My Experiences Of Being A Half Greek And Half Puerto Rican Girl Growing Up Of A Hispanic Neighborhood

1101 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
In this essay, I’d like to talk about my experiences of being a half Greek and half Puerto Rican girl growing up in a hispanic neighborhood. Sure, I can discuss being a woman or how greatly my race and Greek culture have influenced my life, but I chose to write about the racial discrimination and prejudices I experienced in this specific area of my life because experiences like mine do not get recognized and are hardly ever talked about. They should. I chose this topic because I never get to voice what my experiences were like. The times I had voiced them, they were met with eye rolls from people who thought I was lying and labeled my experiences as fiction.

I grew up in a predominately hispanic neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. I was around all kinds of latin people, from Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Columbians, you name it, I knew them. I changed schools often because of the issues I had with my fellow students and in every school I went to, I was the only caucasian female. For many of the people I went to school with, this was a problem. It didn’t matter if I had some Puerto Rican in me either, if I looked white and mostly had white in me, I was white. At the time, I didn’t know what the words cracker or other derogatory words thrown at me meant, nor did I understand why I received so much negativity. I remember the first time I got called a cracker. Upon hearing this, I laughed because the only kind of cracker I knew, were those delicious Greek treats my grandma would…

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