The journey begins as soon as I left the Kathmandu where I lived for almost three years to further my studies. Kathmandu the capital of Nepal, is a very congested city which lies in the lap of mountains. I started my journey along with my best friend Sushanta who wanted to visit my home with me. We decided to go Pokhara by Himalayan metro train. It takes almost one day to reach Pokhara by

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  • Essay on earthquake

    Earthquakes have plagued our lives for as long as people have inhabited the earth. These dangerous acts of the earth have been the cause of many deaths in the past century. So what can be done about these violent eruptions that take place nearly with out warning? Predicting an earthquake until now has almost been technologically impossible. With improvements in technology, lives have been saved and many more will. All that remains is to research what takes place before, during, and after an earthquake

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  • Earthquake Engineering : An Earthquake

    Earthquakes for been a constant force of nature since the beginning of the Earth. The damage done by earthquakes over time cannot be over looked. The damage has been monetary, emotional, and has taken many lives. Today, a capstone in Civil Engineering, Earthquake Engineering is trying to reduce all of these damages using modern technology and resources to build structures that can withstand the mass forces of earthquakes. Earthquake engineering is broken down into two major parts, the first being

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  • The Canterbury Earthquake Of New Zealand

    The 2010 Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand Introduction The 2010 Canterbury Earthquake happened near Christchurch, New Zealand on the South Island on September 4, 2010 at 4:35 a.m. (see Figure 1) (Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand, n.d.). The focus of the earthquake was at 5 km or 3.1 miles below the surface (United States Geological Survey, n.d.). It had a 7.1 magnitude on the Richter scale and it caused widespread damage in the city. Two people sustained injuries and one person died from a

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  • The Earthquake Of Haiti : Haiti

    Devastating Earthquake in Haiti 2010 Haiti is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. However, now imagine the fear of living a horrible nightmare, and then went you wake up the horrible nightmare comes true, even worse than you dreamed. That was the real situation for more than three million people, in one of the poorest countries. That case occurred in Haiti. In January, 2010 a devastating earthquake of 7.0 magnitude on the Richter scale, overwhelmed this country and directly

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  • The San Francisco Earthquake And The August 2015

    Francisco earthquake and the April 2015 Nepal earthquakes were two of the most devastating and destructive earthquakes in history. The two natural disasters were very similar in the way they had prepared beforehand, responded immediately after and the aftermath and destruction caused from each shakedown. While they were similar on many counts, they also differed in varying ways. The San Francisco earthquake in 1906 struck on April 18th and was a milestone in earthquake research. This earthquake had a

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  • Foreign Policy Developments During Nepal

    occurred in Nepal in recent months. Before the dust stirred by Prime Minister KP Oli 's visits to India and China has settled, the India-EU statement and Mohana Ansari 's statement have put Nepal into sharp and unflattering diplomatic focus. However, much of it is a storm in a teacup generated by partisan arm-chair generals. Sure there are serious issues in which Prime Minister Oli should be held to account. For example, Oli has bragged big, but delivered little in the post-earthquake reconstruction

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  • A Report On The Culture Of Nepal

    Manufacturing in Nepal Nepal appears to be an ideal location to establish a manufacturing division for both a humanitarian endeavor and an option to increase our companies profit gains. This investment analysis will look at the sociopolitical culture of Nepal along with the general temperament of the local population in regards to how stable the civil climate is. To ascertain some of the information, the World Bank, Freedom House, the United Nations (UN) Human Development Report, and the Institute

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  • Earthquakes And Its Effects On The Earth

    Usually all earthquakes happen the same, but the way an earthquake actually occurs is such a spectacular process that everyone should get to know. They are created by many active fault zones within the Earth (Fronabarger). Most earthquakes are made along faults, tectonic plate boundary zones, or even along mid-oceanic ridges (Pidwirny). Small earthquakes can be caused by volcanic activity, landslides, mine blasts, and nuclear experiments (Science Daily). Sun and moon cause tremors by creating tides

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  • Disaster Caused By The Nisqually Earthquake

    of February 28, 2001 the Pacific Northwest was hit by a 45 second, 6.8 magnitude intraslab earthquake called the Nisqually or “The Ash Wednesday” earthquake. The Nisqually earthquake occurred when the Juan de Fuca plate subducted under the North American plate, this quickly released the built up strain. This was caused by mineral changes as the plate moved farther into the mantle. The Nisqually earthquake hit the southern end of Puget Sound causing damage to the ports of Seattle and Tacoma. Most

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  • The Disaster Of The Quake Earthquake

    typhoon, tsunami and especially earthquake. For the last decade, we had to face with many super earthquake with magnitude from 7.0 to 9.0 Richter which caused devastating damage, some even send a country backward 10 years in development like Haiti earthquake in 2010 according to the UNICEF. With the power of earthquake, no country is invincible, even such a high developed and very experienced with earthquake like Japan. On March 11th 2011, the Tohoku earthquake occurred on the east coast of Japan

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  • The Geological Survey On Earthquakes

    Earthquakes Introduction In this week’s assignment, we are asked to go to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) site on Earthquake Hazards and conduct research on earthquakes that had occurred over a seven day period and answer a few questions. First how many earthquakes occurred with a magnitude of greater than 6.0 and how many 4.5 – 6.0 occurred over the week? Second what country outside the U.S. had the most earthquakes over this period? Third where was the most recent earthquake over 4.5, what magnitude

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  • The Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 Essay

    The Lisbon earthquake of 1755 was not only damaging in its physical damage that was done to the lands; but also damaging in the sense that it caused a plethora philosophical and religious debates that shook, although eventually shaped European Enlightenment. In spite of this disaster; however, there were several new philosophical and scientific developments that are rooted in this earthquake. Nicholas Shrady gives an account of this disaster along with great detail of the aftermath and the process

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  • A Brief Note On The Country Of Nepal

    It was close to seven pm and also time for sun set. May 15th when I get born from “Radhika Khanal” In a small village of Nepal is called “Syastrie”. I was born at home not in the hospital. Syastrie is not that develop than other city of Nepal. I have not seen television, radio and self-phone any of those while I was there. Most of the Nepalese (people from Nepal) dependent of agriculture same as my family. Every single day my mom wake up early than we then she walk for 30 minutes to fill

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  • Earthquakes And Society : Earthquakes

    Earthquakes and Society Earthquakes are a part of this planet. These tremors can cause numerous damages to society. Such destruction, costs or changes to the Earth, can vary depending on the location of the earthquake. Many times earthquakes will cause severe harm to society and its surroundings. If for some reason, these earthquakes occur in places or areas with low populations, the results or damages, will be less. This means that if an earthquake happens in the dessert, where populations are

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  • The Causation Of Earthquakes Occur

    seismology is to study how and why earthquakes occur. Predicting and projecting when, how, and why earthquakes occur can save millions of lives, while also saving billions in public taxpayer funds to rebuild after the damage. There are several types of gravitational forces that occur within the earth and cause earthquakes, such as plate tectonics and seafloor spreading. Understanding these actions can allow us to have better understanding of the causation of earthquakes. Plate tectonics is the theory

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  • The Iran Earthquake of 2003 Essay

    Bam Earthquake 2003 Living within a dynamic system requires humans to use scientific knowledge to predict and prepare for large scale events, since not a day goes by without a change in the Earth: The continents drifting away, land rising, and faults. This essay will focus on one main thing: earthquakes. An earthquake measured magnitude 6.6, according to United States Geological Survey, which happened in Bam, Iran in the year 2003. This earthquake was caused by a “buried” fault in the Earth, said

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  • The Second Powerful Earthquake Of Japan

    The Second Powerful Earthquake in Japan They say that beauty is a terrible force. But aside from the colorful turns of phrase and return to reality, we have to admit that the most formidable force this element, the manifestations of the forces of nature. Humanity sometimes forgets about it - and then come to him as a reminder of these tragedies like the tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, although in itself this tsunami waves were not of the highest recorded in the history of the tsunami (Senauth

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  • Nepal Is The Melting Pot Of South Asia

    Nepal is the melting pot of South Asia. This is due to the country’s diverse geographical features, and cultural mix. Although being a small country in terms of geographical space, Nepal has a population of more than 26 million people. This makes it number 41 in terms of the most populous nations of the world. Nepal borders both China and India. The country is unique for its tall mountains, cultural heritage, and amazing people. It is one of the best destinations for tourists from various parts

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  • Disasters Caused By Earthquakes And Disasters

    Every year, the Earth is rocked by thousands of earthquakes that causes damage ranging from non-existent to severe. These severe earthquakes can cause major damage to the cities ' buildings and infrastructure around the world, but more importantly many innocent people are injured and killed in these disasters. On average, 13 300 people are killed and over 4 million people are affected each year as a result of earthquakes. Also, earthquakes costs the world economy US$12,106,198,000 per year on average

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  • The Earthquake Of The United States

    physically and economically far beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. This day also shed light and created new practices as well as new methods of anticipating future earthquakes. The Earthquake of 1964 claimed the lives of approximately 131 people in Alaska as well as 16 deaths between Oregon and California. For an earthquake this size, the death toll was quite small, due to the low population, the time of day in which it occurred and the fact it was a holiday. It caused an estimated $2.3

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  • Earthquakes : Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity

    Earthquakes “Earthquake (n.) is a sharp release of energy that sends waves traveling through Earth’s crust at the moment of rupture along a fault or in association with volcanic activity. The moment magnitude scale (formerly the Richter scale) estimates earthquake magnitude; intensity is described by the Mercalli scale (Christopherson, 2012).” Progress in understanding the mechanics of earthquakes has come from improvements in data collection, laboratory experiments, and theory. Learning about the

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  • Earthquake in Japan Essay

    The death toll climbs to over 10,000 and is still rising (Branigan 2). The disaster in Japan began without warning on Friday March 11, 2011 at 2:46pm with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, the strongest ever recorded in the country (Fackler 3). A massive thirty-three foot high tsunami, generated by the earthquake, swept over lands in northern Japan, taking objects and debris with it. To make matters worse, the tsunami caused the cooling systems at several nuclear power plants to fail. The disaster in

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  • The Earthquake in Chile Essay examples

    hang himself in his cell. At that very moment a strong earthquake hit the city and destroyed most of it which also allowed Jeronimo to escape from his cell. Despite the fear that Josephe had been killed already, he began to search for her in the rubble of the destroyed city and after accepting the fact that he might never see her again he was later reunited with Josephe and their son, Philipp. On Josephe way to her execution the earthquake hit and was able to get away to go and rescue her son from

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  • Japan Earthquake : Earthquake And Earthquake

    Japan Earthquake The Japan earthquake occurred off the Pacific coast of Tohoku on March 11, 2011 and was a magnitude 9.0 undersea earthquake. The earthquake is also often referred to in Japan as the Great East Japan Earthquake or the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded to hit Japan, and the fourth most powerful earthquake in the world since modern record keeping. The main earthquake was preceded by a number of foreshocks, and hundreds of aftershocks. Japan experienced

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  • Earthquakes Essay

    I chose to research earthquakes and the prediction of earthquakes because I was curious as to how they work. In this paper, I will discus the history of earthquakes, the kinds and locations of earthquakes, earthquake effects, intensity scales, prediction, and my own predictions. An earthquake can be defined as vibrations produced in the earth's crust. Tectonic plates have friction between them which builds up as it tries to push away and suddenly ruptures and then rebounds. The vibrations can range

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  • A Report Of An Earthquake

    report is to show the is to show the written report of an earthquake occurring either on the San Andreas Fault Line or the Hayward Fault Line. Designing bridges and seeing if the bridge that was built to survive an earthquake with the magnitude of 5.0-8.0 for Hayward and for San Andreas 5.0-9.0 the power of these earthquakes have the power to destroy lots of things at once. Some earthquakes are not noticeable but it 's the fact that earthquakes are so powerful that it can go through anything its amount

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  • The Development Of My Home Country Nepal

    in the way of learning and a positive attitude toward development among youth friends. Every person in the community plays a important role in the development of the nation. I also had various responsibilities in the development of my home country Nepal. Back home, I was an executive committee member of social NGO, ASHA- THE HOPE FOUNDATION. We used to organize various campaigns related to sanitation, cleanliness, and health awareness program every Saturday. One of our campaigns was “Sanitation and

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  • Earthquakes Essay

    Earthquakes xxxxx SCI245 September 18, 2011 There are four types of tectonic plate margins, the meeting place of one plate with another. The four plates are destructive, constructive, collision, and conservative. Plates are constantly moving or changing position. The divergent boundaries are where new crust is generated as the plates pull away from each other. The convergent boundaries are where the crust is destroyed as one plate drives under another. The Transform boundaries are

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  • Elderly Care Of Chicago With A City Of Nepal

    warm when I got in there. Mr. Dahal is the youngest of four brothers and two sisters, who all grew up in a small town in Nepal, Bharatpur. I learned that he came to the US five years ago having lived in Nepal since childhood. So I decided to find out his life experience both in the US and Nepal. I thought it would be interesting to compare elderly care in Chicago with a city in Nepal from his point of view. He was glad to share his ideas and experience in his native language Nepali with me. He is 74

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  • An Earthquake Of The City Of San Francisco

    In the early morning of April 18, 1906 at catastrophic event took ahold of one of the largest cities in the United States. An earthquake shook the sleepy city of San Francisco to its inner core. The first of two lasted about 40 seconds, the second started about 10 seconds after the first one stopped (Barrymore). The second quake was the big one lasting 25 seconds, the estimation is 7.8 to 8.3 magnitude (Barrymore). This was the result of the tectonic plates in the San Andreas fault line moving

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  • Kfc in Nepal Essay

    KFC in Nepal “KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in Original Recipe, and Colonel’s Crispy Strips® chicken with home style sides and new freshly made sandwiches.” Everyday nearly, KFC serves eight million people in the world with the same old crispy crunchy recipe Sander developed more than half century ago. With their old recipe they are moving ahead in more than 300 countries serving their mouth watering dishes. The

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  • The Earthquake Of The Sumatra Earthquake

    magnitude earthquake. Once the earthquake began a series of chain reactions occurred that had drastic impacts across the ocean. Land was displaced, homes submerged under water, and tidal waves as high as 100m were created. With no warning systems for earthquakes or tsunamis of any kind in the area, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and more will feel these lasting effects. This will go down in history as one of the worst acts of mother nature in the last 100 years. The Sumatra earthquake occurred between

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  • Tsunamis : Earthquakes By Earthquakes

    Tsunamis: what are these exactly, how do they occur, and why are known to be so deadly? Tsunamis are massive sea waves that are spawned from earthquakes generated underneath the ocean at tectonic plate boundaries. Although earthquakes are known to be the main cause of tsunamis, these enormous waves can occur due to occurrences such as rapid changes in the atmospheric pressure or volcanic eruptions. These waves are formed in a series, sometimes referred to as a “wave train.” There is never just one

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  • The Greatest Festivals Of Nepal

    Dashain is one of the greatest festivals of Nepal. It is based on the lunar calendar and falls in the months of September or October. Dashain is the longest and the most auspicious festival in the Nepalese annual calendar which is observed for 15 days from the new moon day called Ghatasthapan to the full moon day called Kojagrat Purnima. Among these fifteen days, the most important days of the celebration are the first, seventh, eighth, ninth and the tenth days. It is the longest as well as a most

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  • The Farce Of Nepal 's Politics

    they had none over Solukhumbu, Khotang, Bhojpur, Udaypur, etc. Why not name the province after a larger minority group? How can the Limbu leaders expect that the Kirantis and other groups accept it? If such historical claims were to be entertained, Nepal east of Kathmandu should be named Khabuwan, because at one point the Kirantis ruled the whole eastern hills. Then where will be other ethnic provinces, even if they were to be granted? I see no point in talking about Upendra Yadav and Rajendra Mahato

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  • The Sherpa of Nepal Essay example

    The Sherpa of Nepal “Sherpa”, a term derived from words meaning “people” and “east”, refers to a cultural groupthat numbers about 35,000 and whose members occupy parts of India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan (Sherpa Friendship Asscn,1999:1), though most groups are found in Nepal (Stevens 1993: 31). It is generally understood that the Sherpa came to Nepal from eastern Tibet about 500 years ago ( 1999:2). This research paper will focus on the Nepalese Sherpa. It will

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  • Comparing Two Earthquakes Essay

    Comparing Two Earthquakes In 1989 an earthquake hit San Francisco, on the west coast of USA, killing around 200 people. Twelve years later an earthquake hit Gujarat, in India. This time it killed approximately 30,000 people. In this report I will be comparing the two earthquakes, giving reasons why the Gujarat earthquake was so much more deadly than the one in San Francisco. An earthquake is a movement or tremor in the earths crust. Earthquakes happen

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  • The Geological Side Of Earthquakes

    location and potential size of earthquakes. I have decided to focus on the geological side of predicting earthquakes since geology is my major. Earthquakes occur when tectonic plates slide against one another. Earthquakes can change “size” depending on the movement or speed of tectonic plates, as well as, the frequency of plate movement. Plates that have not moved recently have more built up pressure and will have a stronger, more aggressive earthquake. For instance: earthquakes are extremely common in

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  • Essay Agriculture in Nepal

    Agriculture in Nepal The major economic source of the majority of the families in our country is agriculture. More than 70% of our human resources are involved in agriculture and this sector provides for nearly 40% of the gross domestic product. Thus agriculture is the major occupation, main enterprise and the major lifestyle of the country. The unit of the agricultural system in our country currently is a family. If we take a general representative example we see that the enterprise has familial

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  • A Remote Regions Of Nepal

    From the isolated communities in Alaska to the remote regions of Nepal, aids-dependent villages in Africa to the magnificent airports in the Middle East and the emerging fascinating concepts of Aerotropolis; the airport’s role in today’s society is as essential as it is luxurious. It is fast dropping the typical definition of transporting people from point A to B but bringing life to areas where other means of transportation have proved inexistent or insufficient, exposing the potential of growing

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  • Can Animals Predict Earthquakes?

    Can Animals Predict Earthquakes? In the year 373 BCE, the Roman Historian Aelian record that the city of Helike’s animals were behaving strangely. He wrote that the city’s rats, snakes, centipedes, and weasels had all fled after several days of increased activity. Five days later, the city was devastated by an earthquake that destroyed the entire area. In Edo, modern-day Tokyo, Japan, catfish were reported to have “acted weird” before earthquakes in both 1855 and 1923. In February 1975

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