Does God Exist Research Paper

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The theory you propose is interesting, and provokes much thought; but, are you correct? Something than which a greater cannot be thought exists. I understand you are attempting to prove the existence for God, and I commend you on your attempt; however, I am uncertain that you are taking the correct approach. I encourage you to correct me if I stray from the idea you are trying to convey or if I misunderstand you. I believe that you are trying to say that if God did not exist, we would not, in our limited and finite capacity, be capable of conceiving a being as great as God. The fact we can fathom God proves His existence. Perhaps it should be because God exists we can fathom a being as great as He is. Is this correct? This is difficult. Immediately I am attempting to prove you are wrong. It is my belief that we would be able to fathom a being as transcendent as God …show more content…
Humans tend to create their own ideas by borrowing from what already exists in nature. In this instance, man and a horse. Perhaps this was not a good example after all.
Perhaps we should consider more practical inventions which man has come up with in our history. The one which immediately comes to mind is the wheel. You will agree that wheels do not appear in nature. How did we come up with the idea of the wheel, which has been a significant contribution to humanity. If we consider this further, however, we will quickly see the wheel too has been copied from nature. Humans can observe their surroundings and utilize that which nature provides. It was the observation of round objects in nature which led to the invention of the wheel.
What about the wool spinning wheel? Certainly, you will agree with me that such an invention does not exist in nature. We could spend a lifetime in search of a naturally occurring spinning wheel and not be able to find one. How has man managed to come up with this concept since it does not naturally

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