Teaching Is Like Velcro Summary

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The author believes teaching is like Velcro. She gives examples of why she believes this and how to be a good teacher throughout the narrative. First, she believes a teacher is one who loves learning. Someone who is always curious about their surroundings. Next, she believes the teacher should be able to connect with her students. By doing this you need to be able to talk to the parents and have heart-to-heart conversations with the students on their progress. Also, the author believes that any teacher should welcome all students, especially the ones who push her buttons. The, the author states that any good teacher evolves over time. Coming out of college, nobody should be a flawless teacher. Finally, she states that listening to students is a gesture of grace. There is a literal meaning to …show more content…
The author is getting the point across that no matter who you are, you need to welcome other people into your life and make the most out of it

In other words, by using the author's literal meaning, I can apply it to many things I do each day. For example, if another student wants to sit by me at lunch, I would let them. I would welcome them as the author did to her students. Also, I can make the most out of life by taking risks and having as much fun as I can with every situation. This is true because the author is creative, organized in writing the narrative and serious. The author is creative because she is comparing kids with Velcro and that usually isn't a close comparison. “I believe that Velcro has all but eliminated one of the most intimate gestures in education” This sets the tone by telling the reader in the beginning of the story what it’s going to be about. The author does this very creatively so it

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