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  • Differences Between Refugees And Refugees

    religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion" (Espiritu 209). There are many variations of refugee groups since countless minority groups have left their homeland due to reasons such as persecution. Cambodian refugees and Vietnamese refugees are both minority groups in the United States today whom have fled their homeland to escape communism and persecution. These groups have suffered numerous conflicts and have overcome countless obstacles in order to rid themselves of persecution and in order to gain the freedom that all humans should possess. Although Cambodian refugees and Vietnamese refugees are two different ethnic groups, they possess both similarities and differences when it comes to several topics of discussion. Cambodian refugees and Vietnamese refugees share differences when it pertains to the topic of war and to the topic of hardships faced while fleeing one’s homeland while sharing similarities when it pertains to adjusting to life in America. Cambodian refugees and Vietnamese refugees share various similarities and differences; however, when it relates to the topic of war, they share major differences. As for their differences, one difference between Cambodian refugees and Vietnamese refugees is through their experiences with war in their homeland. War in Cambodia was a product to the uprising of the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge was the communist party in Cambodia which was led by Pol Pot. Due to their loyalty and training,…

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  • Refugees In South Sudanese Refugees

    The aims and objectives of this review is to evaluate the views of the South Sudanese refugees in ACT to discover their challenges. The aim of evaluation is to capture attention from the perspective of participants in services delivery for South Sudanese refugee’s residing in Canberra. The assessment will use difference way to collect information of challenging issues from South Sudanese participants. The investigation will find out what barriers limited their ability to be integrated into…

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  • The Role Of Refugees

    Refugees have existed ever since there has been conflict in the world; both World Wars, displacement of Jews and Palestinians, the India and Pakistan border conflict, and even the aftermath of Japanese imperialism. Although refugees have been a huge issue throughout history, the recent crisis has brought over one million refugees into Europe in just 2015. Today, more than 65 million people are forced out of their home country as a result of persecution, violence or natural disasters. The…

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  • Essay On Refugees

    start over. Refugees see the U.S. as a last stop, the place where their lives will change for the better. After 9/11 people in the U.S. doesn’t want refugees to be allowed in, they think something horrible could happen. There is a stigma in the U.S. that all Muslims are terrorist, is become a stigma after 9/11. Anna Husarska, policy advisor at the International Rescue Committee, writes about how refugees who are victims of terrorist organizations are getting further victimized by the U.S.…

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  • Refugee Refugees

    in. Syrian Refugees come over to America with next to nothing. These people have gone through a lot in Syria and move to a new country to restart their life is super difficult. When they arrive in America they don’t know where to go and need help this is where World relief comes in. This paper is going to look at how world relief helps the refugees what kind of services are available in Glen Ellyn Illinois as well as the process the refugees undergo to come to America and live. According to…

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  • Syrian Refugees

    neighboring countries limiting the number of refugees that they are taking in, millions of Syrians are being left out of the cold. Countries like Turkey and Hungary are buckling under the strain of accepting refugees. Germany has sheltered over a million refugees since 2011 (Eilperin, Morello). The U.S., in contrast, has taken in about 2,000 refugees since the fiscal year 2011, less than one percent of what Germany has taken in (Eilperin, Morello). The war in Syria has created the worst…

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  • Importance Of Refugees

    economic pressures among other strong reasons, have largely been accepted as refugees. This paper will argue, by use of the international laws, why host countries should protect and observe the rights of all the refugees in their territories. First, most nations in the world are obligated to protect refugee rights as outlined in the United Nations Convention of 1951 of refugee right of protection when dealing with the refugee issue. Each nation, signatory to this convention and the 1961 protocol…

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  • Types Of Refugees

    is being discussed. The types of refugees stem from the reason they came to be so. Refugees tend to be categorized as a singular type of person, however, this is incorrect. Not only are there refugees, but there are internally displaced persons (IDP), stateless persons, and asylum seekers. The UN Refugee Agency defines a refugee as “someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence” (“What is a Refugee”). This differs from an internally displaced…

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  • Refugees And Asylees

    Asylees and Refugees Refugees and Asylees are defined as, “Under international law as being outside their home country and having a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group, according to Bridging Refugee Youth & Children Services article, “Refugee 101.” In the United States, refugee and asylees resettlement was reestablished in the 1980’s. So far, 1.8 million people came to live in the US…

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  • Definition Of Refugees

    REFUGEES: ACCESSING SERVICES Definition of Refugees and accessing services What is a refugee? According to the World Relief (2015) a refugee is someone who has fled their home country and cannot return home do to a fear of prosecution based on countless factors. There are numerous refugees that enter the United States and remarkedly some of them will not be able to access all of the services they need to survive. For some of the people that live here illegally they are afraid to find help for…

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