My Personal Experience: The Field Of Social Work

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The field of Social Work has always been an interest for me, but my experience growing up led me more into the field. Personally, I have had a variety of unpleasant experiences while growing up. I grew up in a low-income area. I was fortunate to have a single parent, my mother that provided for my siblings and I. My mother was very firm in our upbringing.
As a senior in high school, I didn 't know what I wanted to do for a career. I did know that I wasn 't going to model or let my surroundings be an example of my future. I entered college only because my mother wanted me to but I later understood for me to have a better tomorrow I needed to attend college. I attended Bryant & Stratton College for one year. In my heart, I knew this wasn 't
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I later on, decided that I wanted to attend a 4-year University. In the midst of dealing with personal issues my brother was killed in 2011. There was an effect that changed in my life; I could no longer look at life the same. I never had experienced what it was to grieve or even how it felt to be depressed. I felt that a change was needed and a new environment. First, I transferred to Norfolk State University and next my family moved to a new home. I started a new beginning. A new beginning of a new chapter in my life going forward.
Norfolk State University was my best chose in choosing a college where I felt comfortable and also could engage with students that were my age and also older. I also loved that I was getting the full college experience by being away from home and staying on campus. The classes were absorbing interest and caught my attention. I felt as if I could relate to others or even gain a better understanding of the different things that I was going through
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I also want to show support and guidance to all clients and meet their needs and expectations. Social work is a helping hand profession, which empowers people to make a change. Attending graduate school will help enhance my understanding of Social Work and also expand more on the information I learned in Undergraduate College. The target population that I would like to work with is at risk teenagers and adolescents. I also want to focus on mental illness with my chosen target population. Early intervention is imperatively important for adolescents and teens and can also be effective. I feel that this is the age where a lot of issues need to be addressed. The teen years can have an influence on their future. I would like to use the skills, meaning, action and power to make a difference in others. My target objective would be to have an influence and also provided clients with the needed help and support to focus on concerning

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