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  • The Importance Of Social Studies Education

    Mauna Loa, Hawaii that carbon dioxide levels reached the same 400 parts per million level (Schwartz, 2016). However this more recent announcement point out that this threshold will be passed and levels are expected to continue to rise. The issue of climate change will continue to have a global impact and could become one of the greatest global challenges in modern history. The effects of population growth, temperature rising, sea level rise and continued use of earth’s resources we continue to stress earth’s environment to levels that have not been seen in nearly a million years. Scientists argue that carbon dioxide levels must be reduced to 350 parts per million, this is a task requires a global commitment that will not happen overnight. II. Social Studies Classrooms and Sustainability Education needs to be a leader in creating citizens that empowered and prepared to bring about change to this growing problem. One of the main goals of a social studies educator is to prepare and empower students to become responsible active citizens that can have a positive impact on our societies. If that is our goal as social studies educators, then there is no excuse for us to not adopt the issues of sustainability and other environmental threats and issues into our classrooms. Given the uncertainty the need for informed education on sustainability has reached a critical point. In order to effectively address sustainability in a classroom environment, it will take a multifaceted…

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  • Causes Of Child Marketing As A Social Problem

    Snyder et al (2011) suggests that early childhood educators play the largest role in helping children make sense of the real world versus the world that is marketed to them. As well, the more children know about marketing earlier on, the more benefits they will be able to take away from it (p. 34). Although fixing this social problem is difficult, the most important thing to tackle first is ensuring that everyone, including parents, have a better awareness of the ways their children are marketed…

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  • Language Vs Universal Language

    misconstrues the goal of the movement, ignores the specificity of the issues and its differences to other causes, and, unintentionally, silences the voice of the protestors. Even with this, the rate at which a group gains allies should not be dependent on the language…

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  • Personal Troubles Case Study

    by the sociological structures that we have experienced. We all have free will as individuals, yet our behavior is determined by a wide range of social factors such as income level, racial status, and many other social factors. It is these structures that often influence not only ourselves but others around us. Some of these influences can lead to drug and alcohol issues. Drug and alcohol abuse are a social issue and problem because it doesn’t just affect the individual that is using and…

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  • Influence Of Political Culture In America

    simply the way that people feel and voice their opinions about governmental topics or societal issues, has been a significant part of America’s government for over 200 years. In the process of political socialization, individuals are able to develop their political attitudes and are not only influenced by inward factors, but also outward factors such as mass media that can often control and overpower the opinions of many citizens. Many Americans have been greatly affected by the economic system…

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  • Social Issues In The Giver, And The Hunger Games

    different social issues that affect the population. These issues affect the population in different kinds of ways. In the book The Giver written by Lois Lowry, Jonas struggles through making people realize emotions and finding a new way to live without the rules showing censorship. In the novel The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen struggles through poverty, loss, and dealing with an oppressive government as her family struggles through with the loss of her father. In the…

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  • The Two Sides Of Fracking

    been banned in a number of countries. There are two sides of the fracking debate where I’ve provided an article from both. The first side is the pro-fracking group they believe that there is no basis or proof that there are any environmental risks and the economic…

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  • My Personal Experience: The Field Of Social Work

    I later on, decided that I wanted to attend a 4-year University. In the midst of dealing with personal issues my brother was killed in 2011. There was an effect that changed in my life; I could no longer look at life the same. I never had experienced what it was to grieve or even how it felt to be depressed. I felt that a change was needed and a new environment. First, I transferred to Norfolk State University and next my family moved to a new home. I started a new beginning. A new beginning of…

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  • Safe Space Analysis

    One social problem that Safe Space addresses is homelessness. Physical, sexual and emotional abuse, homophobia, poverty, mental illness are some of the reasons why many young adults today are facing the issue of homelessness. We know that homelessness is a social problem because “one-month prevalence estimates of homelessness among public high school students ranged from 3.9 percent to 5.9 percent of all students in Connecticut, Delaware, and Philadelphia.” (Cutuli et al., 2015). Not only does…

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  • Varianc Participatory Rural Appraisal Analysis

    As many may have noticed, the government essentially decides what is important and why. In regards to the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, it fell short in comparison to the “war on terror,” in terms of financial importance. This essentially meant that the lives of individuals living in the United States was not as important as fighting off other countries oversea. Many people became angered and decided to rally together in hope for change. Changing the way people view social issues is a critical part…

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