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  • The World Is A Busy Place

    The world is a busy place. Many demands are made on our time. So how do we squeeze in quality time for ourselves? One thing that I have noticed is people not suffering from Bipolar Disorder, don’t understand how truly draining it is. They make seemingly simple demands on your time and then are confused or even upset when you can’t follow through. I want to give a glimpse into the Bipolar brain to explain why that is. First of all, if you have Bipolar Disorder, you probably spend the majority of

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  • The World Will Be A Better Place If Only Secularist Politics

    hat the world would be a better place if only secularist politics, were comprehensively instituted within political institutions. I will discuss this argument by looking at the issues that arise from theocracy in Iran, specifically the incompatibility of theocracy and democracy, and the issue of entrenching political policies in religious doctrines and what that means for change. I will then examine the different forms that secularism can take. Firstly, by examining the forced atheism of Soviet Russia

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  • Birth Control Access : Making America A Better Place

    Birth Control Access: Making America a Better Place What does the average person think of when they hear “birth control accessibility”? The right to contraceptive medication does not include the legal right to abortions, in fact, it actually decreases the need for them. It is an important part of women’s right and conclusively, everyone’s rights. That’s what anyone should think when they hear those three words. Birth control should be accessible to women nationally because it slows abortion rate

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  • What Makes A Place?

    Gather around, kiddies, and let me explain something important. If you’re going to recommend a place, make sure you know how to get there, or else it will kill the mood. For example, it took us over half an hour before we arrived at Charlie’s and I wasn’t too happy about it. “Sorry about the misdirection,” she said as we walked inside the casual retro diner. “Guess you were right about taking that left turn a while back.” “Figures,” I muttered to myself, holding in the urge to yell at her. “I thought

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  • How For Design A Better Website

    How to Design a Better Website to Help Your Organization to Thrive? Web design is an exciting and fascinating thing, however, its experts frequently have to face different issues starting from dealing with tough clients to cope with several disruptions. Sometimes, as a designer, you must be thinking “Oh man if I knew the stuff I know now I could have changed the previous one”. This is a common thing which is mostly experienced by all of us. In addition to this, web designers should keep up with the

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  • Is Creative Capitalism an Effective Way to Make the World Better?

    effective way to make the world better. It is only effective way to stimulate today’s U.S economic. In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain why I disagree with Bill Gates’ point of view. Capitalism had been existed for over 400 years in human’s history since 1640. Frankly speaking, through capitalism, this world had been changed a lot. A lot of new technology had been innovated during 400 years. Especially in recent 100 years, human beings’ life style is much better than before. To

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  • The Moral Arc : How Science Makes Us Better People

    Michael Shermer’s book The Moral Arc: How Science Makes Us better people, one of the first topics that is introduced to the reader is the one of the oldest arguments in history, Nature vs Nurture. In his book, Shermer proposes the theory that we are all born into this world with some sort of moral compass. Therefore, we all have basic knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. However, the degree to how wrong or right someone views something to be can be shaped by how they are nurtured. Shermer states

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  • How Technology Is Becoming A Better Than Better And Better Efficient Learning Environment

    additional media that encourages a new, different type of learning. All students should be allowed access to their personal or school-issued computers in all classes to create a better and more efficient learning environment. Using computers provides kids with the skills that are necessary in today’s job economy. The world is rapidly changing and adapting to allow the use of more technology in the workplace. Kids will not be successful in their future jobs unless they are fluent in the language of

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  • The World Is A Dangerous Place

    Albert Einstein once said: “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing.” The Civil War started because of differences between the free and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in the territories that had not yet become states. The war was fought from 1861-1865, and it was the bloodiest 4 years in U.S. history. It started when the Confederates bombarded the Union soldiers at Fort Sumter. The

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  • The Importance Of Leadership And Responsibility Makes The World A Better Place

    I’ve always been an insightful induvial and I suppose it is rooted in my belief that the power of leadership and responsibility makes the world a better place. Let me introduce myself ? Hello, my names is Emin Musayev. I am 18 and already a Craftsman Hammer. Not one of those high fashioned or super exclusive titanium hammer, you buy in stores for hundreds of dollars. I am the real and original 1970’s old fashioned Craftsman Hammer made from Oakwood that is nor eye-catching or nor weak. Just your

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  • The World Is Becoming A Much Smaller Place

    The world is becoming a much smaller place and we have to discover how we fit in. We no longer can be ostriches and bury our heads in the sand;, we must learn to communicate and deal with other cultures on a day-to-day basis. Like many other aspects of life, our approach and attitude about the situation can help or hinder the learning—if we are open to explore, the learning can be fun (like learning new recipes, eating interesting food) or if we are not open, it can be like fingernails on chalkboard

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  • What Makes A Place Special?

    What makes a place special? What makes a country special, unique, different? The unknown has always been an interest to me, undiscovered, unventured. As a young girl, the United States of America was the unknown land for me. But after living here for nearly two decades, the wonder has faded and I have discovered the truth behind this once unventured land. Coming to the United States to live had never been the plan. As a kid, the U.S had always been a place where I could see myself visiting

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  • Is It A Better Golfer Or Traveling The World?

    I have a lot of things that are on my bucket list. Whether it’s becoming a better golfer or traveling the world, but one of the things I would love to do is own my own business and create multiple jobs along with multiple dollars. Two businesses that I would personally like to own is an insurance company and a clothing line. Lots of people don’t understand why people want to be business owners. They tend to think of all of the cons to it and not the pros, or they simply just don 't get it at all

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  • Who Has Made The World A Better Place By Giving Those

    Report- Individuals and Groups Oprah Winfrey has made the world a better place by giving those in poverty hope for a better future and giving to those in need throughout her lifetime and career. She is a well-known and influential American figure, who sets a platform for individuals in political, social and personal issues. Oprah was born on January 29, 1954, in Kosciusko, Mississippi, USA from an unmarried young couple. She was raised and nurtured by her grandmother after her parents decided to

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  • The World Is A Tough And Scary Place

    The world is a tough and scary place. This is the message we have always been told. Told by the stories from the media, from our parents, our friends, perhaps even through our own personal experiences. The media are constantly highlighting stories of rape, murder, robbery, etc. Our parents tell us "don 't talk to strangers." It seems as if anywhere, at any time, someone can and will take advantage of you if given the opportunity. Given the increase in riots, police shootings, and threats of terrorism

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  • Going Organic Is Better For The World

    Going organic is better for the world altogether, whether it be for biodiversity, for the economy, for the people.Many studies out there show that going organic is a great life choice that everyone should make. According to some up to date research, the chemicals being sprayed on our crops can harm us mentally and physically. This includes animals and insects that help pollinate the Earth. There are various types of chemicals that affect everyone differently in a negative way. Out of all the human

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  • How Can Make The Average Soccer Player Better Than Average?

    What our “Pitch” is about is how we can make the average soccer player better than average. We are going to do this by improving the ability of a soccer player by increasing speed, giving them dead point accuracy, intensifying their power and making their ball control that of an angel of soccer. The way this is possible is due to the fact that we were finally able to harness the power of the soccer god and circulating his power through each one of the soles and with a little help from Dr. Rickey

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  • Jane Mcgonigal 's : Gaming Can Make A Better World

    I chose to watch and evaluate Jane McGonigal’s : Gaming can make a better world. Jane has worked for the gaming industry to over 10 years developing new ideas and way to get kids more involved in gaming. This topic was one that struck home because I myself love to play video games and I also live within a household that is very involved in playing video games as well. In return this helped me prepare to listen to the speech. It helped to warm me up and get ideas flowing about why it would benefit

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  • Chin A Better World

    Imagine a better world, one where we can finally help our economy, leadership and politics. China could help with that, not only with money but with our technology as well. Think about it, China has so many advancements and higher technology Alexander Graham says that ¨it makes us look like we’re back in the 1870’s when the first phone was invented.¨ We can use China on our side, and now that we’re beginning to be on good terms this really gives us a chance to improve. If we have China on our

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  • How Did Divorce Ever Make A Child 's Life Better?

    Ever since I was little I wondered why my parents separated. Well now I understand. It wasn 't because of lack of money or because they got married young. It was to make my life better. How could divorce ever make a child 's life better? Well I have never had to listen to my parents fight or see the heartache of the divorce but I have had to deal with so many obstacles with this divorce. My mother, Lindsy has always been apart of my life just not as my mother. My parents ended up getting a divorce

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  • A Better Understanding About How Our World Evolved So Influenced By Modern Cultures

    During this course, I achieved a better understanding about how our world evolved, culturally, and how and why, throughout history, certain interactions have occurred, and their resulting effects. I’ve learned that in some parts of the world, cultures were completely influenced by the introduction of other cultures; while some cultures remain steadfast to their origins, even when presented with outside influence or re-establishment into new foreign regions. Acculturation means, upon an influx

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  • Police Brutality : A Better Place

    In order to make the world a better place I would like to see less police brutality through stricter laws in government, a change in the way police are trained, and deeper investigation in issues of police brutality. Police brutality should be lessened because police are meant to be there to protect a community; however, the people being targeted by brutal police tactics, such as racial minorities, feel less safe due to the actions of the police and their abuse of power. This abuse includes taking

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  • The World Is A Place Of Ongoing Crisis

    The current world is a place of ongoing crisis. People live and survive in a crisis cycle; one crisis after another. Either from natural occurring crisis such as hurricanes or earthquake to man made for example war or poverty. Looking at the present day crisis most will assume that crisis is a variable that is inevitable. However, there are many who disagree with the previous idea. Some believe that since the crisis is created by people it can also be destroyed by its creators. For humans are the

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  • Helping The World A Better Place

    What would you do if you had all the money in the world? Would you spend it on yourself? How about your family, friends, or neighbors? If you would spend on them, would you spend money to those in need? There are two print advertisements that strongly believe in helping the world a better place. The first ad is from Bic Wite-out showing the struggles of poverty, and the second ad is from a Chinese company, with a bird committing suicide warning the people of the environment. Bic Wite-out begins

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  • How Race Is The World A Better Place, And The Five Levels Of Leadership

    going through my notes, I found the seven concepts that stood out to me the most. The following are, Race is a social construct, “Life is always fixable”, the three steps to making a video go viral, Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone, RPIE, “Make the world a better place”, and The Five Levels of Leadership. The following concepts are already concepts I use in my everyday life and others and the others I plan on taking with me into my future. To begin, the concept of race. Race is a social construct, meaning

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  • The World Is A Beautiful Place

    Necessary Violence The world is a beautiful place; the way nature works is outstanding. Things in the world are starting to change, and humans are the problem. We, as the population of the world, are deemed to destroy it. Humans do many things as a society to harm the earth. Nations having constant feuds with one another and always ending in troops being deployed. War is a major factor in ruining the earth, and with advances in how war is performed is just a recipe for destruction. Science is taking

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  • How Can You Make Better Decisions?

    one can use thinking to make better decisions is important in Bowen theory. Those who cannot calm the emotions may find it difficult to make good decisions and to separate their own feelings from those of others. They often allow their family to define them and blame themselves for their parents’ problems, their conflicts with siblings, or other family situations (Gilbert, 2008). As Bowen writes, “So much life energy goes into seeking love and approval, or attacking the other for not providing

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  • A Better New World

    A Better New World The Brave New World was a failed attempt at paradise. It’s failure came about the classic casus belli that the ends justify the means. When you have the impossible end of perfection, you have the impossible means of oppression. The very idea of perfection is just a lullaby that sends our brains into slumber, allowing it, and by extension, us the ability to ignore the fact that perfection is impossible. The very attempt to create perfection could be considered a certifiable

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  • What Makes A Better As A Society?

    rich in diversity. We have people from all walks of life coming into this country with the hopes of creating a better future for themselves and their families. This is what makes this country so great to live in. You get to experience and learn from different cultures, ethnicities and religions basically from our backyard. It is one of the great privileges we have. However, we could do better as a society in showing our appreciation for all that immigrants bring to our country. There are many aspects

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  • The World Is A Place That Is Shaped By Stories

    The world is a place that is shaped by stories. Whether it be stories told by individuals or those found in a newspaper, we hear them and, inevitably, they shape our opinions. However, the majority of these headlines have a darker undertone and are related to the atrocities people have committed, not the good. Based on these headlines it is natural to assume that people are inherently evil. This assumption is not true. Although people are born with a sinful nature, the way that they are raised and

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  • How Video Games Make Us Better And How They Can Change The World Written By Jane Mcgonial

    is Broken: Why Games Make us Better and How They Can Change the World written by Jane Mcgonial. The author talks a lot about how video games are taking over the world. Video games are a huge part of this society and its affecting us in different ways; it affects us by changing how we socialize, our obesity rate going up, affecting us in the way we think, but not many pay attention to that and they believe it is helping more but is it really? Video game is destroying our world, but people see it

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  • The World Is Not A Black And White Place

    The world is not a black and white place. While it’s easy to know right from wrong in concepts of killing someone, or a less extreme of lying, it’s also important to note that the entire picture plays a part in the ultimate decision made. My views on looking at the entire picture and recognizing exceptions I believe I fall into the Feminine Moralists. When I think about situations I often see myself trying to think about what options can be taken to resolve the issue. After thinking of some of

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  • Building A Better Place And Solar Energy

    With so many issues going on in the community, it may be a good idea for the community to use its resources to its own advantage. The idea is to improve conditions to make our community a better place and solar energy is one way of solving multiple problems with one solution. By using solar power, it eliminates chances of being harmed by loose or dangerous power lines, therefore improving safety hazards. Society has come a long way thanks to pioneers such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison,

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  • Who Would Make A Better President?

    Who would make a better President? The candidate who offends people because of where they come from and what their beliefs are, or the candidate who believes that immigrants who come into this country are looking for a better future and is willing to do anything and everything in her power to make everyone feel equal. Would you rather have the candidate that has no political experience, or the candidate that has thirty-five years under her belt? For example Hillary Clinton served as the first lady

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  • How Consumer Behavior Should Make Us Better Consumers

    obvious is for marketing strategy— to execute a better operation for the marketing campaign. One example of this is when food markets understand that consumers are more sensible to food advertisements when they are hungry. Therefore, they schedule snacks and other food advertising during late afternoons. This is why social marketing involves getting ideas across to consumers, rather than selling a product. Studying consumer behavior should make us better consumers. There are 4 main types of factors

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  • Fallacies Simply Make Conversations Better

    Fallacies Simply Make Conversations Better If you lose your pen, you will not be able to take notes. If you do not take notes, you will not study. If you do not study, you will fail. If you fail, you will not receive a diploma. If you do not receive a diploma, you will not get a job. If you do not get a job, you will not have money. If you do not have money, you will not have food. If you do not have food, you will get skinny. If you get skinny, you will get ugly. If you get ugly, you will have

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  • The World Can Be An Amazing Place

    The world can be an amazing place. With its wonders, anyone can be captivated by its brilliance. However, the world also has unrealistic expectations of gender roles. These expectations can cause a person to develop numerous insecurities. Thus, an individual may desire a haven where he or she may truly be able to express him or herself. One psychologist, Leslie Bell, explored the concept of splitting, in her Selections from Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom,

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  • We Must Make The World A Better Place Environmentally Is Recycle

    One small thing people should be willing to do that will make the world a better place environmentally is recycle. This can be reflected by several different ways such as: Carbon footprint,Tragedy of the Commons,Use of natural resources, cause of global warming, and its repercussions. By comparing the current consequences vs the possible outcomes, it will be clear that this small change will make an enormous impact on the world. A carbon footprint is defined as: The total amount of greenhouse

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    Discussion 2 HOW DID THE LIFE OF JESUS MAKE AN IMPACT UPON THE WORLD OF HIS DAY? HOW DOES THE LIFE OF JESUS MAKE AN IMPACT UPON TODAY'S SOCIETY? Suddenly, they were willing to give their lives to tell Jesus’ story to the world. Many were tortured and killed because they proclaimed Jesus was alive. Skeptics and enemies were also transformed. Jesus’ younger brother, James, didn’t think Jesus was anybody special. But after his resurrected brother appeared to him, James not only believed

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  • How Voters Will Help Make America Better

    How Voters Will Help Make America Better It is 2016, a new presidential election year, and the game of politics have began. We have quite an interesting lot of candidates this year. There is a celebrity Donald Trump, a woman Hillary Clinton, an African American Ben Carson, an Hispanic Marco Rubio and the socialist Bernie Sanders. Never before have the presidential candidates been so diverse in culture or political standings. The real question is who will take on the title of Commander in Chief

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  • How Children Can Make A Better Learning Environment

    Teaching careers, the biggest achievement, we can make is to succeed in creating a supportive environment which nurtures. Focusing on teaching practices that help meet the needs of that child and help create a better learning environment. It is very important for teachers who are teaching with students with Autism to always keep their language simple and concrete because teachers who use few words as possible can be able to get their point across. Just to make sure the children understand what the teacher

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  • The World Is Not An Inherently Bad Place

    technology is making it increasingly common to have communications with people and groups across previously uncrossable boundaries, and humans are constantly breaking records and norms to challenge what we believe is possible. The world is not an inherently bad place, but we have our problems. While we are accomplishing all of these amazing feats, we are also polluting our air and allowing greenhouse gases to accumulate in our atmosphere. Sources of life sustaining water are being contaminated

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  • Should We Make The World A Better Place?

    Teaching How would it feel to start a change? Every person dreams of doing something great, they want to be a famous rock star, own a huge corporation, or perhaps fight fires. Some just want to make the world a better place. In 2007 and 2008, some 76 percent of public school teachers were female, 44 percent were under age 40, and 52 percent had a master’s or higher degree ( To change to world starts with the leaders of tomorrow; When Jenny Seib, a teacher

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  • The World And A Very Small Place

    Globalization has been one of the major central theme in world History. Though there isn’t a specific definition for globalization, many school of thoughts have different ways of explaining the considerable points of what it means to be globalized. However, in the third edition of his book “the world and a very small place in Africa”, Donald R Wright presents much broader scale leading to globalization of the world by reflecting on the past shaping the present, perhaps through intercultural relationships

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  • How Discrimination Can Take Place Around The World

    forms has been a constant battle. Centuries later is still affecting the world extensively today. There are various ways discrimination can take place around the world. Whether it is discrimination of gender, race, appearance, religious beliefs…etc. it is still a sensitive issue happening every day. All of these types of discrimination have taken place throughout the years and have found some resolution in trying to better this world for the coming generation. Although progress has been made in trying

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  • School Is The Safest Place For The World

    Schools. A place where children are educated to prepare them for the world, but there is more to it than just a place of education. Schools are the place where students can socialize and make friends, and it is the place that does not discriminate because it is where children and parents from different races or ethnicity gather. School is the safest place for a child to grow up and learn. Some argue with these statements, because some schools are not safe, and some schools discriminate. These people

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  • The World Is A Place Full Of People

    The world is a place full of people who will face different circumstances and situations. At times, it depends on the lifestyle the individual either was born into, involved in, or heavily associated with, that can sometimes be the predictor of how their life will turn out. Whether the circumstances are positive or negative, only that individual can decide what they will allow to influence them. Furthermore, no matter how deep a person is involved in something, he/she will always have the ultimate

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  • The World Is Filled With Dark Places

    ‘The world is filled with dark places, which makes it hard at times to see the light; and with its intangible nature, leaving only disparities in its wake, one can only hope of surviving through the darkness, making it to the other side unscathed.’ Gottlieb Ellsworth replays these words in his head, laying alone in his prison on the murky surface of the hard floor, feeling partially at peace with finally revealing his story to someone, even if that person did not believe him. Gottlieb shortly afterward

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  • How Technology Makes The World Smaller

    How Technology Makes the World Smaller The idea that the world is becoming flatter all the time is a very interesting idea. Saying the world is becoming flatter or talking about globalization, means that people all over the world are becoming more connected. There are many things that have and are contributing to the making of a flatter world such as advances in transportation and overall greater wealth. However, technology is the driving force behind a flatter world. The forces that lead to a

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  • A Better World By Karl Popper

    In the collection of essays, In Search of a Better World, Karl Popper, in which he is most know for rejecting the scientific method, embraces the idea of empirical science. His disagreement stemmed from the notion that science can never be proven, but it may be falsified. These ideas are reflection of previous noted philosophers such as Plato and Socrates with respect to academics, which are expanded upon and are implemented in today’s science society. Popper also explains the concept of an “open

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