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  • 12 Angry Men Consensus

    on the ethnicity of the defendant. The final example of how a juror’s personality and self-concept affected their communication and decision regarding the case is juror #7 (Jack Warden). He is extroverted and had no problem with small talk during the forming stage of Tuckman’s Group Development Stages. However, when it came to the storming and norming stages, he did not have much to say. The problem with Warden in the group is that he was a man with his own hidden agenda and self-centered roll. He was more worried about attending a baseball game than the case at hand. In fact, during the film he changed his vote from guilty to not guilty just to side with the popular vote in hopes of reaching a consensus quicker. Question #12 I do not believe that the jurors actually achieved a consensus. A consensus is when all of the members in a group take part in shaping an acceptable outcome for the group. For starters, Ed Begley played little to no part in shaping the outcome of the case. He never once tried to influence his peers that the defendant was innocent. In fact, I believe the only reason he changed his vote was because he was outnumbered and exhausted. Several of the guidelines for a consensus were violated during the film. The first guideline is to listen carefully to other members and consider their points of view. Some of the jurors including jurors #3 and #10 ignored this by constantly interrupting and giving no effort whatsoever in seeing things…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of 12 Angry Men

    group of jurors, 12 men, communicated with each other to determine the fate of an 18 year old accused young man. This movie perfectly portrayed the different stages of group development: forming, storming, norming, and performing. In the beginning of the movie the 12 men are taken into a room where all of them must find a way to communicate with each other proficiently in order to come up with an agreement on the young man’s fate. At first the men are unsure of who should take charge and some…

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  • Juror Two Characters In 12 Angry Men

    “assess situations before doing anything and if they judge it to be too risky, or impossible, or useless, they will not do it.” (“The Field Mouse”, ¶4) Juror two is cautious and thinks before he moves or says anything. In the film when the other jurors force him to provide a reason on why they think he is guilty, Juror Two says "Well … I guess … they’re entitled." (“12 Angry Men”) The pauses in his answer symbolize him thinking of an…

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  • Men In 12 Angry Men

    In the movie “12 Angry Men”, there are 12 men attempting to decide the fate of boy who is charged with murdering his father. The beginning stages of forming a group involve nurturing your group to avoid chaos. Functional groups will go through developmental stages while forming (Gladding, 2016). A majority of the twelve men in the group are business men with careers such as architect, banker, and watchmaker. The men are all white men and seem to be America, except for one. They are put in a…

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  • 12 Angry Men

    any other person, and only decide the facts of the case. However, we are humans, and each of us perceive the world in different ways, which are influenced by our past and present experiences. Therefore, our judgements are clouded if we are unable to move away from those perceptions when it comes to deciding an individuals guilt or innocence. In the film 12 Angry Men, by Reginald Rose, we can witness in firsthand how jury members could pose a bias due to their unique individual personality and…

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  • 12 Angry Men Case Analysis: 12 Angry Men

    This case study is over the film 12 Angry Men, revolving around the verdict of a murder case and the 12 jurors charged with making the decision. The jury is comprised of middle aged men or older from various occupations, cultures, and backgrounds. One particular juror is the only member of the jury willing to avoid a snap decision that is pressured by the remaining jurors to get out early. He leads the discussion amongst the other jurors playing devil’s advocate to their guilty verdicts. As the…

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  • 12 Angry Men: Character Analysis: 12 Angry Men

    It is uncommon to observe somebody who likes to be compelled to be some place or accomplish something they don 't have a longing to do. In, 12 Angry Men, we are given only that. Twelve men, of every single different backgrounds and experiences are told they must spend their own valuable time to judge a man on the premise of evidence that was presented to them. Gladding would call this kind of group an errand/work aggregate. This sort of group meets up to finish amass undertaking objectives.…

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  • Groupthink In 12 Angry Men

    Society is remarkably quick to judge a situation without thoroughly investigating it. During the movie 12 Angry Men, the old saying that you cannot judge a book by its cover, truly comes to life. This movie shows and explains the process that the jury on each case go through. It shows how each juror goes through the process of determining whether the defendant is guilty or not. Throughout the duration of this paper, you will be provided definitions and examples of three ways that this movie…

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  • The Guilty Of 12 Angry Men

    Disagreements tend to happen often, which most likely causes arguments, threats, and other unpleasant actions. When a person does not agree with you, you automatically want to convince them otherwise. In the play ‘’12 angry men’’ all 12 men that are on jury have to come to an agreement of guilty or not guilty for a case of a nineteen year old male who is begin charge of murder. As soon as the play began one of the twelve men had already accused the boy as guilty without any discussion or…

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  • Analysis Of 12 Angry Men

    The film 12 Angry Men by Sidney Lumet, is a courtroom drama with, well: twelve angry men trapped inside a steaming hot room, keen to deliver a verdict about a minority teen convicted of murdering his father. According to IMDb, the film made it’s debut in April of 1957, this film tested the boundaries between race relations and the effect of an all-white jury during the high peaks of the civil rights movement. The film revolves around a young man, most likely Puerto Rican although his ethnicity…

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