Refugees Simulation Analysis

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The key lesson to be learned from the simulation was that one decision can alter everything and can change lives. It took numerous attempts to get to where I survived and made it to a peaceful area. To begin with, I selected to initiate my journey as a female, since I myself am female and I felt that it would benefit my understanding of the struggles that refugees encounter. I just felt that picking a role that I can relate to, could provide me with more of an opportunity for sympathy. Next came more of a challenging choice. It is stated that numerous Syrians were forced to leave their homes and that I sold my home for a mere $20,000. From there I had to make the difficult choice of spending more money and having a better outcome with Turkey, …show more content…
This video placed refugees’ lives into perspective and made it more personal to me. It allowed for a view of a few real life stories and seeing what is happening all over the world made me feel sick (UNHCR Many). I had no idea that the refugee population was over 51.2 million people (UNCHR Many). I knew it was a concern but had no awareness that it affected this many people. Another point that I heard that made me upset, was that it is possible that some families remain refugees for so long that it lasts generations and they ultimately have no realistic idea as to when they will be free of the hardships (UNHCR Many).
The second video shared an inside story of Gay Doh Paw’s life in a Burmese Refugee Camp. I appreciated this video since I have not had any experience similar to this so watching this video provided me with a sense of how life in the camps are. While the conditions weren’t horrible, it isn’t how I imagine anyone would want to live their life every day. Gay Doh Paw is provided just the bare necessities and a few opportunities for hobbies like volleyball and weaving and not much else (Paw). Yet, at least in this camp she is safe from her home country and can preserve a life with her

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