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    until December of 2011 that he was gay. You would think it would have been more of shock but it wasn’t. We kind of had a feeling that he was. It made are family closer in a way. My brother does want to get married some day. When he does he hopes he can get married in the state where he group up in California (Horton). To add on the hurt same-sex marriage and straight marriage do not have the same rights. Same-sex couples are denied equal access to civil marriage. If same-sex couples enter a civil

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    He says of marriage, “[It is] a social and voluntary contract between a man and woman in order to protect money, property and children. Marriage is a civil union without the benefit of clergy or religious definition” (Moody 148). The state based definition does not nessicarily care why people are getting married but rather secures their futures in a civil or rather financial term. When defining how the church sees marriage, the author states plainly and to the point that, “marriage is a sacred

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    Our neighbor to the north, Canada, legalized gay marriage in the provinces of: Ontario (June 10, 2003), British Columbia (July 8, 2003), Quebec (March 18, 2004), Yukon Territory (July 14, 2004), Manitoba (September 16, 2004), Nova Scotia (September 24, 2004), Saskatchewan (November 5, 2004), and finally Newfoundland and Labrador (December 21, 2004). In Canada, gay marriage is available to anyone, residents and non-residents. However there is a stipulation. To obtain a divorce a partner would have

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    In the article, others think that it should be up to the state’s decision on whether or not gay marriage should be present among that state. I completely agree it should be the decision of the people and their viewpoint on this case. Being a part of this nation, the United States we have rights and our rights are important in scenarios such as this. Being discriminated and not having the same rights as another person because of how we feel for the same sex shouldn’t be an issue in our society. If

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    Same sex marriage has no clear relationship to any religion, or discrimination against any religion; although the vast amount of criticism from religion authorities has held in keeping same sex marriage illegal. Marriage is placed on a pedestal by religious groups; undermining the statistics of high divorce rates and single parent homes. Religious individuals attempt to prohibit same sex marriage because it goes against traditional family norm. Christians believe that procreation is the key to

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    They should be treated equally and it shouldn’t be up to the government to decide how marriage is allowed. Approving gay marriage also helps unite couples legally and not just religiously. This means that same-sex couples don’t just get married at a local church, but also get legal, government documents that state that the couple is married, which in turn could give the gay couple the chance to be able to adopt children. In the state of California, married couples are not allowed to adopt children

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    resource for an argument against gay marriage is not the best because of its contradictions. Some people may even say that legalizing gay marriage would eventually lead to legalizing incest, bestial, and polygamous marriages. This argument is possibly one of the worst because there is nothing that can prove it. There is more evidence against gay marriage causing the legalization of these other types of marriage. Out of all of the countries that have legalized gay marriage, none of them have come anywhere

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    Clause is that it gives the power to Congress to allow the states to reject gay marriage licenses. Which means that it gives authority to the states to prescribe the manner in which the acts are considered by the states. But everything reaches back to the public and which by the congress is elected by the public, and Congress can either vote to approve the Act, or leave it as which continues on to the Defense of Marriage Act being revisited the second time. The third time that the Act was revisited

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    premise if obvious when considering the people that have the constitutional right to marriage – convicted felons, child molesters, murderers, rapists and other criminals (even if they are in prison). I find it hard to believe that these kinds of people always create the optimum environment to raise children. In addition, marriage is granted by the state and is a secular activity; creating laws against gay marriage based on the fact that most religions consider homosexuality to be immoral undoubtedly

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    Religious Aspect of Gay Marriage Sometimes, we get so carried away by our own faith that we neglect and even force our faith on others. In America freedom of religion allows an individual to pursue the practice of their religion without governmental interference. It gets real confusing when the law allows us rights of equality, but at the same time stops them to follow the purest of all sentiments “LOVE”. In the evolution process, at some point of society, every religion was created to keep the

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    most simple, natural, and the most human instinct in the world [So let gays marry]. “ However, Bennett disagrees once more and talks about moral issues concerning same-sex marriage. “It’s [marriage] an honorable estate, instituted of God and built on moral, religious, sexual, and human realities. Marriage is based on natural theology.” Both sides of the argument are strong, and many opinions are bias. Myself, I believe that gays should marry, however, Bennett makes a good argument on the “God Level”

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    and hours about gay marriage because of all the events that have occurred in time I must stick the most modern accounting of gay marriage and the governments role in the subject of homo sexuals marrying. In the country of denmark the government was convinced that the concept of registering as a same sex couples getting married or agreeing to a as what we see it a civil union. This pioneering country voted on a law to register domestic partnership of gay couples on May 26, 1989

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    celebrate their commitment to one another and have the same benefits of marriage as heterosexual couples. Against arguments can be made about the churches having to accept gay married couples in the church. Evidently based on strong religious beliefs all major churches in the USA all are against same sex marriages. Accepting gay marriage will lead churches to have to marry couples and children will have to be taught that same sex marriage is socially accepted. Nevertheless, churches would not have to

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    executive coming out against same-sex marriage. Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee called this day “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” (Shapiro, 2012). Many activists have come out against them because they continue to give millions of dollars to groups who advocate GAY MARRIAGE 3 against gay rights (Shapiro, 2012). This has really taken a toll on gay employees who are afraid to speak

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    marrying same-sex couples, and the country's experiment with legal same-sex marriage began. Gay marriage would undermine sodomy laws. Many conservative religionists privately oppose gay marriage in part because it would undermine the legal basis for sodomy laws, which, even though they have been deemed unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, are still dreamed of by those who would seek to legalize discrimination against gays. It would be hard to justify, before a court, allowing a couple to marry

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  • Gay Marriage: The Truth Essay

    that legalizing gay marriage would solve issues and turn out to be a great convenience to everyone! The main points I would like to address are the adoption benefits to the underprivileged children in need of homes, the Christian religious beliefs that should not determine the United States laws based upon the separation of church and state, and the marriage rights that are withheld from the gay community that heterosexuals married couples are allowed. Initially, legalizing gay marriage would allow

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    According to an article by Benjamin Radford with Discovery News, “Two-percent of Americans identify as gay.” (Radford, 2011) You may be thinking that this percentage is much lower than you had expected. The gay community may be a minority; in the world, people all obey a “majority” rule. It means people tend to consider the majority people’s idea as a right thought. For example, a teacher makes a question in the class, and 80% of students choose answer A. 20% of students choose answer B. obviously

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    couples as marriage does to heterosexual couples. While same sex marriages are not legal in the United States, Canada allows them. Over the summer the Canadian federal government decided not to contest the ruling of three provincial courts that had all came to the conclusion that denying homosexuals the right to marry violated Canada’s constitution. Canada, following the Netherlands and Belgium, is the first country in the western hemisphere to give full-fledged martial rights for gays and lesbians

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    interracial marriages. Marriage plays an important role not only in people's experience of daily living but also in our culture's received ideals. Marriage viewed as a cultural ideal is one way to explain the strength of the backlash against gay marriage. Legally married heterosexuals would not lose any legal right or material benefit if gays were allowed to get legally married (Mohr 22). Then why the fuss? There is no moral reason to support civil unions and not same- sex marriage unless one believes

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    Gay couples do not have the same rights in this country that heterosexual couples enjoy. For example, if I were to go into the hospital or die, under the current laws of this country, my partner would have no rights where I was concerned. My family could forbid him from seeing me in the hospital or attending my funeral. He would not have any say in the way that I would be cared for or in my final wishes. My family could also challenge any will I would have in place and try to shut him out of any

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    Congress attempted to address this problem in the Defense of Marriage Act which I mentioned above although; through civil rights it was not made clear that the administration would vigorously defend this act of Congress. Furthermore, the State says that everyone is equal and has the same rights as everyone else. Most states do not allow same-sex marriages to have the same legal recognition as mixed gender marriages and as a result, homosexuals feel that they are being belittled because of the

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    the white public schools, it would diminish the education system. Correspondingly, those who are against gay marriages fear if homosexuals are allowed to unite under the phrase “marriage” the institution value will weaken.      There are apparent differences between respecting the rights of homosexuals and protecting the term “marriage”. Colin Megill believes that in a perfect world, marriage would simply be a word and civil unions would be separate but equal. He acknowledges the fact that as a society

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  • Gay Marriage Persuasive Essay

    The other 7 understand the rights of each individual just like I do. So I am here to argue why I think those other 43 states should legalize same sex marriage. You may ask yourself why is she arguing this topic? Why would she care? My answer to you is because I think everyone deserves equal rights. How is a gay male different then a straight male? Same for woman how is one different from the other. They all pay taxes, they all go to work, they all have families just like you and I. Pathos: One

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    It can be assumed to mean that since gay marriage is not of the natural or normal way of doing things, it must be incorrect and looked down upon by our society that strives for perfection. Yet, if you look at our nature, our mother nature, you won't see any perfection at all. Since homosexuality in dogs, lions, cows, etc., is quite common and regular, you can no longer say that gay marriage is unnatural because nature, in itself, is unnatural. There are also men and women in our country who have

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    A study on gay fathers, lesbian mothers, and biological families was done by a sociologist named Mark Regnerus, proving that same-sex marriage is detrimental to child rearing and upbringing. Three thousand representative people were chosen to complete a survey questionnaire, and of these, 175 reported that their mother had a same-sex romantic relationship while they were growing up, and 73 said the same about their father. The homosexual parents were compared with outcomes for children raised by

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    same-sex marriage since the 1990s (Pewresearchcenter, 2012). Growing up in a Cristian household I was always taught “judge and be judge” and “love thy neighbor”, yet religious groups use gods words to withhold another person’s happiest is quite isolating. Even though having or raising a child is not nor was ever a qualification to marry, religious groups believe that procreation among is another spiritual barrier. Another controversial issue on the religious aspect of same-sex marriage is the subject

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  • Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

    people disagree with it, but it will never be changed. People are going to do what they wish, because every human being is different, and whoever wants them all to be the same, has bigger problems than disagreeing to gay marriage. If a couple, gay or not has a love that deserves a marriage, why deny them that right when others who don’t deserve anything in this world are granted it so easily? So what bothers everyone so much? I mean since this is a free country and all, and everyone has privacy and

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    for loopholes that would somehow allow my ethical beliefs to be justified by the States. However, as much I did search with intention, I finally came to the conclusion that I could not find a good case to support my claim against same-sex marriages. The foundation of America is based up the belief that every man, and recently, every woman, has the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Indeed, it appears that through prohibiting the union of one person to another

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  • Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

    In a marriage there is one thing that truly matters: love. Yes, other things are important too, but not one couple would make it to even asking someone to marry them if there was not some love. Las Vegas, Nevada is also known for being the place where many weddings occur which are annulled within one week. These marriages are not based off love, but simply a drunken night in Vegas. High divorce rates weaken what a marriage is defined as. Why are we not able to rewrite what a marriage stands for and

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  • Gay Love and Marriage is Natural Essay

    In America today there are several forms of marriage. The most accepted is a living arrangement that is supported through a legal contract of two people of the opposite sex. This describes a heterosexual monogamous marriage. Polygamous marriage would include more than one wife or husband at the same time. A marriage that is not contracted with a legal binding is a common law marriage. Gay marriages are also a part of today’s American society. Gay marriages are two people of the same-sex joining in

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