Film Analysis: Miss Representation

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The title Miss Representation is the first clue as to the content of the documentary will center on: the play on words of “misrepresentation” vs “Miss Representation” gives the sense of beauty pageant, in which women (although some pageants include contestants as young as toddlers) compete to win a superficial title based primarily on looks. The premise of the documentary is to reveals the complexities of women’s role in society, and the double standards that create the gap between the reality of women’s appearances and self-esteem, and the media portrayal of women’s bodies, which are – as the title indicates – severely misrepresented. In the film, there are several examples of the disparities between what is expected of women and the reality …show more content…
The media plays a huge role in how women are perceived – nearly all Americans are constantly exposed to media to varying degrees, and even the subtlest differences between how men and women are portrayed and interacted with have a huge impact on how consumers of media interpret their own roles in life. For instance, when a female Politian discusses an issues, reports might state that she “complained” vs “said” the details of the issue. From this, women and men subconsciously are reinforced in their beliefs that women are not to be fully respected or listened to, which in turn causes women to be unable to rise above these perceptions in their lives and careers, whatever they may be. Ultimately, the
Eva Newbold:
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Eva Newbold: a many forms of misrepresentation that women endure objectify them and reduce them to a
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This role slowly evolved to an extent that accepted more and more women televised as leaders capable of real thought and possessing power, yet even as we progress in this area, there are still many forms of media – and resulting women in real life – that believe that women are more suited to the home. Women staying at home and working as mothers is not a problem in and of itself; it is the fact that so many women are raised to believe that this is their only choice and life and the extent of their potential that becomes problematic. Due to the vast influence of the media, these stereotypes are perpetrated by men who take these stereotypes to heart when hiring women (which is significant as white men currently dominate the work environment) as well as women themselves, who feel that they must use their beauty, sexuality, and passivity as their best tools for success in a male dominated culture. However, there is some hope, especially with recent shows such as Grey’s Anatomy or Orange is the New Black that are outliers, portraying not only women, but women of all races and sexualities in positions beyond the

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