Teenage Life Essay

  • Paragraph About Teenage Life

    I know firsthand that being a teenager is not always as easy as people say. While these years are often referred to as the best in one’s life, the stress that comes with them is often overlooked. As if having to plan for your future is not scary enough, you are now old enough to uphold your own responsibilities. Some teens may have very few and are able to handle them lightly, while others take on many and find themselves struggling to keep up. Nonetheless, teenage years are still wonderful and should not be taken for granted. These are some of the lessons I have learned in my teenage life so far. I hope they will shine light on what being a young adult is like in this day and age, and help others in my age group with their experiences as well. Busy In my opinion, one of the hardest things about being a teenager is fitting all activities into your schedule. A Canadian statistics website called Statcan.gc.ca states, “Many teenagers aged 15 to 19 have schedules just as busy as those of some adults.” All teens have different activities consuming their time, but I will briefly describe some that I believe are the most significant. School is the most important responsibility in most teenagers’ lives. Being in high school is almost equivalent to having a part-time job in some aspects. A significant portion of the day is spent in classes, and sometimes students can have up to hours in homework. A hardworking teen recognizes the importance of doing well in school and…

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  • Teenage Social Life Essay

    most difficult and complicated parts of a person’s life is their teenage years. Many decisions by teenagers make direct and influential impacts their future, particularly towards their future college, job, and level of success. While going through massive bodily changes, a teenager has to deal with school work, sustaining a social life, and making time for extracurricular activities, all while making some of the most important choices of their lives. With so many different expectations to…

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  • Secondary Trauma In Teenage Life

    Secondary trauma is something that affects all people at sometime in their life. Going through life is hard enough but having other peoples lives effect your own life can be extremely challenging for teenagers growing up. Depression and Suicidal behavior/ideation has increased over the years in America causing secondary trauma to be more prevalent in teenager’s lives. The affects secondary trauma can have on a teenager’s life could be severe and even cost the individual their life. A case study…

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  • The Importance Of Teenage Life

    Teenage life tends to revolve around school and relationships. There are the kids who can balance their grades and social life; there are the kids who only care about their relationships; there are the kids who only care about their grades. Quite frankly, I’m in the last category. Don’t get me wrong, I care for my friends! But if I have to defend my love life, then I wouldn’t. That’s because I don’t have one, never had one, and (honestly) isn't planning for one. Oh, the horror! I decided to…

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  • Accident Essay: The Life Of A Teenage Girl

    An accident, the newspapers reported, claimed the life of an innocent teenage girl. The article highlighted a couple of her favorite hobbies, like swimming and tutoring special education kids at the elementary school. It went on to talk about how she was a leader in her church’s youth group, and closed by telling about the promising future she had. The article was right: she loved swimming and volunteering, was active in church, and had a great future ahead of her. But there was one thing that…

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  • Influence Of Culture On Teenage Life

    The types of ways adolescents are influenced by their culture changes over time. Even if the topic is the same, like family life, factors of life that are influenced by culture change extremely over time. There are many reasons why this happens, but this paper is going to look at five different factors of culture today that influences an adolescent 's life. Social Media- The social media world increased dramatically in the past decade. The first social media websites included websites like,…

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  • Challenges Of A Teenage Life In John Lekich's 'Losers Club'

    Throughout the course of a teenagers life, he/she will go through a lot of experiences, challenges and will also face adversity along the way. Although, as they face these challenges they will slowly realize that these challenges will result in positive changes down the road. For example, in John Lekich’s novel Losers’ Club, Alex and his friends have to overcome their high school bully. In Tweaked, Gordie has to overcome the hurdles of dealing with his older brother who has a drug addiction. In…

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  • The Importance Of Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

    intercourse regardless if the parents expose their teen to contraceptive. Some parents believe teenage girls are not fully developed mentally at this age, making them too immature to make such a decision by themselves. In some cases teenage girls do not feel comfortable talking to her parents about being put on birth control. Therefore, teenage girls should have the access to birth control without parental consent. Teenage girls should have access to birth control without parental consent…

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  • The Dangers Of Teenage Pregnancy

    stick that evince the alteration of one’s life forever. A teenage pregnancy that could be prevented by a prescription of a small round pill or a thin piece of rubber is the modern day American tragedy. Trademarked by a loss of innocence, a child born to a teenager is a breathing scarlet letter that symbolizes an impediment teenage parents must combat uninterrupted by the hubbub of regular American life. A teenage pregnancy is not simply a pregnancy; it is a gateway to yielding one 's education…

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  • Teen Media Influence On Teenage Pregnancy

    help promote or discourage teenage pregnancy? Since Teen mom shows have been around for 6 years, the statistic for teenage pregnancy has dropped dramatically. While some people want to ignore the issue on hand, but shows like 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom are our only help to prevent teenage pregnancy. The show 16 and Pregnant started back in 2009, and that was the show that started it all because 16 and pregnant lasted four years. When the show first aired six girls allowed MTV to film their…

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