Jeffress And Gay Marriage

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Jeffress does an excellent job at grabbing the attention of many religious conservative people. At many times during his article, he mentions God not agreeing with homosexuality and presents many statements about how the Supreme Court’s decisions affects those Christians that disagree with gay marriage. “I believe that ultimately churches that refuse to honor same-sex marriage may face government sanctions—including the loss of their tax-exempt status—for refusing to honor same-sex unions”(Jeffress, 2015). Jeffress once again inflicts more hate towards gay individuals. He suggest that gay marriage is only a burden to many churches and religious individuals because they can't fully display their bigotry the way the entend to. “The California

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    Dr. Robert Jeffress, a pastor of the 12,000 member First Baptist Church in Dallas and a Fox News Contributor, writes about how marriage is to be entitled to only one man and one woman. He implies that the Supreme Court had a made a “tragic error” with traditional marriage by giving the right to same-sex marriage and opposing God. Jeffress supports his claim by using, rhetorical questions, quotes, and figurative language along the way. These strategies were used to convince his audience the Supreme…

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