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  • Film Analysis Essay

    The story in this film is told in an odd way, as the main character has no short-term memory. The director reveals the story through forward flashes of things that are to come to compensate for his unreliable memory. The way the story was told in the film is what remains in the viewers mind after seeing the film, making its theme one based on the style of the movie. In most serious films, the action and characters have significance beyond the context of the film itself - a significance that helps

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  • Film Analysis of Gladiator Essay

    the backbone of the film; without a plot, nothing else matters, and the movie has no substance. The final piece of criterion is how well the film uses emotion to appeal to its audience. The amount of emotion that a film radiates and causes its audience to experience is the main factor in separating the good films from the great ones. The emotions that a movie calls forth are the biggest contributors to the audiences’ opinions and reactions to the film. If a movie wants

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  • Essay on Film Analysis on Serendipity

    It’s such a disaster to act so rashly. It is important to take into consideration that this is romance, and none the less a romance in today’s film industry. That should take down expectations a bit more. But even if I ignore analyzing all of those aspects that bothered me. I am still not entirely convinced these two had anything. Acting in this film was decent enough, the characters were developed enough to carry the weight of the story. But the only interesting chemistry that I saw. The relationship

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  • Film Analysis: THe Gladiator Essay

    his father in 180 AD and he was murdered thirteen years later on December 192 AD. Ward & Allen 2001, Even though the Gladiator has not precisely shown time covered, it appears Commodus was murdered not more than two years later. In conclusion, the film Gladiator gave a well-built depiction of the gladiatorial games in the Roman Empire, but it failed in the

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  • Sankofa Film Analysis Essay

    raised believing the white man’s religion instead of what the slave’s religion was. Which goes back to Joe being different from the others, because he didn’t do anything that made him who he really was; It was like he was living a lie. I think this film raised awareness to African descent’s because many may not know how life was like for the slaves. A lot of people fail to realize that they endured so much just for us as an African American community. The

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  • Media Film Poster Analysis Essay

    thrill of the action film and set an overall tone. Animation film posters also follow specific codes and conventions to promote and advertise its film; my chosen animation film poster was ‘Toy Story 3’ which is a Disney film. Disney’s target audience are always aimed at families with children, each Disney film has a moral and aims to teach children that good always wins over evil, so aspects of this moral will be portrayed through their film poster. A major part of all animation film posters is their

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  • White Chicks: Film Analysis Essay

    ideologies which may surround their ethnicity. Ultimately, the majority of the comedic relief in the film is reliant on the audience and their knowledge of recognizable and established stereotypes shaping “social control” (Shohat & Stam, 198). This allows the film to create a relationship between itself and the viewers, since the viewers are able to understand and recognise these stereotypes making the film possibly financially successful because of its wide target audience of both white and black demographic

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  • Essay on A Clockwork Orange Film Analysis

    consequences to his actions but he does not care. His moral disregard can not be changed by anyone, even the government doctors, as depicted in Clockwork Orange. Freewill may be the one possession that can not be taken from a man.      I enjoyed the film a great deal. At first things seemed a little strange and the dialogue was not always completely intelligible but once I understood some of what was going on I found it interesting. I think I might try reading the book so I can imagine the scenes and

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  • Essay on The Dark Crystal Film Analysis

    missing shard of “the Dark Crystal”, leading the hero to the object of search, which demonstrates the fifteenth function of Propp. The hero now experiences special change and gives the hero all more reason to continue on his journey. Throughout the film, vulture like creatures known as the Skesis continue to send out Garthims, crustacean like puppets who serve as soldiers for the Skesis, to stop the Gelfling from uniting the missing shard with “the Dark Crystal”. For example in the scene where Aughra

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  • Essay Film Analysis of the Constant Gardener

    to realize the corruption taking place around him and that Bernard may have had something to do with Tessa’s murder. The reaction shot from Justin, when Kenny makes a snide remark comparing Justin’s wife to a bitch, marks a turning point in the film from Justin’s uncertainty to a desire to bring justice to the situation. His face does not just show anguish and confusion anymore; his expression is vengeful and primal. Another turning point occurs during the scene where there is a cutaway with the

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  • Film Analysis of Malick's Badlands (1973) Essays

    the film, Holly comments in her voice-over ‘He was handsomer than anybody I’d ever met. He looked just like James Dean.’ Even the police officer towards the end of the film comments on how Kit looks like James Dean. These references however make a reading of Kit difficult; the characters are masked behind pop cultural references. Hannah Patterson’s collection of essays ‘The cinema of Terrence Malick: poetic visions of America’ (2007) draws attention to critic Pauline Kael’s review of the film, who

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  • Essay on Analysis of the Film Ling Leopold´s Ghost

    his dislike for his family, and his sexual depravity made him a man of bereft of redeeming qualities. The filmmakers expressed these views throughout their film and it seems that any attempt to humanize Leopold would be next to impossible. Whether the information in regard to Leopold’s personal life is accurate or not the main crux of the film is that he was a pitiless tyrant while he controlled the Congo, this position appears to be supported by facts and accounts

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  • Essay about Mel Gibson's Braveheart: Film Analysis

    sentence “Based on a true story” before a film, they believe that the movie is like an animated history book that will give them all of the details and events in an interesting two hour format; however, what is not understood by the majority of viewers is that film makers have to embellish the truth a bit to make money and earn good ratings. Viewers may be surprised to hear that their favorite films aren’t completely truthful. Some popular historical films that have significant inaccuracies are 300

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  • Essay Film Analysis: Julio Cesar Chavez

    is precise. This film was an excellent opportunity to show Filipino strike leaders such as Larry Itliong, Pete Velasco, Philip Vera Cruz, Ben Gines, Andy Imutan alongside Mexican leaders such Chavez, Dolores Huerta and Gil Padilla as they performed the daunting task of organizing workers and creating and sustaining an alliance. Their strategies, cooperation and solidarity resulted in the nation’s first successful farm labor union, the United Farm Workers. However sadly, the film narrative is overwhelmingly

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  • Research and Analysis on Walt Disney´s Film: Song of the South

    I was particularly intrigued by this film because of the lack of presence it has in conversations about Disney and Disney’s filmography. What also intrigued me was that upon my initial research for the film, I discovered that Splash Mountain—one of my favorite rides—was actually based on the film itself. As I began to delve deeper into my research, the hope of finding a wealth of information on the production aspects of the film began to dwindle quite rapidly, but what I did discover was that most

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  • Do the Right Thing (Spike Lee) Film Analysis Essay

    sense of relief as the characters feel in theses scenes. Lee’s usage of color is to help the audience feel, on a deeper level, what the characters in the film are feeling. Whether it be from the actual heat of the sun or the heat produced by the tension in the neighborhood and with “the man”. The most tension and hate filled moment in the film is topped off with a fire burning bright oranges and reds. Lee also made sure to allow the audience to experience more than just hate (or heat) by including

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  • African-American History Since 1877 Film Analysis Essays

    They stated that they were dumb and explained the different obscenities that were thrown at them. In response, the teacher from the film set up a scenario where she divided her class into two groups according to eye color. There was a brown eye color group and a blue eye color group. She told the class that the blue eye color group was more superior to the brown eye color group. The brown eye color group was not as smart, they could not use the water fountain, and the blue eye color group had

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  • Laughing to Keep from Crying: An Analysis of The Film As Good as it Gets

    of homosexuality, however, is contested by Frank, Simon’s art dealer, who, in contrast to Simon, is strongly masculine. Frank confronts Melvin, telling Melvin in no uncertain terms that he will not tolerate Melvin’s abusive treatment of Simon. The film further exposes this concept of the duality of homosexuality in the way that one of Frank’s art associates hires a male prostitute to pose for a portrait, who later becomes an accomplice to Simon’s robbery and attack. In this way, Melvin’s suspicions

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  • Film Analysis on Flowers of War, Edge of Heaven, Battleship Potemkin, and the Big Heat

    In this film we are able to see the deep hatred of the Japanese people,just like a lot of films from this time. On the other hand Edge of Heaven is a 2007 Turkish-German film directed by Fatih Akin that shows both the good and bad effects of globalization. It shows globalization as a both a separating and bringing together force. This film is a story of conflict, filled wit political conflicts that effect individuals in their daily lives and cause them personal conflict. A film in where the characters

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  • Art Imitating Life? a Film Analysis of the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    epistemology/ontology. We see a similar break with IMR later in the film, in the trips back and forth from the foyer of the insane asylum to Dr. Caligari’s office and to Francis’ cell. The cell and Caligari’s office have the painted, contrived background used throughout the film, whereas the public space in the asylum uses a realistic setting with natural symmetry and depth of field (beginning 1:06:50). Second, and more subtly, the film breaks with the institutional mode of representation when the

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  • Compare and Contrast of Two Film Versions of Romeo and Juliet Analysis

    waking Juliet away before she realizes what has happened. This has the same effect as Romeo suddenly talking about Tybalt; it draws away from the intensity and shifts the focus away from the tragedy. Along with script changes, the settings of both film versions are very different and impact the intensity and emotion of the moment. The setting of Luhrmann’s final scene is exciting and effects the emotion of the viewer. Romeo entering the tomb is thrilling as helicopters and police follow him and

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  • Film Analysis: Babel Essay

    This kind of human nature does not only apply to people live in modern society, but also to the poor family in Morocco. Youssef, the perpetrator of the incident, after watching his brother being shot by the investigators right in front of his eyes while they are resisting, immediately surrenders and begs the Moroccan officers to save his brother's life. From this example, Youssef evidently values the well-being of his brother higher than his own, he understands the consequences after being captured

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  • Essay Inception Film Analysis

    In the course of their dialogue, Mal asked Cobb what he was feeling. Cobb explained that he was feeling so much guilt because he was the one who caused Mal to question her reality. When they were stuck in a dream, he wanted to help her realize that they were still in a dream so he planted this idea in her mind not knowing that the idea would still linger after she awoke. This confrontation is a way of Cobb breaking free from the guilt he has kept for a long time. Upon finding out, Mal feels betrayed

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  • Film Analysis of Jaws Essay

    This could mean that the boy must be a main character or either a victim. Brody watches the sea from the beach nervously if there was going to be another shark attack. A man dressed in a yellow shirt and trunks throws a stick in the sea for his dog to fetch this was a long shot as we see the pupil in the sea having fun. The dog runs in the water as well as Alex both very exited playing in the water. Alex gets onto his lilo which is yellow as well and starts to swim (medium

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  • Analysis of the Film The Mission Essay

    He is a mercenary who works for a Spanish plantation owner. He captures the Indians and sells them as slaves. Roderigo has voluntarily imprisoned himself for six months after he kills his bother in a fit of rage for stealing the love of the woman he loved; this is when Father Gabriel comes to see him. It is after his discussion with Father Gabriel the Roderigo decides to try and forgive himself through penance. Roderigo ends up becoming a Jesuit himself and working with the very people he sold

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  • Critical Analysis of Film Essay

    High Noon is known for being momentous as it gives a different standing point of representation towards women. The female’s roles within this movie make it unconventional as women of this era were usually known as the ‘Damsel in Distress’ but not in this case .We are shown an example of this when Helen Ramírez stands up for herself against her lover Harvey Pell, “You're a good-looking boy: you've big, broad shoulders. But he's a man. And it takes more than big, broad shoulders to make a man” (1)

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  • Film Analysis: "The Help" Essay

    One of the painful moments, at least for me, was when Celia Foote shows up, uninvited, to the bridge club luncheon at Elizabeths house. Pie in hand, she is hoping to make friends and finally be included in the social circle of Jackson. However, at Hilly’s urging, the entire group “hides” and is “shushed” in a poor attempt to evade Celia, who is considered an outcast because of where she came from and how she grew up (poor). Celia’s face, when she realizes what is happening, is painful to see and

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  • Essay Analysis of Lighting in The Film Belly

    Seemingly he cannot escape the darkness of his world. On the other hand, Sincere can! He was always at Bunz's side, until he started to read self-improvement books and his wife started to talk sense into him. The first time the viewer sees Sincere in light is when he starts to read books on how to better his life. He has a few books on the table in front of him, and a lamp about a foot from his head, so he is bathed in light. Since Sincere is attempting to better himself and others, he is

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  • Essay on The Queen, 2006 Film Analysis

    She is not someone he can push around and she is a person with power and experience. When all hell breaks loose and Princess Diana dies in a Car accident in France, the Queen acts very cold and when the Prime Minister ask her if she wants to make a statement or a public funeral, she replies with anger in her voice and says that she thinks Diana already had been pressured and chased by the press and wants to respect her and the Spencer family, and set a private funeral. The Queen’s Character arc

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  • My Life - Film Analysis Essay

    He completely cut himself off from any kind of family interactions. Bobby’s behavior is an example of children’s reaction of cumulative stress. His future life and behavior prove that he was seeing his family as a temporary hardship and he could not wait to the day when he could leave his childhood behind. In very next scenes we see Bob thirty years later. He changed his name into Bob Jones and he is very successful businessman in one of Los Angeles public relations firm. He is happily married

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