How Does Identity Affect Society

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People spend their whole life trying to find their true identity, but what if this identity they have been trying to obtain isn’t actually their own? Issues with identity appear at birth when society labels children as either male or female. Before even beginning to learn how to walk or talk half of their life has been planned out based off of their gender. It is from this point that society begins to shape these children in order to fit a certain identity. Issues with identity stem from society, and beliefs that the people are programmed to follow. Personal identity affected by functions from within societal structures like family, environment, culture, societal behaviors, social status, and ethnicity.
To begin with, family plays a large role
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Society has a powerful influence on the way people act and it forces them to conform to the ways of different areas. People have to create multiple personalities in which they use to play different roles. In their home they have the freedom to act as they please, out of the public’s eye, and without fear of being judged. Outside of the house people take on a different role where they monitor their actions in order to avoid giving negative impressions, and to avoid embarrassment. In a work setting employees will act in a very professional manner, and they will change the way they speak, and will talk more proper in order to fit the role. The language just like actions a person uses in one place will change in another. Having multiple roles and personalities makes it difficult for a person to find his or her identity because they are forced to have more than one in order to fit every occasion. Unknown to the public is the fact that society has an influence on them that greatly impacts every movement they make. There are roles that every person must take in order to survive in the environment they live in. Along with environment, a person’s culture also shapes their …show more content…
From a young age children begin to learn about their culture including certain types of food, clothing, music, and traditions. Their culture becomes a part of who they are and it becomes a part of their identity. Although culture is an important aspect of someone’s personality, society makes it seem as if it is the most important part. People begin to stereotype and associate others by their culture instead of that person’s unique attributes. They become known by their culture and sooner or later their accomplishments no longer mean something. Take for example, someone who is of Puerto Rican descent, people in society seem to believe that since they were raised in that type of culture that the person automatically eats certain foods like rice, and listen to only Spanish music which is not always true. Although they come from a Spanish background does not mean that is the only culture they associate themselves with. That person no longer is a female, she becomes a Spanish female who listens to salsa and loves rice. That may not be that person’s identity, but society labels them anyway. Instead of viewing themselves as a male or a female who is multi-cultural they begin to take on that identity that society gives to them and question the person that they thought they

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