Maddie Chloe: A Life Story Of A Teenage Girl

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“Maddie Chloe” Rania Matar’s photography documents her life through the lives of those around her. Fascinated with the transformation from girlhood to adulthood, she photographed girls in their rooms. Maddie Chloe is a teenage girl who was photographed in 2010. She is a cheerleader who is stereotypically happy, although her facial expression says otherwise. Her room is bright, but empty. Her room explains to us how she feels. Being a teenage girl is tough, and balancing sports with school can be a stressful task. Maddie Chloe is over whelmed with her busy life. In her room Maddie Chloe has an extensive magazine collection. The average teenage girl loves to read the gossip in magazines. Many magazines are filled with lots of made up rumors. Although, most people know these stories are exaggerated greatly, they still enjoy the excitement presented by the press. Maddie Chloe’s favorite magazine is the Teen magazine. Teen magazines feature the latest news on famous celebrities. They also have a lot of articles on the latest fashion trends. Maddie Chloe …show more content…
This portrays the personality we expect her to have. However, her room is also very empty. This shows how the business of high school can take a happy teenager and turn them into empty, lifeless souls. Many adults simply do not understand the stress put onto teenagers. Between school, sports, and having a social life, it can be hard to remain happy during your high school years. Mainly, the only things filling up Maddie’s room are her magazines. She has a few purple curtains and one small looking window. She looks as if she is trapped and the window is her only escape. This is portraying how she is desperate, and wishes she could escape from her own crazy life to just feel normal. She was once a happy, youthful girl who had the life sucked out of her by too high of standards that are expected to be met by

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