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  • Female Juvenile Delinquency

    Female juvenile delinquency: What went wrong with “Sugar and Spice and all things nice”? Ariana Kalaitzaki S2760178 Griffith University Abstract This review addresses major questions around female juvenile delinquency, around which much contemporary research is oriented. These involve which factors are contributing to female juvenile delinquency and what causes female juveniles to display criminal behaviour in the first place. Theories and risk factors will be identified. Although research

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  • Essay on Juvenile Delinquency

    A juvenile delinquent in the United States is a person who is typically under the age of 17 and commits an act that otherwise would have been charged as a crime if they were an adult. Depending on the type and severity of the offense committed, it is possible for persons under 18 to be charged and tried as adults. In recent years a higher proportion of youth have experienced arrests by their early 20s than in the past, although some scholars have concluded this may reflect more aggressive criminal

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  • Reducing Juvenile Delinquency Essay

    has been delinquency. It may not have had the delinquency label, but it still existed. In ancient Britain, children at the age of seven were tried, convicted, and punished as adults. There was no special treatment for them; a hanging was a hanging. Juvenile crime is mentioned as far back as ancient Sumeria and Hammurabi, where laws concerning juvenile offenders first appear in written form (1995). Industrialization set into motion the processes needed for modern juvenile delinquency. The country

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  • Theories of Juvenile Delinquency Essay

    For instance, a group of juveniles may experience great pleasure when one of the juveniles shop lift an item from a store. This pleasurable experience if repeated with similar consequences can become a conditioned stimulus. Accordingly, the juvenile may develop an affinity to shop lifting as a result of the association. Similarly, we learn through modeling and copying the behavior of our parents, siblings, and peers, and role models (Taylor, Fritsch, & Caeti, 2011). If aggression is a characteristic

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  • Essay on Juvenile Delinquency

    So many situations can be created to create a juvenile delinquent like one youth going for a car ride with another youth. A teenager getting in the car with his friend was told that the car was borrowed but, when they were pulled over by the police he knows that there is no truth to what he was told. Then it is up to the teenager to prove that he knew nothing about the car being stolen and it comes down to a he said she said situation. In that case in can go either way, the judge believes him and

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  • Juvenile Delinquency Essay example

    Additionally, juveniles that have been involved in criminal acts are afforded additional protections because of their juvenile status. After law enforcement officials complete their detention procedures with the juvenile, they must release the case to the next juvenile court official. Correction official’s will initiate further case inquiries and determine what type of criminal case will the offense be filed under. The juvenile court, guarantees the juveniles more due process rights in an effort

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  • Juvenile Delinquency Essay

    drugs and alcohol and really are lacking love and praise. This gang affiliation gives kids a false sense of belonging a family so to speak with similar kids with the same problems and situations as theirs. Gangs are the beginning and the end to juvenile delinquents nits all down hill from that point on. These gangs are involved in criminal activity, such as robbing, stealing, and sometimes killing. These gangs are for real and very difficult to shake. Unfortunately these gangs will lead you

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  • Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act Essay

    and necessary it is for this act to be reauthorized. The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act has been due for reauthorization since 2007. Reauthorization of the JJDPA is crucial because it provides an opportunity to strengthen accountability for federal spending, help states protect public safety, hold delinquent youth accountable, protect our children from harm, and provide rehabilitation services to prevent future delinquency. The last time this law was reauthorized was in 2002, but

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  • Juvenile Delinquency: Exploring Factors of Gender and Family

    Individual measures of strain may both directly and indirectly lead to individual delinquency. Indirectly, the likelihood that strain will lead delinquency is mediated by feelings of negative effect, specifically anger, among individuals." (Cochran, Dembo, Sellers, Wareham, 2005) This definition clearly places the root at genetics but leaves the ultimate choice of

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  • Juvenile Delinquency

    Juvenile Delinquency There is no doubt that various experts can give us many theories as to the causes of juvenile delinquency, including one's economic background, substance abuse, delinquent peer groups, repeated exposure to violence, increased availability of firearms and media violence, however, I feel that the number one cause of juvenile delinquency is the breakdown of families, including lack of parental control over children. It is ironic in America, today, one must have a driver's license

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  • Juvenile Delinquency Essay

    neighbor, or even a mentor. It is no wonder that after suffering through any one of these forms of abuse that children stray off the beaten path and many find themselves to be a juvenile delinquent. There are about 73.9 million Americans under the age of eighteen which means that one in four Americans could possibly become a juvenile delinquent. ("National institute of," 2011) It is believed that children who are abused and neglected start to experiment with crime at an early age. Children who are abused

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  • Is Video Game Violence the Cause of Juvenile Delinquency?

    aggressive thoughts than the people who played non-violent games. We live in a world where real violence is everywhere, from neighborhood shootings to the war in Iraq. We're mostly helpless to stop it, and we just have to live through it, but when a juvenile turns on a violent video game and spends endless hours playing does it change their perception of the real world and cause them to become delinquent. Many things can cause an inability to distinguish right from wrong, reality from fiction. A teen

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  • Juvenile Essay

    drug arrests during the early 1990s. Between 1990 and 1997 the juvenile arrests rate for drug abuse violation increased 145%, but declined between 1997 and 2008. However, the rate was still 78% higher than the rate in 1990 (Puzzanchera, 2008). When comparing the arrest rates between juvenile male and females, there were a total of 629,800 arrests of females in 2008 under the age of 18. Female arrests accounted for 30% of juvenile arrests in 2008 and decreased from 1999 to 2008 in most categories

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  • Juvenile Justice Essay

    Delinquency was thought to be caused by the neighborhood, poverty, urban decay, the family, and child rearing practices. It was believed that the state could and should act in loco parentis, and was able to decide what was in the best interest for the child, and due process was unimportant and would hinder the treatment process. The level of discretion used as this time was very broad and widespread. This model was all about rehabilitation and providing juveniles with a second chance, so therefor

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  • Essay about Juveniles

    are impressionable and if the juveniles know that they can be sentenced to death like an adult, the costs of the crime will greatly outweigh the possible benefits. Harsh punishments help to lower juvenile crime levels. The juveniles of today are becoming the criminals of tomorrow. By treating juveniles as adults we will stop the next wave of criminals. Violent juvenile crimes are more prevalent today than in past societies. We need to extinguish juvenile delinquency before it becomes out of hand

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  • History of the Juvenile Justice System

    RUNNING HEAD: HISTORY OF THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM Juvenile Delinquency: The History of the Juvenile Justice System Shandi Lillard Kaplan University CJ 150 – 02 Professor Raymond Keefauvor June 14, 2011 The History of the Juvenile Justice System The Juvenile Justice System is seen by many as being ineffective in treating the youth of this country, the programs are outdated and there seems to be little, if any hope that these youth will stay on the right path once released back

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  • Essay on Juvenile Court System

    have equal protection of their rights during court as well as if found to be dangerous they both may be detained without bail. Also a juvenile as well as an adult can be subjected to being drug tested if needed. The court also puts a safeguard into place for anyone that makes an admission to guilt. Delinquency and Status Offenses The definition of delinquency is an antisocial or criminal behavior by children or adolescent or an antisocial misdeed in violation of the law by a minor. An example

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  • Juvenile Delinquent Essay

    deviation from the group and a disruptive force in the functions of the social life. The legal approach to misconduct of a juvenile is the stress that a specific charge be leveled against the delinquent, it be defined in accurate terms by the law, the offence be proved rather than serving to put an end to doubt about the delinquents crime, protection be given to the accused juvenile during trial against conviction by false, misleading, unrelated or not important evidence. The sociological approach

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  • Juvenile and Adult Courts

    Juvenile and Adult Courts: A Comparative Analysis Zanetta Eave, Tasha Harris, and Lee Blackmon CJA/374 July 29, 2013 Cory Kelly Introduction The “Juvenile and Adult Courts: A Comparative Analysis” paper will compare juvenile courts with adult courts. This paper will present an overview of the juvenile justice system, a point-by-point comparison between juvenile and adult courts. The adjudication process by which a juvenile is transferred to the adult court system. This paper will also discuss

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  • Essay on The Increase in Female Juvenile Offenders

    responsible for one-quarter of all juvenile arrests for aggravated assault, demonstrating an increase of 94 percent over the past three decades (Gross 84; Zahn, “Violence” 4). Investigating the root causes behind the increase of violent behavior in girls and its correlation to delinquency is essential to the development of effective prevention tools. Dr. Bruce Gross, PhD, notes 40 developmental assets whose presence strongly influences the likelihood of delinquency. Gross identifies these assets as

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  • Juvenile Boot Camps

    minors in the right direction. Juvenile delinquency has always existed as a problem without a single, proper, and effective solution. Throughout history society has proposed countless forms of punishment to make an attempt at altering the behavior of these young people in a positive manner. Some judicial and legislation acts have left numerous amounts of juvenile’s suffering in prison, and some have been far too lenient. Either way, juvenile delinquency is threatening the safety and order of

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  • Juvenile Crime Statistics

    Juvenile Crime Statistics William Scott Bennett CJA/374 September 24, 2012 LeDetra C. Jones Juvenile Arrests 2008 Data is collected by law enforcement agencies within the United States and submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigations for tracking purposes. These numbers are used by analysts at the FBI to indicate trends in crime and to possibly develop alternative policing methods. A statistician can manipulate numbers to show what they feel is relevant, but aside from

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  • Juvenile Wavier Alternative Approaches Essay

    reverse waiver petitioning to return to juvenile court upon exclusion (Delegate Montague, et al, 2002). In the state of Maryland the juvenile could be placed in residential programs. This program helps the youth to confront their behavior and also provide consequences for their behavior ( ). Furthermore, they have aftercare programs for the juvenile after they have finished their stay in residential facility (). Some of this programs might help the juvenile rehabilitee however if that did not work

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  • Essay Juvenile System vs Adult System

    From a web page by the Yale- New Haven Teachers Institute in an article by Cynthia Roberts on Juvenile Delinquency is interesting information about the history of juvenile justice, where it was and why it needed to change. “ In the U.S. Juveniles are treated differently from adults. However, this has not always been the case. In earlier times, children were thrown into jails with adults. Long sentences were common and some children were sentenced to death for their crimes. Reformers concerned about

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  • Juvenile Rehabilitation: Adult Prison vs. Juvenile Incarceration

    Juvenile Rehabilitation: Adult Prisons vs. Juvenile Incarceration Maureen Fries-Labra English 122 Anna Hopson December 14, 2009 Juvenile Rehabilitation: Adult Prisons vs. Juvenile Incarceration The criminal justice system has a branch for juvenile offenders. Established in the early twentieth century; it is the responsibility of this division to decide the fates of youthful offenders. This is administered by family court with support of social workers and family. With the increased number

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  • Juvenile Crime Essay

    criminal prosecutions. Children at that age can be fighting with each other one minute and hugging each other the next. What causes these juveniles to commit such crimes? Some theorize they are affected by problems such as poverty, family breakdowns, neglect, alcoholism and poor education. Upon identifying negative environmental factors, many regard delinquency as a normal adaptive way for the child to cope. A sensible theory is that the child’s personality unfolds in response to the people and

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  • Ramifications of the Juvenile Justice Waiver

    minor being sent to juvenile court does not necessarily mean that the minor will be tried as an juvenile. It is also the responsibility of the court to determine if the minor should stay in juvenile court of be moved into adult criminal court. A social work assigned to the minor as well as the defense attorney, prosecutor, and judge will argue in court to decide the minors fate. This social policy that is used in the court system is known as the Juvenile Justice Waiver. The Juvenile Justice Waiver is

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  • A New Approach to Juvenile Justice Essay

    for reducing juvenile crime must address this issue, ideally, by implementing a practical form of assessment process in public schools. This assessment approach would allow trained child psychologists to identify at-risk juveniles based on Hirschi’s criteria before they become offenders. Criminal Deviance in High-Crime Communities High-crime communities typically feature combinations of two major factors that greatly increase the risk of juvenile criminal deviance and delinquency: the absence

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  • Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults Essay

    Federal regulations have interpreted the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act to permit accused status offenders to be held in secure juvenile facilities for up to 24 hours following the initial contact with law enforcement or the court. http://www.ncjrs.org/pdffiles1/ojjdp/202885.pdf b. Juvenile Courts IX. Get tough on Crime, not on Kids http://web.ebscohost.com.www.remote.uwosh.edu/ehost/pdf?vid=4&hid=7&sid=af607554-e69a-4991-b08e-4e98efbebf32%40sessionmgr3 a. The goal of adult

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  • Future of Teh Juvenile System Cja/374 Essay

    Having more community based programs for women or men who were victimized against crime (Champion, 2007). Juvenile Corrections According to Thomas (2001), the recommendations of national policies concerning the use of seclusion and restraint on our youths in correctional facilities should be established. Indications for the various types of restraints-shackles, soft restraints, handcuffs, blankets, etc should be established. Safety must be a priority in these standards. National policy

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  • Essay on Unique Juvenile Situations Faced by Correctional Officers

    it cause the juvenile to be improperly supervised. “Consistent discipline and supervision add social control to the internalized bonds on the route towards forming well socialized adolescents” ("Juvenile delinquency-family structure," 2011). Other unique situation that law enforcement personnel are fighting on a daily basis is juvenile gangs and drugs. Juvenile gangs have contributed to a large increase in violent and other crimes over the past two decades (Seiter, 2011). Juvenile gangs not only

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  • Juvenile Deliquency - Lee Boyd Malvo

    Edwin H. Sutherland’s formulation of differential association theory proposed that delinquency, like any other form of behavior, is a product of social interaction. On October 14th, 2002, 17 year old Lee Boyd Malvo was charged by the state of Virginia for two capital crimes: the murder of FBI analyst Linda Franklin "in the commission of an act of terrorism" and the murder of more than one person in a three-year period. Sutherland’s nine propositions of differential association best explains Malvo’s

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  • Juveniles Without Justice Essay

    United States was the first major juvenile case heard by the Supreme Court. Although legal counsel was not present during Kent’s interrogation his did have representation afterwards. When the defendant was transferred to adult court there was no hearing held in the matter. Also, the judge did not acknowledge any of the motions made by Kent’s lawyer. The juvenile was detained for a week without reason. At the time of the case there was no standard for how long a juvenile may be held in custody before

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  • Essay on Juvenile System

    was an innocent, immigrant man who spoke no English. He is from Mexico, and works to support his family being a delivery boy. The victim is only nineteen years old meaning only four years older than his offender. When the victim was mentioned, the juvenile represented was not remorseful. He showed no signs of sympathy for the victim, or his family. He continued to slouch, and be detached from everyone in the court room. As the judge continued to plead his case, he continued to stare forward with a

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  • Juvenile in the Adult Prison Essays

    Juveniles have highest suicide rates than adults, “they are 36 times more likely to commit suicide in an adult jail than in a juvenile detention facility,” according to Campaign for Youth Justice. They are more likely to join gangs and get involved in drug activities because they need to feel safe. Everyday is a survival for juveniles. The statistics on sexual abuse in adult prison is underreported because guards and facilities are blind to the problem. Teenagers whom get arrested and tried as

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  • Essay Juvenile Justice Organization

    could have a multiplicity of conditions, for instance restitution, detention facility imprisonment, and counsel or community service. Dependent on the state, the juvenile might as well undergo rehabilitation in a juvenile correctional facility. If this occurs, aftercare (alike parole) will be compulsory after release (Steinberg, 2006). Juvenile corrections means amenities wherein minors condemned of a crime expend time to facilitate reception of rehabilitation. This aids in providing Colleen M with

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  • Essay on Juvenile Justice

    This is one example in Tennessee where a juvenile should have been taken to criminal court and not juvenile. An example of a horrible crime that occurred in Tennessee in December was when 3 juvenile boys went out on a Friday and planned to rob and kill someone.A direct comment from the article, “It was a Friday morning in October, but the gang members didn’t go to school and they didn’t have jobs. They reasoned that Friday was the optimal time, a payday for many workers. And, as one of the robbers

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  • Essay on Juvenile Capital Punishment

    In the United States, there have been more than 370 juvenile convicts executed for crimes that involve murder. In the year of 1988 the United States Supreme Court made it illegal to execute anybody below sixteen years old. Before this time even a fifteen year old could be put to death for capital crimes. The 1988 decision did not influence many states, for example the state of Texas conducted its last death penalty over a juvenile in 2002. The United States Supreme Court called this execution

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  • Juvenile Justice and Correction Essay

    mental health problems among juvenile inmates run as high as 90% (Ulzen & Hamilton 1998), but the prevalence of serious mental illness is only about 30%, ten percent higher than the frequency of serious mental illness in the juvenile population as a whole. As Bartol & Bartol (2004) suggest, there are approximately seven (7) different models of treatment for juvenile offenders. Not all of them are as successful as can be expected, but treatment programs for juveniles tend to take on a life of their

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  • The Effects of Juvenile Diabetes on Children

    THE EFFECTS OF JUVENILE DIABETES IN CHILDREN Submitted by Jonah de Vera Johanna Marie Nicolas Business Department Assumption College San Lorenzo Village, Makati March 6, 2008 I. Introduction        Diabetes was known way back by physicians of Ancient Greece and named as such and means “siphon” in Greek and was not as spectacular as it is now.        Doctors and scientists think diabetes may be caused by viruses, genetics and environmental factors such as obesity and lack of exercise

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  • Juvenile Justice Essay

    prison. Prosecutor Kelly Siegler said Villareal had shown no remorse: "He does not deserve . . . to live among us"(11). Begun in 1889; the first juvenile court was established in Cook County, Ill., some as well as myself would claim that the juvenile justice system has become weak in its old age (Hetter 39). The first known execution of a juvenile on these shores was in 1642: Thomas Graunger, sixteen, of Plymouth Colony, Mass., was hanged for bestiality. The youngest: George Stinney, executed

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  • Treating Juveniles as Adults Essay

    All these are great examples of crimes that a minor under eighteen can be sentenced to prison for. There are many children committing a horrible a crime in the early age. This book says that about “1.6 million juveniles under age of eighteen are arrested, and committed violent crimes.’ For example, in 2005, a nine year old girl name Shanice K., had admitted that she brutally stabbed her playmate Brooklyn in the heart with a steak knife during an argument over a rubber ball. The girl was just 11-years-old

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  • Juvenile Criminals Essay

    (Thompson P2) Could there be a direct correlation linking the cases of sever criminal activity involving young and their impaired brain control systems? This has revealed itself to become a substantial support actor in the battle to provide leeway in juvenile punishment sentences. A number of individuals would agree that young children are not fully capable of understanding the crimes they commit, either out of impulse or a pre-planned endeavor. They simply lack the necessary foresight to fully understand

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  • Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections Essay

    Intake officers screen juvenile cases to determine which should be prosecuted or sent to diversion programs. Intake is a screening that will determine if juvenile should be released, given a future court hearing, diversion programs, prosecution, or waiver to adult criminal court. Intake officers gather and create a social record of the accused and discuss options with the juvenile’s parents or guardian (Champion, 2010). The intake process is informal; while an attorney can be present it is not

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  • Should Juveniles be tried as Adults? Essay

    M., 2004, p. 583-4). Against Juveniles be Tried as Adults There are many debates as to the ethical reasons for and against the law that juveniles should be tried as adults when they commit a crime that is classified as bad (murder). The people who are against allowing juveniles to be tried as adults say they are too young, immature and incompetent to understand what they are doing. There have been arguments as to the age that a juvenile is responsible for their crime and this can only be “determined

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  • Juvenile Death Penalty Imposed Essay

    Several cases have been heard in the United States Supreme Court regarding the eighth amendment and the juvenile death penalty. We shall discuss and look at some important case law that has revolved around the controversial juvenile death sentence. Atkins v. Virginia, 536 U.S. ( 2002) The Supreme Court held that," the execution of a mentally retarded person is a constitutionally forbidden cruel and unusual punishment." Eddings v. Oklahoma - 455 U.S. 104 (1982) The United States Supreme

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  • Cjs 200 Final Paper Juveniles

    decisions are made and juveniles are detained they then face the juveniles court and corrections system. The juvenile court system is a court system specifically tailored for juveniles. The juvenile court system varies from the adult system in many ways. The main way the juvenile court system varies though is that the adult court system I focused more on retribution and serving time. The juvenile court system looks for other options and giving out second chances. Many say the juvenile court system is

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  • Future of the Juvenile Justice System Essay

    243). The Juvenile Justice Prevention Act promoted to the use of community based models for delinquent youths. The community based models place heavy emphasis on families, social services, and community members like clergy, teachers, and elders. These volunteers in the community provide the Wraparound treatment to help rehabilitate delinquent juveniles. A problem with community Wraparound care and other community base programs is that they focus more on the child welfare system instead of the delinquent

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  • Essay on How to Reduce Juvenile Crime

    that he actually involved in an altercation with a group in school. The victims and assailants are getting younger, the fatal disputes even more trivial. "In the three years from 1986 through 1988, 43 juveniles were arrested for homicide. In just 2 years, 1989 and 1990, police arrested 129 juveniles for homicide." (Paul M. Barrett 18). That was more than threefold. The stories did not end there. Not too long ago, we all heard about Littleton school shooting. I was shocked and distressed to see SWAT

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  • Future of the Juvenile Justice System Essay

    The juvenile court system needs some adjustments it appears that the system provided is not working that well as planned. The court system needs to provide more services for the youth, instead of keeping them incarcerated lets see if there is away to change things around. The court can began by having more treatments mandatory for first and second time offenders. The youth will be provided therapy and family sessions at their home and it will be mandatory that the parents be involved in all therapy

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