Mother Tongue Essay

  • Mother Tongue Essay

    Now, she thinks all languages she uses including her mother’s tongue should be used in her writing. She decided to “[seek] to preserve the essence”, her mother’s “intent, her passion, her imagery, the rhythms of her speech and the nature of her thoughts” in her essay. (p.3-4) The most powerful rhetorical strategy of her essay is personal anecdote. Her personal anecdotes not only support her argument but also appeal to pathos. Her essay can be seen as a just collection of anecdotes, but she

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  • Spicy Tongues: Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Essay

    Tan’s mom reads a lot of different material “all kinds of things I can’t begin to understand.” Her mother may not be able to speak English very well, but she does understand the language and reads it daily. The diction Amy Tan presented expresses her personal opinions, while her tales demonstrate that at one point she was perplexed with her mother’s English. At one point she was embarrassed of her mother’s English, but as she grew older it was not that big of a deal and learned from this by writing

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  • Amy Tan's Story Mother Tongue Essay

    stories of her mother dealing with the stockbroker and the hospital as means to make her point clearer. Ethos looks at the author’s credibility. Tan is a well-known writer, and does a lot of public speaking. We can trust her qualifications as a writer and an English speaking American. When she shares her stories we can be sure that she is someone we can believe. Lastly, pathos, or emotion, is an appeal in writing. Especially with this type of writing, it is easy to find. “Mother Tongue” evokes

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  • Amy Tan's Mother Tongue Essay

    statement on page 65 that “my mother has long realized the limitations of her English as well,” and although this seems as if it is good that she understands there are limits, this could be viewed as negative. The author’s mother is settling with the mere fact that there is a limitation, but she shouldn’t have to settle. America should be the place of equal opportunity, not opportunity correlated with circumstances. Tan goes on to tell readers about the hassles that her mother had to go through to get

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  • Analysis of "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan: DRAFT Essay

    This phrase may imply that although Tans mothers english might be "limited", but in her opinion it does not strike her as being wrong as so many would think; she clearly states this when she says "Some say they understand none of it, as if she were speaking pure Chinese. But to me, my mothers English is perfectly clear, perfectly natural". Moreover She uses personification again to emphasize the variation of English she speaks when she says "the intersection of memory upon imagination". Towards the

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  • Essay on Mother Tongue

    Perhaps, my mothers English will not be impeccable, but I admire her everything else she has excelled in. Therefore, I am not ashamed of my mother English because she embraces it in a way that is suitable and convenient to her. It is very difficult to speak only one form of English when your audience varies from time to time. We have different ways when approaching family, friends, and professors, which depicts our commitment to diversity. If we all spoke the same way toward everyone it would

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  • Essay on Mother Tongue, by Amy Tan

    I had to always disprove that Asian-Americans are not just good at only math and science. My capabilities of acquiring a stellar English skill are not much different from the average American kid next door. Luckily for me as the years went by the doubts began to diminish, especially in the minds of my classmates. I have accomplished what I set out to do and that was to rid the qualm from skeptics’ minds. Slowly I have become more comfortable incorporating two opposing forces in my life, just as Tan

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  • Essay on Mother Tongue Interlanguage

    Interlanguage affects the every aspect of language, such as, the spelling, grammar, vocabulary, language proficiency, and what can cause a learner to have an accent. What has ultimately become one of the important concepts of interlanguage is negative and positive transfer, yet some researchers see it as an easier way of language learning through its similarity and others view it as a range difficulty. When language has a variation in how closely they might be link to each other, there are two ways

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  • Telugu Speakers of English and the Influence of Mother Tongue on Their Comprehensibility

    Understanding the influence of Telugu on spoken/written English II. The impact of these errors on comprehensibility Context and Implications: India has become the world’s back office. The existence of a large pool of English knowing/speaking population in India is one of the reasons. Suddenly, English has come in to the limelight. MNCs and corporate houses insist that fresh graduates have their English in its proper place, hence, learning ‘communication skills’ and ‘soft skills’ became critical

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  • Essay about Speaking In Tongues

    to answer questions about “speaking in tongues,” the question, “what is a tongue” needs to be answered. Acts chapter two records the events in which the act of speaking in tongues was first witnessed. The text says, “When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all gathered together in one place. And suddenly there can from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. And there appeared to them tongues as of fire distributing themselves, and

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  • Essay about Speaking in Tongues

    Plato’s thoughts on speaking in tongues are similar to what Glossolalia speaking Christians are. In Acts chapter 2, Apostle Paul writes “On the day of Pentecost all the believers were meeting together in one place. Suddenly, there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and it filled the house where they were sitting. Then, what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them. And everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit and began

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  • Benefits of Silence and Harms of the Tongue Essay

    even think what can be the consequence of what we are saying?” The tongue itself causes great harm to fellow human beings without causing them physical harm, and Muslims have been prohibited from causing both types of harms. It is reported by Abu Musa al-Ashari (may Allah be pleased with Him): I asked the Messenger Allah (peace be upon Him): “Who is the most excellent among the Muslims?” He said, “One from whose tongue and hands other people are secure” This is the definition given by

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  • Single Working Mothers Essay

    successful single mother achieves is open communication with her employers. This provides a great opportunity for single mothers to work at home when the children get sick, or it possibly affords the opportunity to work a flexible schedule, so that after school activities can be attended. A successful single working mother pulls together all resources available to achieve the utmost important goal and that is to be a good financial provider as well as being an attentive mother. In addition, having

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  • Mothers Essay

    certain conversations with your father. These discussions could only be between men and their children because their words had been taken from their father’s and grandfather’s of the past. Personally, I did quite well having these exchanges with my mother because her explanations came with an eloquence and femininity, rather a storm of testosterone and contention. The admiration I developed for my mother’s achievements and independence while raising two children as a single parent also strengthens

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  • Decreasing Mothers in the Workplace Essay

    Since 2000, the amount of working mothers has decreased. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data also showed a decrease of 2.4% in mother’s employment since 2000 (United States). This data shows that the employment rate of mothers steadily grew between 1975 and the late 1990s, until it dipped for one year for mothers of small children. More mothers than even before were working outside the home around 2000 and has gone down since then. The topic of women’s employment has been written about a lot in

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  • Essay on My Mother

    As all children grow up, though, so did I.  My mother, as my age progressed, steadily became less god-like and more realistic.  I realized that my mother, the same as all people, had her faults.  She also, in turn, seemed to have trouble losing my absolute devotion.  I had stopped running to her with every new discovery I made, and I no longer turned to her for advice in my life, although I needed it most as I matured.  I was growing up.  Her last baby, and only girl, was making her own decisions

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  • Surrogate Mothers Essay

    child that she cannot care for and give it to a wanting mother and father who cannot have a child of their own. What difference is it between surrogate-motherhood and adoption? There is none. Adoption is legal, and is highly respected among people from many walks of life. Pro-choice and Pro-life supporters herald adoption as a way of taking care of children in need. Why then, should anyone who supports adoption attack another option for a mother that is the same? Surrogate motherhood provides good and

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  • Essay on What Mothers See

    Her mother has always had “mysterious ability to see things before they will happen” including the death of her husband and their unborn child (Tan 149). While she is visiting, Lena is afraid of how her mother will view their house and the house will say about their future. “She is visiting my husband and me in the house we just bought in Woodside. I wonder what she will see” (Tan 150). Throughout most of her life, Lena St. feels her mother has found flaws in everything, from her new house

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  • The Strength of a Mother Essay

    pulling his aorta away from his heart immediately. My mother rushed to the hospital. My grandma and her friend Kay came to pick me up from school when I got in the car my two sisters were already in there. I had no idea what was going on. They brought all of us to the hospital and my mom told us exactly what had happened. The day of October 12th, 2000 changed our life drastically. My mom not only had to do her responsibilities as a mother, but as a father too. She had to provide for us solely

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  • Mother Day Essay

    I know Mothers day was coming around in a couple days and I would have to see my mom. Would I know before? If so would I be able to hide it? Mother Days is here and I still know nothing. Waiting by the phone, then it rings. Some women ask for me, then tells me she is the nurse from Linn Community Care Center. She then tells me what would for every change my life the result was positive. There was no more denial now. I had to tell someone to help me though this. While scared of what

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  • The Always Present Mother Essay

    cycle of turmoil every time her daughter leaves.      Although Demeter, as a woman, appears to have the ability to give life with the harvests and child, she also has the ability to take that life away. This is one of the greatest distinctions of the mother archetype. To associate Demeter with life giving qualities, one can only expect the opposite in return. Her depiction of power of the growth to the harvests is simply man’s representation of his own views on woman and their ability to give life and

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  • Essay on My Mother and Sister

    When she twisted her ankle she called her oldest son, who called the youngest, who got mad at his mother. They talked her in to relax several times, but she was bored at home so she couldn’t help it, she had to go and look for the missing girl and the murder. The old woman who is the main character seems a bit lonely. We do not hear about any other persons that the old woman, her sons, the dog and the FBI. ‘‘Then everyone would know she wasn’t crazy’’. ‘Everyone’ as she describes must be the people

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  • The Life of Mother Teresa Essay

    stated that she was firm on her decision, not only because she wanted to do it but because it was a call that God had given her. In response to this choice, Gonxha left Skopje and all of her loved ones. All of this led her to the path of becoming "Mother Teresa" (Chawla, N. 2003). Gonxha was very patient through this entire process, since she had to wait for a long period of time for her to be accepted in the Institute. Afterwards, she was interviewed and admitted in the Institute of the Blessed

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  • Essay on Mother Cabrini Bibliography

    the House of Providence could not be formed into a religious community. However, at the same time she received orders from the bishop to found a new religious institute along with the women whom she had professed her vows with. She was now known as Mother

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  • Mother-Daughter Relationships Essay

    itself must be turbulent. #Mothers especially, can provide the foundation of support and encouragement to counteract these stresses for their daughters, rather than cause them. #In recent years, psychologists have revised their idea of healthy mother-daughter relationships. They have found that most teens are capable of having warm, close relationships with their parents. They care about their parent's opinions and hold their opinions in high regard. Many mothers and daughters who have bad

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  • Essay about Adolescent Mothers

    as it is a high involvement rate. These adolescent mothers would likely not have been involved in the traditional programs. The FAST model McDonald et al. used the FAST model ( Families and School together) combined with multi-family groups in 11 Canadian communities to provide adolescent mothers with an opportunity to share their voices with other adolescent mothers and families(2008). One objective of the model was to provide young mothers with a socially inclusive experience, as opposed to

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  • Mother and Family Essay

    the lake, because it is too risky. The mother is also very emotional. She is incredibly sad, after the death of her husband and daughter. Any mother would be. But she does not seem to blame anyone. She knows Dawn bribed Janie with five dollars, but still is not upset with Dawn, even after she sees the five-dollar bill in Janie’s pockets. Both Dawn and Marla seem very sad about their loss. But Dawn does not mention any of them crying, only their mother. But we do know that Dawn wishes they

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  • Chinese Mothers Are Superior Essay

    However such way of raising kids may sound unrealistic in western society but it seems not to be impossible to execute for any mother because Amy Chua had been through it herself as a kid and she has used the same way for her daughters despite of living in the US. Trough out the article Amy Chua is engaging the readers by giving her own examples of parenting as a Chinese mother, “… Well, I can tell them, because I’ve done it.” (page 6, line 5). This makes the article more reliable, as the readers realize

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  • Mother Knows Best Essay

    A mother cares and worries for her children.  Mother taught me that getting reprimanded does not mean that she loves me less.  On the contrary, she showed me that when she scolds me, it means that she cares for me and worries about me.   Mother has certainly her own flaws but I have come to accept, in fact love every bit of them.  When mom starts to call or page me non-stop, it is either she misses me or she needs something or I have irked her again.  Some may call it nagging, I call it loving

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  • Mother to Son Essay

    “Mother to Son” is a graphic poem, which uses “bold visual images along with the poet’s words” (Calo 351). He uses the stairs as an extended metaphor for life. The mother of the poem explains that life for her has not been effortless like climbing a lovely “crystal stair[case]” (Hughes 23). This image of a pristine, beautiful flight of stairs likely refers to that of the white upper-class, which is in direct contrast to her own. She has had a rough time; the steps of her staircase had "tacks

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