The Vanishing Film Analysis

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The original movie The Vanishing was made in 1988 for a French-Dutch audience by the director George Sluizer. The remake of the original movie was made in 1993 in a Hollywood atmosphere with the names of popular american celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Kiefer Sutherland. The American remake possesses the same director as in the original movie, George Sluizer. The American remake of the vanishing was intended to fit the needs and expectations of a very high and demanding American crowd. In the remake of the film the director really conveys what type of film Americans desire. The remake contains more action, and less dialogue. It reveals what us Americans really like to see in our films. Suspense, fights, drama, and a hero at the end …show more content…
The reason for that being is because not only me, but arguably a high percentage of the American population and culture like to see more action and violence in our films. The original movie is much slower with a more dialogue base. Americans like to see movies where we dont know whats going to happen next. In his second article “ Language of Film 2: The End” he states perfectly what the American audience wants to see. Nared announces “ The ending of the ending comes when either the hero or villain are left standing. We want the conclusion to be big and flashy like a James Bond movie or a big emotional conclusion if we’re watching a drama. If we get this we leave the theater feeling satisfied, if we don’t we feel like we want our money back” (Nared). That quote from Nared really dictates in perspective why I enjoyed the remake over the original. In the original Rex gets buried alive to end the movie. There is no happy ending or hero to that story. The killer goes on to live and the good guys got beat. You are left with a sense of frustration and wanting more. In the remake Sluizer gives us a different end of the spectrum where Rita is the hero, and with the help of Jeff they defeat the villain Barney. Another thing that the director did very well in the remake is he gave us a sense of suspense throughout the whole movie. You knew from the very scene when Rita told Jeff that she wasnt going to quit becuase she did not want to be like the rest of her family who quit on their lives that she wasnt going to go out without a fight. That is exactly what she did. She knew that Barney had taken Jeff. With that being said, she was put into a situation where the odds werent in her favor. Desipite her odds she overcame the obstacles thrown at her and she saved Jeff. Americans enjoy films where there is a character who overcomes adversity and comes out as a

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