How to Make the World a Better Place Essay

  • If A Story Moves You Act On It Analysis

    Stories are a powerful way to get a message across. In the TED Talk, "If a Story Moves You, Act On It" by Sisonke Msimang, she talks about the limitations of storytelling and how storytelling can help make the world a better place. Msimang claims that justice is what makes the world a better place, not stories. The reason why she says that is because stories usually fail to paint the bigger picture. Although stories don’t make the world the better place, the audience can help by being more curious, and more skeptical about the subject of the story. Without doing so, the reader’s ability to understand and empathize with the subject of the reading will hinder them in making the world a better place. Social Justice can make the world a better place because of the equality that result from it. Social justice is the fair treatment of laws that treats everyone equally no matter the race, gender, or religion. It has been around since the mid-1850s. Today, social justice has become one of the biggest problems the world faces, more specifically in the United States. This issue has become a problem because it divides the community, which causes anger towards one another. Simang's Ted talk, "If a Story Moves You, Act On It" says, "I know very well that we need credible facts from media institutions combined with the powerful voices of storytellers. That's what pushes the needle forward in terms of social justice" (09:25). Without a story, it's hard for someone's unfair social justice…

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  • Essay On The Purpose Of Education To Make The World A Better Place

    about, but that quote caught your attention. Every since I was a wee child, I have always thought the purpose of education is to prepare students for the real world. Though, after experiencing public school, I completely disagree. I still have no idea how to write a check, let alone be an adult. After really looking education over, I honestly believe the purpose of education is to make the world a better place. In making the world a better place first, we would need to pass knowledge onto future…

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  • Importance Of Waste

    Waste In today’s life and generation, our world is full of waste. Almost everywhere you go you will find trash polluting our world. People think it’s ok to throw their trash any where. Not only is it unhealthy for our environment, but it’s also bad for humans to breathe in. Some of the trash and waste can be hazardous to our health and it’s not a good thing to be surrounded by and certainly is unpleasant to look at. Bottles, food, electronics, clothes are some good examples of all the stuff…

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  • Analysis Of The Good, The Bad, And The Evil By Michael Green

    The Good, The Bad, and The Evil: A Look at the Word Today In the beginning of modern civilization, there was a concern that the world would become more violent; however, Steven Pinker sheds a new light on the fact that violence is actually declining. Over many centuries, the world has become a more tranquil place for humans to live. Michael Green further explores this hypothesis by illustrating that the world over many years is becoming a better place for societies all over the world. Pinker…

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  • Culture And Culture: Black Or White, By Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson is a well-known artist and dancer around the world. Michael started his music career at a young age along with his siblings and father who played a mentor like role throughout his start of his music career. Michael Jackson talent was noticed as soon as his career took off, with his recognized talent Michael Jackson and the Jacksons became very famous. It wasn’t just Michael who was noticed at that time but his siblings as well they all pursued their own successful career paths,…

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  • World Without Peace Essay

    Without peace there is war. War is one of the ugliest things in the world. The consequences are horrific. Families are torn apart, lives and homes are destroyed, and people are permanently changed. These consequences are what inspire me to make the world a better place. To push for a world with peace. A world without war. Inspiration like this is needs because without inspiration and passion no one will want to follow us as the Dalai Lama points out. The Dalai Lama talks about the…

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  • Cultural Diversity Reflection Paper

    The Cultural Diversity in School class was well-known for teaching students how to be a better educators and better future teachers. It was well-known for giving students the support, the experience, and the opportunity to be able to participate in class projects as well as community project services. For my experience and throughout the semester at the course, I believe I achieved the goal of my role as student and as a future educator. Throughout the semester I was trying to find a way…

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  • Home Of Human Science Essay

    The Home of Human Sciences Annie Danielson a wise philosopher once said, “Home is where our story begins” and so our story will begin. Home is anywhere a person can be themselves and can feel comfortable there without feeling pressured. When Human Science majors think of their home at Iowa State they think of one building in particular, Palmer, the Human Development and Family Studies Building. Palmer is the utmost significant place on campus for Human Science majors because of the history of…

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  • The Seven Concepts Of Race

    Over the semester, we’ve learn a lot of information and strategies, from ways to persuade an audience to simple quotes in our everyday lives. After going through my notes, I found the seven concepts that stood out to me the most. The following are, Race is a social construct, “Life is always fixable”, the three steps to making a video go viral, Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone, RPIE, “Make the world a better place”, and The Five Levels of Leadership. The following concepts are already concepts I use…

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  • Examples Of Optimism In Candide

    exactly Voltaire purposed to be the solution, if any, to the question of evil in this world. In the following essay I will examine Alexander Pope’s “ESSAY ON MAN” to provide context for Voltaire’s conclusion. I will also briefly explore Voltaire’s beliefs on the nature of God. Finally, I will specifically analyze the last few paragraphs of Candide, ultimately demonstrating that Voltaire does believe evil exists within our world and its man’s duty to make it a better place. Alexander Pope’s great…

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