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  • Gay Marriage And Gay Rights

    How we look at the gay marriage? did they have freedom in the U.S? What are they rights? In 1958, the supreme court of the United States said they can’t support gay marriage. Through this journey from that time to now, American change a lot of rules for the gay marriage as a legal protection against discrimination, they can marry in at least seventeen states and adopt children (Walter Frank 1).In additional they can get married at most in 36 states(Stewart, Catriona). I do not look at same-sex marriage as a sin like a lot of religion people. Because they are human like me just they hormones are different. Also, we live in civilized century. They have rights to lives like others and have normal life. The other thing people can’t tell they should get married or not? In my essay I will argument how U.S.A gives a lot of rights to the gay people. I am not against of same-sex marriage. My purpose of this essay is to look at in general what are the gay rights for adopting child, job opportunity, death and taxes rights. I want to discuss why I am agree with the gay marriage and the U.S gives to the gay people a lot of rights. In the other words, homosexual people can express their feels without fear. Firstly, in the gay marriage, the question of adoption always arises, making it one of the biggest issues. At the moment, Adoption in the gay community is now legal. Adoption has influenced many of the gays to adopt children, and form a family with their loved one, but as stated by…

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  • Recognition Of Gay And Gay Marriage

    Recognition of gay and lesbian marriage with respect to Federalism 1. Edited Book - The lesbian and Gay Movement and the state edited by Manon Tremblay, David Paternotte and Carol Johnson This books points out the growing recognition of lesbian and gay, in short LGBT, rights around the world. Despite the many obstructions with regards to researching and investigating on LGBT, this book aims to bring light on the relationship between the state and LGBT movements, focusing on two key queries:…

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  • The Challenges Of Gay Marriage And Gay Sex Marriage Services

    Gay Marriage and Gay Marriage Services The Supreme Court ruling is being followed but on the edges of that ruling are loopholes being jumped through. Gay marriages are now legal, but the service providers for their weddings are now denying them their specific service. That comes from baking the cakes to photography for the weddings. These are all essential for a wedding in this day and age. Should this behavior continue to be allowed? “Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined…

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  • Sex Marriage And Gay Marriage

    what gender Robin is, or whether Don is actually short for Donna. Based on the first answer, the difference of only a couple of letters for the second makes a world of difference. Despite receiving more support and rights lately, gay and lesbian couples are still made to feel alienated from the rest of society. Nowhere is that more prominent than the issue of gay marriage. According to a recent poll from the Pew Research Center, over half of Americans now favor gay marriage. Even the Supreme…

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  • Gay Marriage And Homosexual Marriage

    Homosexual marriage is a relationship of two people of the same sexuality being married. In my opinion, everyone should be given the option to marry whoever they want. Happiness is the most important thing of all. Despite knowing better, denying homosexuals the right to marry is discrimination, unconstitutional, and will cause homosexuals stress Denying homosexuals the right to marry is discrimination, unconstitutional An advantage of legalizing homosexual marriage is the child adoption…

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  • Gay Marriage And Marriage

    Another point worth to mention here is that the past and current definition of marriage on the books of any state laws in the Union never specified of men and women. For example, the Wex legal dictionary defines marriage as: "The combination of a couple as husband and wife. The basic elements are: (1) both parties have the legal capacity to marry, (2) the consent of both parties, and (3) a marriage contract as the law requires. " The reason for this definition of marriage says nothing about the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Gay Marriage

    same-sex marriage. Yet, same-sex marriage continues to be a highly debated issue. If we are discriminating against gay marriage then we are not the true land of the free. I believe men and women should be able to love freely and not be shamed by it. Marriage is a great factor in the United States. To some people it’s what we live for; is to get married and start a family. To not give everyone the same opportunity to have a happy marriage and family is unlike us. This problem is bringing a lot…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Gay Marriage

    Marriage is a commitment of private love between two people, yet homosexuals have been denied the right to make their marriage recognized in most states in America. The people who are against gay marriage believe in protecting traditional marriage between a man and a woman (Jones). They argue that homosexuality isn’t natural, therefore it shouldn’t be accepted in our society. Also, they say that a child can be raised best in an environment with a mother and a father, and that having gay…

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  • Gay Marriage Argument

    What exactly is gay marriage? Some believe it is wrong or sinful while others believe it is a civil right. If you break down the two terms, you will see that the issue is not just black or white. The term homosexual, according to You May Ask Yourself (Conley, 2013, p. 302), means “the social identity of a person who has sexual attraction to and/ or relations with other persons of the same sex". Marriage, however, does not have a solid definition. No one can seem to agree on what marriage really…

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  • The Importance Of Gay Marriage

    there are political, social, and legal barriers that restrict gay marriage within the state boundaries. In pursuing the “American Dream”, gay marriage is a natural right given to every human living his or her life in this country. Natural, inalienable, rights provide a way of life in which eternal love is an example of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals should be granted the right to marry. As passive as the James Madison:…

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