Personal Narrative: How Education Changed My Life

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In 2010 I was a person who was unsure about all the aspects of my life. I felt as if life had no meaning to it. I was afraid of what the future held for me due to the fact that it never seemed to be clear to me. I had no education goals whatsoever, I was extremely unmotivated to succeed in life. I never valued anything that I had, that being the love my family and friends gave me and all the personal belongings that my parents provided me with. Although, I had it all I continued being an ungrateful and selfish person . It was as if I viewed my life in a negative way. Now In 2015, I am a person who is dedicated to pursuing an education that will lead me to the career of my choice which is nursing. I am now extremely grateful for everything I have in my life and most importantly the bond that I now have with …show more content…
Five years ago my educational standards for myself were extremely low. Although I was expected by my family to receive a post secondary education, I had no motivation to do so nor did I care. I just did not have any ambition to be successful. At that time, I thought to myself that I did not need to continue school after I received my high school diploma. Also, I kept thinking that college was not for everyone and it most definitely was not for me. However, I had no guidance because I chose not to. I would avoid everything that had to do with college, I knew nothing about it. It was just a big blur to me whenever someone brought it up. Since it was such a popular topic at family gatherings, and myself being the teenager growing up, my uncles and aunts would constantly ask me about what career I wanted to pursue. My response would always be “I do not know yet.”. I absolutely hated the idea that I had to get a further education. In addition, all of my older cousins attended college. It made me feel more pressure that I was expected to do so also. I always kept to myself about how I really

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