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  • Tony Hoagland Poem

    maximum-security prison” ("Tony Hoagland"). Another thing that he like to write about in his views on change and how it is changing American culture. He like to have his paragraphs in his poems to be complete thoughts that move on to the next. He does not use and specialty line restrictions and formatting in his poem. He also, uses Imagery like in the “Jet” poem, “The blue-sky river rushes overhead” ("Tony Hoagland"). The way I went about strategizing my writing choice to be able to mimic a poem from Tony Hoagland is by thinking of American culture change that is current and that is weird in the eyes of certain people. The thing that I have come up with is how busy everyone is and how they still feel the need to exercise to feel normal. The reasoning to this was because Tony Hoagland main reasoning behind writing some of his poems is to expose the American society for it is. The way I started the poem was the changing of the seasons which typically means people will work out more because they will be wearing less clothes during the summer months. This comparable to the poem “The Change” in the way he also started the poem with the changing of the seasons comparable to the change to American society (Hoagland "The Change"). In the lines of my poem talking about “Giving up cows for grass.” I was comparing this this to the very common theme of change in Tony Hoagland’s poems. In the line where I was talking about heart beats and death was comparable to the sadness in the…

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  • What Is Three Things That Happen When You Stop Showering?

    no-shower challenge? That is the question that author Katie Maguire asked her readers in the article, “3 Things That Happen When You Stop Showing For A Month”. In this article, Maguire dives into the positive outcomes of not showering for an entire month. She took the results from two journalists James Hamblin and Julia Scott, and compiled a list of three changes their body underwent while going without a shower for 30 days. While reading this article, I was very critical of the content, as well…

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  • Analysis Of David Gillespie's Sweet Poison

    never offered this startling explanation for my cravings. After reading this, I felt relieved there could be a reason other than the state of my mental health as to why so much of my day, and more than half of my life, had been consumed by insatiable cravings. Just a few pages in and I knew I needed to ditch the sugar if I was going to end the craving-binge-purge cycle, a cycle I had been told was related to the state of my mental health. So I started a diary and shifted my focus on eliminating,…

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  • Cerelac Case Study

    especially into developing regions such as Asia, MEA and Latin America with large ever growing baby population and increasing income levels. China, Russia, Brazil India, Indonesia & Saudi Arabia are the most promising markets for as these countries have highest baby population and fastest growing middle class population. We do not have as such varieties of baby foods here in Pakistan so we have selected the leading brand of food in the world that’s Nestlé. Here in Pakistan many people do not…

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  • Cooking Personal Statement

    the sciences, especially as it related to food and chemistry. My teachers nurtured my scientific curiosity by encouraging me to experiment and gather data in order to draw my own conclusions. This carried over into my cooking hobby—later as an interest in health-focused nutrition. For example, I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to pull out my mother’s recipe book and examine the ingredients for pancakes or cookies. Occasionally I would twist recipes by removing or adding spices or…

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  • Infancy Exploration Essay

    Juanita McIntosh Mrs. Landry DEP 1004 – 478 26 September 2017 Writing Assignment #2 – Infancy Exploration Infancy is described as the time period in life from birth through two years of age. This time period is characterized by fast growth including the development of the infant brain. Other topics and challenges that arise during this stage include nutrition, breastfeeding, and various theories regarding attachment and cognitive development. Infancy may be just a brief moment in our lives…

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  • Importance Of Animal Research

    My overarching research interests focuses on delineating animal 's metabolic responses to nutrition interventions or health conditions, associated with the animal performance and quality of its derived products. I use a combination of modern analytical chemistry (liquid/gas chromatography and mass spectrometry) and bioinformatics (univariate and multivariate statistical analysis) to measure metabolites in biological samples to provide insights on physiological or pathological status and…

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  • Consequences Of Teen Pregnancy

    risks that effect teens during and after pregnancy such as: gaining too much weight, not gaining enough weight, use of drugs, alcohol and smoking, infections caused by STDs, lack of nutrition, premature birth, death, substandard or insufficient education, abuse and neglect, crime and having more children. Effects on Mother Teenagers are not as educated about pregnancy as many adults are, because of this they do not understand how important it is to receive prenatal care, and several teenagers…

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  • The Psychological Effects Of Obesity In The Chicago Public School System

    almost never change once a child begins at CPS. CPS offers the same food choices every month. The food will hardly change in terms of portion or varieties; these students eat the same meal every year from the start of kindergarten to the end of their senior year. I believe that CPS should be able to provide students with a better meal choice that provides all the nutrients a student need. According to the American Heart Association, obesity can also lead to serious health issues like "asthma,…

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  • Infancy And Early Childhood Development

    style is most effective and why, and discuss early childhood education and its influence on cognitive development. Development begins in the prenatal stage. During this stage proper nutrition and monitoring is important to ensure that the development is not affected by any factors. In the first two years rapid growth is obvious in the body, mind, and social relationships (Berger, 2008). The body of an infant grows rapidly in height and weight. An infant’s body stores more fat to…

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